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Maria Johnson
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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While no one enjoys life during a pandemic, a silver lining is that many places have put in the effort to bridge the gap for visitors at home. In a remote area of South Africa, you’ll find the Tempe Elephant Park.

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This extensive cam takes us inside the gorilla forest corridor in the Democratic Republic of Congo while connecting the habitat with the night quarters at the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (GRACE). Head to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada to witness the annual polar bear migration.

Discovery Education has teamed up with Polar Bears International to host a series that explores some of the biggest questions about the Arctic. At Zoo Miami, Penny and the Division VP kids wash rhinos, feed giraffes, study a zebra’s stripes, and ride a camel.

The cool Wolfpack cam live-broadcasts the adventures of four ambassador wolves: Denali, Bolt, Axel, and Grayson. The exhibit stretches across 1.25 acres and includes two dens, a filtered pond, and a forested area.

We’ve rounded up an amazing list of zoos, aquariums, farms and nature preserves that have webcams, live streams, and YouTube videos you can watch to learn more about animals. We’ve also included links to online lesson plans and activities for those families wanting to create a richer learning experience from their virtual field trips.

Field trips are awesome learning experiences because they get you out of the classroom and take you into an immersive environment. The list we’ve compiled below is pretty extensive, so be sure to bookmark this page, so you can come back to it.

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Modern zoos are an amazing blend of entertainment and education, coupled with research and conservation. When you visit a zoo, you not only get to see and learn about animals you are unlikely to encounter, but you are also supporting efforts to protect wildlife and the planet.

One of the most famous zoos in the world offers live webcams of baboons, penguins, apes, tigers, koalas, burrowing owls, elephants, polar bears, giraffes, and condors. The Kansas City Zoo has live webcams showing two types of penguins, giraffes, and polar bears.

We were fortunate to get to visit Zoo Atlanta a few years ago, and we loved seeing the pandas! Visiting the Philadelphia Zoo is unique because the animals are literally all around you as they have paths they can use to go over the walkways.

Their live cams show you penguins, snow monkeys, falcons, and otters. You can drop by and check out markets, snow leopards, tamarin, and the spotted Genet.

In addition, the zoo has started doing free live sessions via the Zoom app. Spots are limited and the schedule and links are being posted on the Alaska Zoo Facebook page.

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The zoo is also home to a scimitar-horned onyx, which is a species of antelope you can no longer find in the wild. Ireland’s Dublin Zoo offers webcams of penguins and elephants, as well as their African Savanna where you might see giraffes, ostriches, zebras, or rhinos.

Starting Monday, March 23rd, the Painted Zoo will be adding downloadable resources to their Wild at Home program for parents and teachers. Their site features webcams where you can see snow leopards (indoor and outdoor), penguins, giraffes, lions, and zebras.

If you know a zoo with great virtualfieldtrip content like live cams, videos, or activities that isn’t on this list, let us know to add it! The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland has cameras placed in three exhibits: Blacktop Reef featuring blacktop sharks, rays, and colorful fish; “Jellies Invasion” which you can guess features jellyfish; and “Pacific Coral Reef”.

In addition to the one live stream we found on their site so far, the Shed Aquarium also has a great series of videos just for kids called “Sea Curious”. You can see penguins both above and below the water, a shark lagoon, sea jellies, a tropical reef, blue cavern, and colorful antics and wrasse exhibit.

The San Francisco facility is also a natural history museum with a rainforest exhibit and planetarium. You can look in on penguins, stingrays, a coral reef, and even take control of a camera at the top of a lighthouse on the nearby Carillon Islands.

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Canada’s Vancouver Aquarium is home to more than 50,000 animals and features 30 exhibits to explore. When you can’t visit in person, you can still drop in on the sea otters, jellyfish, and penguins via the webcams on their homepage.

While farms are different from zoos, they can be just as educational and rewarding in connecting us to nature, whether we visit in person or virtually. You can see a live stream of the cows, and maybe even some baby calves, at Peter’s Farm in Holland.

The website also lists penguin, giraffe, and lion webcams from the zoo, but they were not working when we visited. This sheep barn camera is at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York.

There are milk & cheese, dairy cow, sheep, pig, mink, grain, egg, and oat farms, feed mills, and an apple orchard. They have a few video tours on their webpage, and they’ve also been live-streaming recently on the Chats worth Farm Facebook page.

This camera pans back and forth showing the outdoor pens of the Horse Shoe farm in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Over on the Cambria Wildlife Trust webpage, you can drop in on webcams of a few different animals from across the United Kingdom.

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Explore.org has countless live streams from all over the world that you can choose from, including several locations already mentioned in this post. Some of these also have great audio, so you can make it full screen, turn up the volume, and have a window to the world.

They even have a scavenger hunt you can print out for the kids to watch the nest and see if they spot any of those things. In addition to their bird-watching tips and guides, All About Birds has a lot of live cams from all over North America for virtual bird-watching from the comfort of your home.

This epic list of virtual zoo tours and aquariums from around the world will (hopefully) provide kids with a few hours of entertainment, and grownups with a smudge of regained sanity. I mean, on the bright side, we have the Internet, liquor stores and an infinite online catalog of hilarious memes to keep us entertained.

But first, watch our video on 12 genius ideas to enjoy a pretend ‘holiday’ at home for days when you and the little are experiencing a serious case of travel withdrawals. Strap on your ‘seatbelts’ and virtual reality headset (if you own a pair), we’re about to take you on a wild ride through four continents to experience a string of virtual field trips to the zoo and aquariums like you’ve never experienced before.

Ensure that you pop a visit to the dedicated kids’ section of the website for a myriad of animal-focused learning activities, art and crafts video tutorials, home experiment ideas and educational games. Oh, and if you have a VR headset handy, now’s the time to pop them over your head and check into their YouTube channel to immerse yourselves in 360º videos, like this one of giant tortoises eating watermelon.

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Don’t forget to swing by their Facebook page to experience what basically feels like virtual field trips to the zoo, featuring regular keeper talks and behind-the-scenes insight into animals and their diets and lifestyle. Transform your home into a digital jungle and embark on research quests and missions to find endangered apes.

Hopping over a couple of states north to Ohio, we’re going to spring into Cincinnati Zoo to meet the world’s most famous hippopotamus, Fiona. Swing by their Facebook page to tune into The Fiona Show where you can watch videos of her birth and follow her astonishing progress and growth.

They also host daily virtual safari live streams, in which you can learn all about the zoo’s resident animals, including their diets, personalities and lifestyles. Explore Toronto Zoo’s YouTube channel to get up close and personal to mighty grizzly bears, fluffy white Arctic foxes, lynxes, and even Masai giraffes.

It’s time to choose your snack, sink into the couch and get cozy; your self-guided Monterey Bay Aquarium virtual tour is about to begin. Cast this 360° aquarium walkthrough to your TV or don your virtual reality headset ’cause things are about to go down in underwater town.

I mean, pretty much every continent is out of reach at this moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a virtualfieldtrip to this incredible zoo in South East Asia that everyone raves about. Swing into Aquarian LCC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on one of your free virtual field trips to zoos and aquariums around the world and tune into marine animal feedings and educational talks on their 24-hour live-streaming cam.

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Meet the spine-chilling Sand Tiger Shark and his stingray buddies, or chill out with laid-back Green Sea Turtles that all dwell inside the Living Ocean tank. The tour isn’t just an ordinary virtualfieldtrip of your average aquarium; this epic space also doubles as a zoo.

Pop over to their Facebook page to learn fun animal facts and binge on videos of iguanas, hedgehogs and raccoons freely roaming the empty aquarium. It’s time for a trip down under to meet friendly Aussie animals and not-so-friendly creatures and crawlies that either bite or kill.

To experience one of the Southern Hemisphere’s best virtual zoos, you can’t go past Sydney’s newly launched Tonga TV. Tune into the live cams to view animal exhibits, shows, keeper chats, and even take a peek inside the Wildlife Hospital.

Hit up Tonga’s YouTube channel to witness funny animal antics and catch up on missed shows and performances. Dive into the virtual aquarium experience and meet dugouts and King penguins in live streams, or gape at aquariums throwing themselves into the shark tank to feed hungry sea predators.

Peek into live streams to see what Rocky the crop is up to or join in on story time events run by the zoo staff on the virtual zoo tours page. Before you leave, don’t forget to drop by Merlin’s Education Toolbox for even more activities and workbooks, especially helpful for parents seeking homeschooling resources or teachers looking for lesson content.

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Considering none of us can currently visit in person, we can thank the Internet once again for this high-resolution walkthrough, making it possible to meet some friendly furry residents of the zoo, virtually. Watch this 4k walkthrough of the zoo and try to spot mighty Western Lowland gorillas, polar bears, hippos, Asian elephants, red pandas and many more cute and intimidating animals.

Hit me up in the comments and let me know what virtual little gems you’ve found in isolation, so that together, we may survive being confined inside four walls with perpetually bored kids.

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