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Maria Johnson
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 7 min read

With Asana for Zoom, make sure all of your meetings have tracked and actionable next steps, so your team is always moving forward with clarity & confidence. And because you'll never need to switch windows to track your next steps, your team stays focused on the meeting.

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After the meeting, review action items and next steps to make sure nothing falls through the crack. Find the perfect virtual background for any Zoom call occasion with the help of the Unsplash community's 2+ million free-to-use images.

Seamlessly manage file permissions so that you can maintain full control of your content before, during, and after Zoom meetings. By using Box to manage, collaborate, and store content, you can ensure your files remain secure and compliant in the cloud.

The Box Newman for Zoom can help businesses of all sizes securely manage and collaborate on content to drive more productive teamwork from anywhere. While your content remains centralized in Box, it's easily and quickly accessible to share when collaborating with teams in Zoom.

Never miss an important moment by highlighting and sharing key points as they happen. Within seconds, dramatically improve how much attendees understand, how often they engage with you and each other, and assist any viewers who may have accessibility needs.

And now with Zoom, you’ll be able to take your unique ways of working and tie them to your meetings with just one click. With Coda's Newman, you can sync meeting details into your docs, including recordings.

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You'll be able to launch Coda from within your meeting, and either share an existing doc for review with your team, or start from one of hundreds of pre-made templates. Mix and match Coda's building blocks to create templates of your own, adding engaging, reusable tools to your meetings.

With the Live2Coursera Newman, instructors can make sure their students can affordably access live lectures delivered on Zoom at anytime, anywhere. This enables students to view and download these lectures so that they can learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere.

Without the need to create an account, instructors can now record a lecture right within Zoom with the click of a button. Students can stream lectures from Coursera on their PC or mobile devices, and download in a high-res or low data video, or listen to audio only.

The Coursera platform offers access to more than 4,300 courses from leading universities and companies. Coursera for Campus is our product solution for colleges and universities around the world to offer world-class online education, and allows instructors to privately author content by creating tailored courses and hands-on projects.

Docket is an online platform for end-to-end meeting management for greater transparency and alignment. Clearly document decisions and assign next steps in real-time without leaving the Zoom meeting window.

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From Docket’s meeting workspace, start with a professional agenda template, share it with your team, and add discussion topics, documents, and other resources together. Organize your team notes, decisions, action items, and attachments alongside the Zoom meeting transcript and recording in Docket so nothing is lost.

The Dot Collector is a tool created by one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, Ray Dario, to draw out and collect feedback from his team. It enables more inclusive collaboration and at the moment feedback, so you can learn what you are doing well and where you can improve.

In the same way that elite athletes crave constant candid feedback from their coaches, the Dot Collector transforms Zoom into an environment where everyone can grow and evolve to their highest potential. Assign action items and share notes to the rest of the team to ensure everyone is in the know.

Using this Newman, you can visually collaborate with your teammates to prepare for meetings, take notes without any typing, and keep your presentations interactive. Studio powers real time workout stats and leaderboards for Zoom fitness sessions.

See everyone's effort levels in real time, and get workout summaries you can use to recap sessions or to provide targeted feedback to your community. We want to empower everyone, including children, students, and employees to unlock their full learning potential.

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Launched in 2013, Kahoot!’s vision is to build the leading learning platform in the world. The company is headquartered in Norway with offices in the US, the UK, France, Finland, Denmark and Spain.

With the Cultural Newman application, hosts can easily search and play videos during meetings directly from their personal Cultural repositories, so teams can easily watch videos in HD together. Either way your digital persona will represent you, provide greater privacy, and engage your audience.

Lucid spark is a cloud-based virtual whiteboard where teams can work together creatively in real time. Since the Utah-based company’s founding in 2010, it has received numerous awards for its product, business and workplace culture.

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from running brainstorming sessions and workshops to planning projects, from designing new products and services to facilitating agile ceremonies. To remove any friction, hosts can create boards without an existing Miro account.

Your team can run interactive brainstorms, mind mapping activities, ideation sessions, and immersive workshops using Miro’s infinite canvas and features that include digital sticky notes, diagramming and drawing tools, timer and voting apps, and over 100+ best practice templates for distributed collaboration, agile rituals, and lean design practices. With over 8 million users and 20,000 paying customers, Miro is trusted by Dell, Cisco, Salesforce, PwC, EA, and many more global companies of all sizes.

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Make Zoom meetings more productive through visual collaboration with the MURAL app. More than an online whiteboard, MURAL enables visual collaboration and guided teamwork on everything from product strategy and planning to immersive workshops using design thinking or agile methodologies and more.

Slide is trusted by more than 200k customers, including Asana, Nike, Story or Transport for London. Powerful, beautiful, and amazingly fast: Superhuman is the fastest email experience ever made.

Using this Newman, you can run various processes and facilitated workshops with your team to address collaboration challenges and start important conversations. The Thrive Reset Newman is the first in-meeting app that helps you de-stress in real time directly in the Zoom meeting to prevent virtual fatigue.

Get the latest wellness tips and advice from our nutrition, activity and mindset experts, all within the WW Newman. Add Woven’s award-winning calendar and powerful scheduling tools to your Zoom experience.

Manage your time everywhere: in addition to our Newman, Woven is available on the web, Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad. Write is powerful online project management software that enables every type of team to accomplish more, at scale.

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With our Zoom integration, you can create, access, and update all your Write projects and collaborate more effectively on a conference call using your favorite tool. Whether you need to collaborate with internal or external parties, the Zendesk Newman drives efficiency for issue resolution.

In addition, important metadata from the Zoom meeting is automatically attached to the related Zendesk Support ticket for easy reference.

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