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Come explore the majestic Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation, one of... Nestled in the rolling Kent countryside, Willows Bird of Prey Center allows you to get up close and personal with their winged residents.

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Unstable Indoor and Outdoor Zoos and Wildlife Parks ZSL Shipshape Zoo is the largest in the UK with 3,800 unique creatures and 600 acres of stunning scenery.

Maidstone Indoor and Outdoor Zoos and Wildlife Parks When you think of relaxing family days out you may not imagine walking a llama through the country, which is exactly what you can do at Surrey Hills...

There are lots of animals to go and see at the award-winning Secret Wildlife Park, including tigers, red pandas, birds of prey, otters and lemurs.... Set by The Thames, Beale Park makes the most of its stunning backdrop by offering plenty of opportunity for guests to enjoy the scenery in the beauty...

Linton Zoo was born out of a family’s love for and concern for wildlife in the world. We've rounded up the best zoos and wildlife parks in London in our quest to discover brilliant family attractions and places to visit near you.

From pygmy hippos to Sumatran tigers, there are some beautiful creatures in and around London beyond the pigeons in Trafalgar Square. Whether you’re entertaining kids or looking to learn about nature, you should plan a trip to one of these zoos in and around London, and take a walk on the wild side.

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And Harry Potter fans won’t want to miss the Reptile House to try out their Parseltongue. Some buildings are listed and therefore not accessible, but most of the zoo is wheelchair-accessible, including Land of the Lions and Tiger Territory.

Living alongside the usual rabbits, goats, sheep and chickens are more exotic (some endangered) species such as markets, lemurs, Scottish wildcats, Asian short-clawed otters, turtles, monkeys, emus and tortoises. In the markets’ enclosure children can make their way down a tunnel to pop out on a level with the creatures.

From Amur tigers to snow leopards, Maxwell Zoo is home to one of the most varied and exotic ranges of species. There are also a whopping five adventure playgrounds for little people to explore, two trains, 140 acres of parkland and plenty of picnic areas.

Make a beeline for the energetic penguins or learn about the graceful giraffes at the daily talk and feed. The 90 acres of ancient parkland is home to 400 rare and endangered species, including African elephants, tigers, monkeys and gorillas.

There’s also a farm shop on site, where you can stock up on local eggs, bread and homemade jams. Colchester Zoo is packed with close encounters, its most spectacular being a 24-metre glass tunnel, over which Patagonian sea lions swim and play in 500,000 gallons of water.

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Zoos in England are a high quality thanks to the laws and general love of animals here. It’s hard to choose the best zoo in England, but here are seven of the most highly rated according to me, my friends and the internet reviews.

Visit one of the best zoos in England and you can expect a good amount of primates, birds, reptiles and mammals to wow you. All the zoos in England will have some sort of play area for kids, a café or bar, a picnic are to bring your own and a gift shop or two too.

Sign up to the individual zoos’ emailing lists to get notified of special offers, as you can sometimes get some good deals to bring the costs down. At first, the London was the main hub for scientists where they could work on scientific studies related to animals and nature.

After some time, in about 1874, the London was then open for the public and tourists to visit nature’s beauty. During the summer they run Zoo Later where you can enjoy a silent disco, and see the animals with more adults around rather than children.

These cabins are available year round, and you’ll get dinner, breakfast, and an after hours tour of the zoo too. Located in Cheshire, Chester Zoo covers about 125 acres of land.

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Everyone’s got their favorite UK zoo, I guess you’ll just have to visit them all to find yours! Due to the size of the zoo, visitors can ride around on a bus or via train service.

There are about 50 species of incredible mammal collection, including red pandas, gorillas, and Asiatic lions. Expect frilled lizards, giraffes and ring-tailed coats, as well as African wildlife displays.

During your visit to Colchester Zoo, you will see many species from around the world and can learn more about them at our fantastic daily encounters, giving you the chance to see our animals being fed, watch a training session or perhaps just quiz their keepers!” Longest is a great activity for a rainy day, as you get to just stay in the car and cruise around.

It’s more of a safari experience than a zoo, which makes it feel all the better as a visitor to see the animals in more of a free and natural habitat. The staff is super knowledgeable and caring, and will tell you all about how the Reserve has linked up with wildlife projects in Africa to mutually support each other.

At Across Zoo you can expect to see flamingos, snow leopards, markets and bonobo monkeys too. With the stars of the Park Life TV program in the zoo grounds, you can spend all day wandering around and saying hello to over 260 species of animal.

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There’s a huge manor house here, and you can enjoy the rhinos grazing in the grounds. Shadow Wildlife Trust is a cute zoo in Devon, very popular with holiday goers.

It’s too small to be considered the BEST zoo in England, but it’s definitely popular among visitors and locals. Hewlett Wildlife Park in Kent has loads of them, and you’ll probably end up deciding this is the best zoo in England if you visit.

Visit and you’ll be helping a dedicated animal conservation charity. Your visit will directly help them to protect wildlife in the UK which, in turn, enables them to send animals back to the wild, in conjunction with The Spinal Foundation.

If you’re looking for a fun activity for the day, zoos are always a popular option. Also, if it’s raining in England, then the zoos are well set up for rainy day activities too.

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