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Or, maybe you want to create your own virtual tour and share with friends or family. If you have never visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore, here is your chance.

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Activity Suggestion: Create a museum type exhibit with items in your own home. Here you can experience the zoo through a series of YouTube videos.

A Tribute to Sled Dogs, the second is Best in Show, and the third is permanent collection of the museum. There is a lot to read in these three virtual tours and some great pictures.

On this tour you’ll find dinosaur and mammoth skeletons, live spiders and beetles, and many, many animal fossils. Once you get the hang of how to navigate, you’ll have a grand time discovering all the secrets in this museum.

After you take the virtual tour, check out the online exhibits to learn more about all the things you just viewed and visit the at-home science activities to have more fun! To really understand science today, it helps to learn who built the foundations of different scientific principles and the tools that were created to further advance our understanding of science.

Activity Suggestion: Try drawing a picture of your favorite marine animal! They have a large variety of land and marine animals from small invertebrates to cute gibbons to huge hippos.

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Record your findings in a journal or on a piece of paper. We’d love to hear from you with your fun ideas and creations by posting on social media with #ScienceatHome.

This epic list of virtual zoo tours and aquariums from around the world will (hopefully) provide kids with a few hours of entertainment, and grownups with a smudge of regained sanity. I mean, on the bright side, we have the Internet, liquor stores and an infinite online catalog of hilarious memes to keep us entertained.

Slide into their live cams to take a peek at the daily shenanigans of tigers, elephants, baboons and more adorable four-legged fur friends that will steal your hearts away. Ensure that you pop a visit to the dedicated kids’ section of the website for a myriad of animal-focused learning activities, art and crafts video tutorials, home experiment ideas and educational games.

Oh, and if you have a VR headset handy, now’s the time to pop them over your head and check into their YouTube channel to immerse yourselves in 360º videos, like this one of giant tortoises eating watermelon. Don’t forget to swing by their Facebook page to experience what basically feels like virtual field trips to the zoo, featuring regular keeper talks and behind-the-scenes insight into animals and their diets and lifestyle.

Transform your home into a digital jungle and embark on research quests and missions to find endangered apes. Hopping over a couple of states north to Ohio, we’re going to spring into Cincinnati Zoo to meet the world’s most famous hippopotamus, Fiona.

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Swing by their Facebook page to tune into The Fiona Show where you can watch videos of her birth and follow her astonishing progress and growth. They also host daily virtual safari live streams, in which you can learn all about the zoo’s resident animals, including their diets, personalities and lifestyles.

Explore Toronto Zoo’s YouTube channel to get up close and personal to mighty grizzly bears, fluffy white Arctic foxes, lynxes, and even Masai giraffes. If you’re keen to experience a virtual zoo trip to this beautiful destination, take a look at this complete walkthrough which lets viewers enjoy the zoo on a snowy winter day.

Cast this 360° aquarium walkthrough to your TV or don your virtual reality headset ’cause things are about to go down in underwater town. I mean, pretty much every continent is out of reach at this moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a virtual field trip to this incredible zoo in South East Asia that everyone raves about.

Your adventure continues onwards to the Singapore Night Safari where you can view a hypnotizing fire show, witness an impressive animal show, and hop on a tram car to discover nocturnal animals in their open exhibits. Swing into Aquarian LCC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on one of your free virtual field trips to zoos and aquariums around the world and tune into marine animal feedings and educational talks on their 24-hour live-streaming cam.

Meet the spine-chilling Sand Tiger Shark and his stingray buddies, or chill out with laid-back Green Sea Turtles that all dwell inside the Living Ocean tank. The tour isn’t just an ordinary virtual field trip of your average aquarium; this epic space also doubles as a zoo.

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Pop over to their Facebook page to learn fun animal facts and binge on videos of iguanas, hedgehogs and raccoons freely roaming the empty aquarium. It’s time for a trip down under to meet friendly Aussie animals and not-so-friendly creatures and crawlies that either bite or kill.

To experience one of the Southern Hemisphere’s best virtual zoos, you can’t go past Sydney’s newly launched Tonga TV. Tune into the live cams to view animal exhibits, shows, keeper chats, and even take a peek inside the Wildlife Hospital.

Hit up Tonga’s YouTube channel to witness funny animal antics and catch up on missed shows and performances. Dive into the virtual aquarium experience and meet dugouts and King penguins in live streams, or gape at aquariums throwing themselves into the shark tank to feed hungry sea predators.

Peek into live streams to see what Rocky the crop is up to or join in on story time events run by the zoo staff on the virtual zoo tours page. Before you leave, don’t forget to drop by Merlin’s Education Toolbox for even more activities and workbooks, especially helpful for parents seeking homeschooling resources or teachers looking for lesson content.

Considering none of us can currently visit in person, we can thank the Internet once again for this high-resolution walkthrough, making it possible to meet some friendly furry residents of the zoo, virtually. Watch this 4k walkthrough of the zoo and try to spot mighty Western Lowland gorillas, polar bears, hippos, Asian elephants, red pandas and many more cute and intimidating animals.

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Take this as a chance to interact online with the art pieces and animals, or getting to know better of the stories in museums. You could also learn with the Animal Cams with the activities designed to engage K-5 students to look closely and think deeply about the animal behavior and habitats.

San Diego Zoo live broadcast through 10 webcams for you to watch animals including koalas, penguins, tigers. Monterey Bay Aquarium also set webcams for sea otter, jellyfish, penguins and sharks.

During this time, Georgia Aquarium has give live stream cam for Beluga whales, sea otters, etc. By now you’ve probably seen the adorable videos of penguins exploring empty aquariums as zookeepers take them around to “visit” the other animals.

If this sight melted your heart like it did ours, we think you’ll enjoy the digital programs offered by the New England Aquarium in Boston. Each day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, aquarium staff post new educational presentations where they introduce viewers to different animals and tackle some of your frequently asked questions.

Alternatively, you can view previous offerings any time on the New England Aquarium website. In promoting the educational purpose, they are offering a slate of five new online courses for you to enjoy from home.

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The foundation is also offering daily art talk: Barnes Takeout on its YouTube Channel. In short videos, Barnes curators, scholars, and educators present off-the-cuff musings about some of their favorite works in the collection.

Take a break during these trying times, and refocus your mind on something calm and nourishing. For now artists like Cezanne, Claude Monet, Picasso, Renoir and Matisse have been covered. Virtual tours to some tourism sites like Versailles could also be a good way to spend your day.

It includes collections from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, all from British Museum. By clicking on dots in history timeline, you could read or hear the audio of introduction.

Now you can explore the magnificence without needing to stand elbow-to-elbow as people crane their necks looking up at Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel. Despite missing the sternly-worded and oft-repeated reprimands from museum guards calling for “quiet” and “no pictures,” the 360-degree movable panoramas provided by the Vatican allow you to approximate walking through the many collections.

Even where it’s not, there is still plenty of information and high-quality photos to give you enough to spend a good chunk of your quarantine hours on. Housed together at the impressive British Museum in London, these artifacts weave a vivid human tapestry.

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Now you can explore the vast collection using the museum’s eye-catching and innovative navigation tools found on its website. Organized thematically across time by world region, your experience will take you on a journey across continents.

Select individual items to open information boxes with detailed photos, maps, and audio guide explanations. This impressive digital experience builds on what you’d get in person and makes for one of the better virtual museum tours around.

The National Gallery of Victoria has loads of virtual tours, including the highly-regarded offering “Crossing Lines” by Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Bassist. Navigate through the gallery in 3D virtual space where you can see recommended works, hear the audio guide, and move around using the dollhouse view.

Experiencing a gallery in this manner is quite nice as you can get a sense for how the artists and curators work together to develop the space in its entirety. Kennedy center will be posting pre-recorded videos online for those who miss live streams on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The Egyptian Tourism Authority announced a new online tour of the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses VI. The 3D virtual experience allows you to feel as if you're walking into famous the tomb in Egypt's Imperial Valley.

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Murals decorated throughout the tomb appear in striking clarity and the interface allows you to explore objects up close, something you can't do in real life.

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