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Carole Stephens
• Friday, 06 November, 2020
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There are five million people living in Sydney and there are many entertainment options in the city. One of the main attractions in the city for folks from all spheres of life are zoos in Sydney.

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School picnics, family outings and just a trip with friends to the zoo are a great way to spend a day or a weekend. Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, chimpanzees, markets, gorillas, kangaroos, koalas, bears, honeyeaters, and corroborate frogs are all featured at this zoo.

Oceanic wildlife is also a part of this zoo including sea lions, pelicans, penguins, seals and different types of fish. These include crocodiles, snakes, dragons, geckos, turtles, frogs, and iguanas.

Tonga Zoo gives an educational experience to children as they can learn about different animals from all over the world. Koala Bears are native to this part of the world and traveling to Australia also means going to a Koala Bear Sanctuary for most tourists visiting this country.

Other animals at this sanctuary are peacocks, penguins, dingoes, cockatoos, kangaroos, emus, echidna, and wombats are all features at this zoo. People can plan kid’s parties and other types of social events at this sanctuary.

Aquariums are great draws and usually get large crowds as it is a true treat to watch ocean life and see marine wildlife that people rarely get to see in real life. This aquarium was established in 1988 and showcases a variety of marine life.

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The aquarium has habitat zones that includes South Coast Shipwreck, Du gong Island, Sydney Harbor, and Shark Walk & Shark Valley. Some marine life includes penguins, sharks, moon jellies, silver sweep, made, cuttlefish, dugouts, Queensland Gropers, and many other types of marine wildlife.

Sharks, stingrays, tropical fish, turtles, rock pools, seahorses, octopus, and lionfish are all on display at this aquarium. Feather dale is a great tourist attraction and is also visited in the past by major Hollywood stars over the years.

There are birds, animals, marsupials, reptiles and different types of local wildlife at this zoo. Some attractions at this zoo include Bloody which is a large replica of diplodocus dinosaur, Elvis the crocodile, Lost World of Reptiles, and Spider World.

Koalas, Kangaroos, Cassowaries, and Tasmanian Devils are all features at this zoo. Arachnids, reptiles, wombats, wallabies, platypus, pythons, echidna, possums, foxes and kangaroos, scorpions and iguanas among other animals are all part of this zoo.

Plan your next trip to Sydney with TravelTriangle and know where this city has to offer exclusively for you! Most zoos conduct educational programs for both adults and kids in Sydney.

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Other times it is covered in snow and zoo animals would be in hibernation. These are native to Australia and often people visit here to see them in a natural habitat.

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Our Vision Embracing advanced technology and innovation to improve animal welfare, visitor engagement and education, Sydney is home to a wide range of exotic and native animals. With clever habitat design, we provide an experience that is more immersive and engaging than traditional zoos.

If your time is limited, and you have to pick only one wildlife park, here is a detailed comparison of all 3 plus photos to help you decide where to go to discover native and exotic animals. While traveling to Sydney, Australia, you might want to spend time in some top attractions of the city.

Why not discover the Australian wildlife: kangaroos, koalas, echidna, Tasmanian Devils etc? Today I am battling 3 wildlife zoos located in the Sydney area to help you decide which one you visit based on your expectations.

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Atmosphere Set up Animal variety Location Accessibility Price You might have understood via this comparison table, I was not a big fan at all the Wildlife Sydney.

If you love animal and can't choose, you can purchase an Adventure pass that include all 3 zoos in Sydney, plus the aquariums plus many other attractions. We are coming from NZ to visit Sydney, wanted to know which zoo is the best, especially for hand feeding kangaroo and cuddle a koala bear.

Destination Expert Level Contributor I am travelling to Sydney for one week and I would like to see Australian animals.

Apart from native Must animals, in private collections, where you can't just go visit. Not only is Tonga zoo the easiest to get to, but it probably has the best collection of native fauna and the harbor views are spectacular.

Some day trips to the Blue Mountains also stop at Feather dale, so you might get that as well if you are doing a trip to the Mountains, but definitely don' t miss Tonga, for the views as much as the animals. I can't remember the Australian animal exhibits at Tonga.

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Long bloody way, and a time-consuming and expensive trip for a good but less than spectacular experience. I can make a short day trip yes, but I think that Western Plains Zoo is too far away for me.

I have been at safari at Tanzania, and that’s why I am not increased in to see giraffes etc., but I would like to see Australian animals. And if there is a possibility to get in touch with koalas or kangaroos for example, that would be nice.

Feather dale has the wonderful advantage that you will be met at the gate by a 'Maggie” with a “joey”. You will be able to purchase real Australian tea (actually grown in India but with a gum leaf or 2 stuck into it) and probably twirled around the head of the server.

Feather dale is within Cooke of Sydney's new “wet and wild” theme park. Ellaslist COVID-19 update: Please note that all the information on the website is correct at the time of publication.

WILDLIFE Sydney offers the unique opportunity to meet one of our large Australian pythons in an outback environment. Running daily, you will have the chance to hold and pat a python while taking an amazing photo home to show your friends and family.

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The Glass Bottom Boat takes you on a salty journey through the world’s largest Great Barrier Reef oceanarium and offers two wonderful and different opportunities to explore life under the sea. The first option is a tour that starts every half hour from 12pm-4:30pm and takes you on a salty journey through the busy waters of Australia’s sea life.

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