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Tycoon is an extremely popular game, which is addictive and has two modes viz single-player and multiplayer. In this game, you can boost your imagination; take part in different challenges to create your very own zoo.

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And, it is published by Microsoft game studios in association with the MacS oft. You would need to provide them the suitable exhibits by changing their habitats frequently.

Also, you will have to take care of the employees and maintain finances for improving the facilities of your zoo. The primary objective of the game is to become a zoo tycoon by constantly making profits.

It is a great zoo tycoon alternative which is equally challenging and enjoyable at the same time. Also, you will have to make sure that animals maintain their progenies, so their special genes are passed to the next generation.

Download Planet Zoo Roller coaster tycoon 3 is one of the best sublime zoo tycoon alternatives. It is a construction and business management game by Frontier developments.

In the game, you will have to construct unique strategies to build an amusement park. A unique edge is that you can build a big safari with real animals to make the experience better.

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The career mode gives you different scenarios where you need to accomplish certain goals. After every completed goal you can unlock promotions like Entrepreneur, and finally a Tycoon.

This zoo tycoon alternative will keep your excitement on the edge along with teaching your skills of business and management. Download Roller Coaster 3 Jurassic World evolution is another potent zoo tycoon alternative.

Here, you can construct a dinosaur park with primary attractions, and research facilities. You will need to make an enclosed park so that visitors stay safe from animals.

Also, managing the visitors’ flow is one of the challenges of this fabulous game. Download Jurassic World Evolution Sim safari is another management and construction game.

It is similar to Sim Park except its location is set for Africa. In the tourist spot, you can build hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, etc.

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You will have to hire your staff from the village area for the park and tourist spots. There seems to be no reason to restrict our creativity and skills from developing by indulging in the games that challenge us more.

Let us give a different edge to our creativity and skills by playing zoo tycoon alternatives. In these games, the player gets to have full control over their zoo business.

The first entry in the series, called Tycoon was made all the way back in 2001. Through this article, we will be mentioning a list of games that are all like Tycoon.

For those of you wondering why Planet Zoo is actually the spiritual successor to Tycoon. The game is made and published by Frontier Developments and was released in 2019.

It is another game where the player has to manage, build, and maintain their zoo. However, due to the game being a very recent title, it introduces the players to some unique and crazy ideas.

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Throughout the player’s journey, he will get to interact with all kinds of animals that will think, feel, and explore the world in which you decide them. It is a simulation game with the same concept of building, managing, and maintaining a unique world.

One great thing about this game is the sheer amount of detail given to all the customization options that the player can choose from. However, unlike the series genre, this one is a building simulation game.

Through Jurassic World Evolution, the player will get to customize and watch the unique behaviors of dinosaurs. With these dinosaurs, the player is also able to profit from them, as well as explore all the unique traits and appearances.

Tropics 6 is a city-building simulation game made by Limbic Entertainment and published by Calypso Media. The game takes place in a number of islands where each one of them presents the player with a unique variety of challenges.

Cities: Skylines takes a more modern approach to city-building simulation games. As a result, the player gets introduced to a wide variety of new concepts that are yet to be seen in any other game.

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Throughout the game, the player will have to take care of a city as he will be able to expand it by adding different buildings and structures. However, it is now his duty to expand this patch of land into a modern city.

There really isn’t a set objective to the game apart from expanding one’s city. This is why the game has an almost never-ending objective where the city can be expanded as much as the player likes.

Every game written in the list is both similar, yet unique compared to Tycoon. Tycoon is a long-running series of games that combines tycoon and business simulation together.

Starting in 2001 the series now has many games and expansion packs that have all seen varying levels of success. These tools allow players to design their own habitats to make their animals feel at home and profitable stalls to extract maximum value from each visitor.

As is standard for the genre Tycoon allows players to play through a number of scenarios or chase their dreams of the ultimate park in the free form modes that let you run wild with all the game tools at your disposal. The games like Tycoon here offer other simulation and tycoon experiences with a focus on titles that let you design zoos, parks and pet shops.

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Building on the formula used in My Free Zoo Uppers has revived its zoo tycoon inspired franchise with a sequel that greatly expands the visual design of the game while also offering a larger range of animals. Like any good tycoon franchise you’ll be building from the ground up as you meet with your granddad to restore the basic zoo infrastructure already in place.

My Free Zoo has a similar feel to Uppers other popular tycoon management game My Fantastic Park. This is where players will step in to save the day by creating a zoo with all sorts of rare and...

RollerCoaster Tycoon (ACT) is one of the early construction and simulation games that let you take control of your own amusement park. The game launched in 1999 to critical success and eventually expanded to Xbox along with a number of expansion packs and sequels.

The game is split into a large selection of predefined scenarios that each have their own objective for players to achieve. This is limited by time with players having to achieve certain guest numbers, financial goals and park ratings....

The game uses a powerful 3D engine that enables players to create their own wildlife park with a variety of exotic animals (over 100 with both expansion packs). Introducing a host of additional map sizes, new languages, refreshed UI, custom AI and multiplayer Open TTD has a list of features to entice any player of the original title.

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Open TTD also has the benefit of being playable on more modern systems as the original release in 1994 does not have the same flexible... Revolving around the player discovering various animal species and nursing them back to health from their injuries or other illness Wildlife Camp is a game that slowly boo...

As you would expect in a tycoon game players must find the balance between profitability and keeping guests happy. Players have complete control over attractions, stalls, scenery, staff and finances.

The game has great progression that takes you across multiple zones which slowly unlocks new (and fun) attractions. The game world is split into three very distinct and unique zones for you to develop with is part of the presidents overall vision...

You’ll have to choose the hottest rides, the right concession stands and a range of decorations to make the most popular and profitable theme park possible. Dream Builder: Amusement Park also packs in quite the challenge which will require you to carefully BA...

At the heart of the game you’ll find a strategy experience that offers more depth than you might expect. You’ll focus on growing your own railway company from zero to industry leader with plenty of opportunity to achieve this by yourself or team up with a group of...

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Sid Meier’s Railroads lets players take control of the railways in an addicting and fun business simulation environment. The game is the successor to Railroad Tycoon 3 and was developed by Sid Meier for Windows (2006) with a Mac release being published several years later (2012).

Sid Meier’s Railroads is a 3D business simulation/ tycoon game that also incorporates some real time strategy elements into gameplay. The game offers a decent single player experience but thrives in a multiplayer environs...

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