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Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Observe 1,000 animals representing close to 200 exotic species: elephants, giraffes, gorillas, tigers and more. A unique interpretation center offering a direct contact with nature and its living species.

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You can observe a number of species of wild animals living free in their natural habitat year-round. The Biodome is so beloved that if you mention you're thinking of going aloud while riding the Metro, more than one friendly local is apt to tell you how fantastic it is.

Enter the underwater world as you explore the basins and Aquarian displaying a broad sampling of the St. Lawrence's marine organisms and fishes. Aquarium du Québec is an outstanding attraction that is home to many species of fish, mammals and reptiles, some that are unique to Quebec region.

Museum rises above the birthplace of Montréal, and reveals authentic archaeological remains along an intriguing underground tour route. It hosts major temporary exhibitions, exciting educational programs and original urban events. Fun family amusements including a bowling alley, indoor maze and a permanent Christmas room plus a range of kiddies' rides.

North America's only multi-activity park offering multiple types of lodging and camping in a fjord. This is the largest indoor paintball field in Canada, with exciting obstacles like missile-launchers, army jeeps, trenches, two-storied fortresses linked by bridges, school bus, and more.

Located at the edge of the cliff of St. Lawrence River, PARC du Cap-Chat rock you home alone, family or group. Come discover the Chutes Cologne park; in beautiful Pontiac county, and experience history, culture and adventure in the great outdoors! Our site is suitable for a day with the family, for teams, groups and even corporate training.

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This is the largest indoor paintball field in Canada, with exciting obstacles like missile-launchers, army jeeps, trenches, two-storied fortresses linked by bridges, school bus, and more. Inspired by the TV show Fort Board, a place of adventure seeking both muscle and neurons, diplomacy and courage, teamwork and individual efforts in a crisscross of wild physical hardship and mental.

Come and live an unforgettable experience, combat style, with this strategic game where you must capture your adversary’s flag, but beware because they are after you! An adventure that requires the use of all your senses, within a world of centuries-old Maple trees, a creek of crystal clear water and all the ....

Go across one of the highest pedestrian bridge in Quebec, 55 meters high. Discover the giant potholes, cascades of the “little canyon”, treasure-hunt with.... Divided into teams, using a GPS, an itinerary and clues, you must discover information hidden at precise reference points in order to move forward in the game.

This is a home to a rich and remarkable variety of plants and 261 species of birds. Explore the fascinating world of birds in the company of a naturalist tour guide. Inside ITS eco-adventure site offers you a unique Aventura experience Allowing You to Meet a Mythical Animal Which Has Always fascinated man from time immemorial.

In the summer, walk across one of two suspension bridges or through miles of parkland trails. Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, make new discoveries or simply relax, the.... This park is a remarkably beautiful scattering of some thirty limestone islands and more than 1000 granitic islets and reefs.

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There is an abundance of life in this strange half-world: seabirds gathered in colonies, seals, dolphins and whales, swarming.... A breathtaking beauty, this park boasts 5 km of trails, enjoy picnic areas and swings.

Located on an enchanting site, Eco-Odyssée is a water maze that comprises an estimated 60 intersections spread out over more than 6 km. Choose the adventure that suits you and enjoy the splendor of the marsh environment from your paddle boat.

Other snow sports hosted here include Cat ski and Held Safaris, cross country skiing, horseback riding, snowmobiling and snows.... Skiing and snowboarding with lessons for all ages, but with only 2 green runs on Mont Blanc itself, plus snow park.

Skiing and snowboarding with lessons for all ages, offering 11% green runs, 33% blue and the rest stretching into double black., plus snow training park. Skiing and snowboarding lessons from 3 years, offering 11 green runs and several snow parks for terrain training.

Skiing and snowboarding with lessons from 3 years with 17% green runs, plus tubing, snowshoeing; dog sledding and ice skating. Skiing and snowboarding with lessons from 3 years, offering 7 green runs and 9 blue, plus snow park and lift serviced tubing hill.

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This is an authentic recreation of a Quebec Indian village which offers visitors the opportunity to discover the history, culture and the lifestyle of the Huron's. This square buzzes with concerts in the summer, various markets on weekends, street performers, and an ice skating rink in the winter.

Exhibits and historical figures, and obstacle course for the kids give you everything you need for a fun, fascinating experience delving into the history books! St. Patrick's Church was opened on March 17th, 1847 to serve the needs of the Irish immigrants who had come to Montreal in great numbers due to the famine and other troubles in Ireland. The Basilica has been designated an Historical Monument by the Go....

A fun amusement park featuring over 40 activities for kids aged 2 to 8, including ball pool, inflatables, pedal go-karts, and lots more, as well as farm animals! This site has superb indoor and outdoor spaces, and a picnic area, splash pad and adventure trail for children.

Map and contact information Free outdoor parking Electric vehicle charging station PARC Omega wants you to discover many species of wild animals living freely in their natural habitat throughout the seasons; the park is open year round.

Families, located in the Lavaliere region, 45 minutes from Montreal, invites you to a unique immersive experience. At the Miller Zoo, explore the pedestrian trails and encounter more than 150 animals from more than 60 distinct species in their natural environment.

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Expect a pleasant hike, with plenty of discoveries, amidst a forest of protected biodiversity. No need to take the plane to the Amazon or African Savannah to play Indiana Jones and discover strange worlds.

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