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Shows and demonstrations with sea lions, walruses and of course dolphins. Go on a trip around the world and encounter the wild animals in Rearguard Blinder Rotterdam.

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By loading the photos, you accept that Holland.com uses cookies to share data with third parties as described in our privacy statement (holland.com/privacy). Load photos A fantastic family day out: discover the wonders of nature at Artist Royal Zoo in Amsterdam.

Go on a trip around the world and encounter the wild animals in Rearguard Blinder Rotterdam. Shows and demonstrations with sea lions, walruses and of course dolphins.

Go on a safari and discover Holland’s largest animal park! See the most beautiful wild animals and pet a snake or tarantula.

Voted most beautiful zoo in the Benelux several times. You will find polar bears, giant otters, penguins, sea lions, Nile crocodiles and many other animals at Aquatic.

You can nose up to our polar bears and visit our new sea lion show “Elements”. Come visit Holland’s greatest theme parks for an exciting day full of roller coasters, playgrounds and water fun.

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Kids will love these museums, and so will their (grand)parents. The second we are anywhere, and we have a bit of spare time, the zoo always creeps into the conversation.

Therefore, DutchReview has come up with a list of some of the biggest and most popular zoos in the Netherlands, so in case you’re at a loss somewhere and need something to do, where, here it is! ARTIST zoo provides its visitors with a whole day of fun, with a variety of different things to see.

It has a large aquarium section, a butterfly garden and other animals from all over the world. If you don’t have enough time or money to go on a real safari, there this is definitely a good second- best option.

The park is so large, that it will literally take you all day to do the whole thing properly. You have 2 options: the walking tour or the driving tour (or both), where you can see the safari animals on foot, or in the comfort of your own car or safari bus.

It has a wide range of different species varying from desert to ocean habitats. The zoo also has a variety of other great things on-site, including 5 different restaurants.

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In this sense, you get to see them roam around, rather than be stuck in cages or small enclosures. Think roller coasters and treetop walks, restaurants and jungles.

So if you’re not a massive fan of zoos, but are a kid at heart, then this will be the place for you. There are river rapids, temple ruins, treetop walks, boat trips and safari buses, which makes the whole experience even more amazing.

If you’ve ever been up to this part of the country, then you will know that it’s beautiful and filled with lots of local birds and sea life. The Eco mare is located on the island of TeXes and helps seals and birds that have been rescued.

The Aquatic is dedicated to water mammals, such as polar bears, penguins and crocodiles. Here you will learn all about the different animals and how members of the zoo take care of them all.

It’s a great place to take children and the whole family. You will find apes and monkeys throughout the zoo, so you’re free to walk around and watch them.

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The Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center in Pieterburen is the perfect place to go if you want to see what great things the Dutch animal research facilities are doing. The place is basically one giant seal hospital, so it’s fascinating.

This one is located at the beautiful Scheveningen beach (so you can kill 2 birds with one stone here). The center also has a large underwater tunnel, so you can walk through the tank looking up a variety of fish and sharks (it’s creepy, yet cool).

On Valentine’s Day, they even turn this into a mini restaurant, so you can dine with your other half in the tunnel, literally under the sharks. Emma arrived in Holland in 2016 for a few weeks, fell in love with the place and never left.

And if underwater creatures are more your vibe, there’s also an Oceanic which was opened in 2001 and houses sharks, penguins, turtles, and sea lions. Apenheul is a zoo specializing in apes and monkeys, and many of the furry inhabitants are left to roam around freely.

The primate park is home to more than 30 different species, including bonobo, gorilla, and orangutan. But don’t worry, some bigger, more dangerous species are still separated from visitors, so it’s perfectly safe.

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Officially called the Royal Burgers’ Zoo, this animal park definitely lives up to its noble title. Founded in 1913 by a Mr Johan Burgers, the zoo welcomes around 1,5 million visitors every year.

This zoo is a little different to most in the Netherlands, as it is set up as a safari park, so animals aren’t stuck in small enclosures. The park is renowned for its bird show, and also offers the option to book an overnight stay if you really want to make the most of your visit and watch the animals from the balcony of your safari lodge.

Make the most of your trip and watch one of the many animal shows on offer, or even enjoy a seal safari. © 4.3 Experience wildlife at ARTIST, which supports an aquarium, planetarium, arboretum, and the country's oldest zoo.

Bestow was opened in 1930 by Mr. van Laarhoven senior as Aleut the Zoo. At this time the zoo was home to primates, carnivores, and birds, including both native and exotic species.

In 1982, van Laarhoven's two sons took over the zoo and ultimately expanded it to include about 70 species. Animals at Bestow include Sri Lankan leopard, lion, jaguar, cougar, European lynx, bobcat, Caracas, serial, ocelot, Oriental small-clawed otter, Meerut, banded mongoose, yellow-throated marten, fennec fox, striped skunk, eastern spotted skunk, six-banded armadillo, big hairy armadillo, southern Amanda, Guiana squirrel monkeys, Madras baboon, black howler monkeys, rhesus macaque, tufted Capuchin monkey, crab-eating macaque, white-faced Saki, southern pig-tailed macaque, Colombian spider monkey, cotton top tamarin, red-handed tamarin, saddle back tamarin, white-lipped tamarin, golden-headed lion tamarin, pygmy marmoset, ring-tailed lemur, black-and-white ruffed lemur, white-fronted lemur, Japanese squirrel, Chapman Mara, lowland PACA, Central American about, striped hyena, common Genet, introns, fossa, common raccoons, crab-eating raccoons, South American coat, white-nosed coat, lesser hedgehog ten rec, Grant's zebra, Chapman's zebra, llama, alpaca, Bactrian camel, Reeves's mental, Visayans spotted deer, stating, mouflon, red kangaroo, Parma wallabies, Bennett's wallaby, white-striped narcosis, eastern wallabies, western woolly opossum, Chilean flamingo, white stork, black stork, Jaguar stork, scarlet ibis, sacred ibis, buff-necked ibis, punk ibis, white-faced ibis, great white pelican, pink-backed pelican, little bittern, Eurasian oyster catcher, Six's gun, blue-throated piping gun, bare-faced curator, great curator, helmeted curator, masked lapwing, blacksmith lapwing, grained trumpeter, helmeted guinea fowl, vulture guinea fowl, golden pheasant, Edwards's pheasant, Siamese fire back, Himalayan money, satyr dragon, gray peacock-pheasant, collated turkey, snowy owl, great gray owl, Eurasian eagle owl, little owl, tawny owl, brown wood owl, barn owl, king vulture, common buzzard, Eurasian kestrel, American kestrel, crested Caracas, black vulture, mademoiselle crane, red-crowned crane, blue crane, gray crowned crane, spotted thick-knee, southern screamer, Allen's gallium, Chilean infamous, black swan, mandarin duck, Cape Barren goose, Inca tern, blue-and-yellow macaw, gray parrot, eclectic parrot, burrowing parrot, blue-fronted Amazon, cockatiel, gala, orange-crested cockatoo, salmon-crested cockatoo, rainbow Lorient, red-collared Lorient, Australian king parrot, monk parakeet, red-crowned parakeet, green-cheeked parakeet, blue-bellied roller, lilac-breasted roller, channel-billed toucan, chestnut-mandibled toucanPapuan horn bill, silvery-cheeked horn bill, Abyssinian ground horn bill, southern ground horn bill, European kingfisher, kookaburra, European bee-eater, green oropendola, white-cheeked track, Eastern plantain-eater, common bronze wing, Victoria crowned pigeon, Eurasian hope, tawny frog mouth, blue-faced honeyeater, red-billed blue magpie, green magpie, black-throated magpie-jay, emu, greater rhea, Darwin's rhea, African spurred tortoise, Hermann's tortoise, yellow-bellied slider, dwarf crocodile, American alligator, ball python, central bearded dragon, green iguana, Madagascar giant day gecko, and pumpkin seed.

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During your travels to Amsterdam with kids (or without), the Artist Royal Zoo is a great attraction to visit. This Amsterdam zoo is located on the east side of the city center in the chic Plantagebuurt neighborhood.

Visit the lions and other big cats or watch the gorillas play in their huge home. At Artist, you can even look under the water of an Amsterdam Canal and study planets and stars in the Planetarium.

You will find food carts everywhere in Artist, all offering a nice refreshment or a warm drink during the cold weather months. The last few years, Artist Royal Zoo has totally renovated its space and made many improvements to the animal homes.

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