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The theme park offers the Wild Africa Trek with a series of VIP adventures, like zip lining over hippos and a three-hour guided safari, all while accompanied by a Disney photographer who documents your journey. Attractions open to the public include a high-speed roller coaster, animal-themed stage shows and a roaring rapids ride.

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Various themed exhibits include primate canyon, animals of the night, cat country, penguin rock and tropical birdhouse. The zoo also has daily stage shows, feedings and zookeeper talks highlighting animals like sea lions, pandas and grizzlies.

Special events throughout the year include a Christmas lights show and an outdoor ice skating rink. Inside the city’s sprawling Grant Park and established in 1889, Zoo Atlanta (Atlanta.org) is a 40-acre facility with close to 1,000 animals.

Special programs include safari day camps for kids from kindergarten through eighth grade, overnight sleepovers and behind-the-scenes tours. Exhibits include a 20,000-square-foot reptile aquarium, lemur island and two-acre African Savannah with giraffes, zebras and ostrich.

In January and February, the zoo offers free admission to Lexington and Richland County residents on Fridays, as of publication. The 500-acre zoo hosts 1,600 animals, including African bush hogs, American black bears, red wolves and chimpanzees.

Each of the plantations in Charleston, SC, are famous in their own right, whether you easily recognize their names or not. Even the shortest visit to Charleston warrants an afternoon at one of these fantastic places.

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A visit to the city made beautiful through the hard work of slaves would be incomplete without understanding Charleston slavery. The plantation was what turned Charleston into such an economic powerhouse until the abolition of slavery.

Historically, Charleston plantations whitewashed over much of the harder truths of their existence before the War Between the States. Today they are more honest and blunt about the lives of the thousands of slaves that kept these farms running.

Before the outbreak of the War in 1860, wealth in America and especially in the South was concentrated in a small group of planter families. But that leisure was created by employing extensive networks of enslaved labor.

Until New Orleans entered the American realm, Charleston was the port into which enslaved Africans first arrived in America. One of nearby Sullivan’s Island’s first uses was as a quarantining station for newly arrived slaves.

Even more interesting are the lives of the much larger groups of people who worked to support them. Many of these Charleston tourist attractions offer plantation tours, and permit you to wander around their grounds.

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Boone Hall Plantation is one of the oldest working farms in America. The standard tour of one of the most beautiful Charleston plantation homes is another option.

Highlights of activities at Dayton Hall include tours of the plantation home, as well as the African-American cemetery. Tours on offer at the plantation include opportunities to experience an award-winning exhibit of Charleston, SC slavery, petting zoo, and train rides around the grounds.

He did so when his children expressed their intention to put this spectacular Charleston plantation up for sale to developers. One option close to all the plantations on Ashley River Road is the Inn at Middleton Place.

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