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Melbourne is the capital of Victoria in Australia and one of the most livable places in the world. The Morning ton peninsula, the Area Valley, the coastline of the Port Phillip Bay, the Gardening, and Macedon ranges make this area truly beautiful.

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Marvelous Melbourne is home to many zoos, sanctuaries, wildlife parks and aquariums which are popular with the tourists as well as the locals in the region. The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens which is also commonly known as the Melbourne is one of the most popular zoos in Victoria and in Australia.

Some animals featured at this zoo include African Wild Dog, Asian Elephants, Otters, frogs, pelicans, seals, coat, tortoise, tamarin, kangaroos, gorillas, koala, penguins, baboons, and lions. The zoo also has platypus, crocodiles, lemur, pandas, wombats, orangutans, Sumatran tigers, snow leopards, Tasmanian devils, and zebras among other animals.

This is one of the best zoos in Melbourne with elephant trails, butterfly exhibits, a creation of a mini Asian rain forest, an orangutan sanctuary, and a section dedicated to the wildlife of the Australian outback. It also has a free flight aviary center, a lion exhibit, a section dedicated to marine wildlife, a reptile house, an African rainforest exhibit, and exotic animals from all over the world.

A visit to this zoo is a great experience for children and adults as it displays many rare animals and visitors learn a lot about wildlife and conservation at such a large zoo in Melbourne. To name a few animals in this zoo, you can spot Hippopotamus, zebra, lions, giraffes, ostrich, markets, African wild dogs, antelopes, rhinoceros, camels, monkey’s, cheetahs and gorillas.

There are Australian animals like koalas, emus, and kangaroos which are also part of the zoo. This zoo was opened in 1934, and there are many native Australian animals like wallabies, wombats, dingoes, kangaroos, owls, skunks, buzzards, kites, pythons, echidna, emu, monitor lizards, native Australian birds, and platypus among other animals.

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Located on the banks of the renowned Area River, this Aquarium in Melbourne is a great attraction for locals and tourists. Many people ask are there any zoos in Melbourne that cater to marine wildlife.

This aquarium is located in the heart of the city, and it has many features that make it a worthy visit. Some features at the aquarium include rainforests, crocodiles, penguins, mangroves, rock pools, seahorses, stingrays, sharks, sea turtles, sea dragons, and a variety of different kinds of marine life from all across the world.

This is an award-winning Wildlife Park with many Australian Bushland animals like colorful exotic birds, reptiles, dingoes, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, pythons, cockatoos, parrots, possums, and Tasmanian devils. The Abram Fauna Park has an aviary full of exotic birds, a reptile house with many species of snakes and also crocodiles.

This park also has many local Australian wildlife animals like wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, koalas, emus, echidna, alpine dingoes, Cape Barren geese, and Tasmanian devils. This fauna park was established in 1976 and is a great place to visit for tourists and locals in Melbourne, Australia.

Head to Melbourne zoo where kangaroos live in the replica of their original habitat. Terrible Open Range Zoo is a small piece of Africa in the middle of Australia.

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Those are mainly, Melbourne, Terrible Open Range Zoo, Hayesville Sanctuary, Sea life Melbourne Aquarium, Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, and Abram Fauna Park. As per recent news, there are seven baby crocodiles are raised in Melbourne which is now only 40 cm.

You can see African Wild Dog, Asian, Elephants, pelicans, species of frogs, otters, coat, seals, gorillas, tortoise, penguins, koalas, baboons, lions, and obviously, kangaroos. Book memorable honeymoon on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

Reviewed October 3, 2019, via mobile We took the children on the tram from the city. Elephants, lions, gorillas, orange, monkeys, frogs, snakes, birds.

On another issue the cafés around the place had so much bird poo around it was uncomfortable. The table we sat at looked like it hadn't been cleaned for a week, the ground was worse.

Hey this is an eating area we shouldn't have to share it with mounds of bird poo. Personally I think this Zoo has got so bad they should close it down and sell of the land for housing.

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And back in the 1990s it was such a good Zoo, noted around the world as great, now it's a shocker Thanks for your feedback, we apologize for the disappointing experience and will pass this on to the various teams who manage the grounds of the zoo.

Zoos Victoria is one of the leading not-for-profit conservation organizations in the country, and we are absolutely dedicated to ensuring the positive welfare of the animals in our care. While we know this means visitors who come to the zoo can’t always see every animal, we’ve made the decision to give them the choice to move inside or out, which is very important to their welfare.

Alternatively, sometimes our animals are off display for various reasons including health checks with our keepers and vets. We do apologize for your experience at the café, this feedback has been passed on to our cleaning company.

We do hope you choose to visit us again and that your experience is improved if so. Reviewed September 28, 2019, via mobile The Melbourne is well worth a visit, anytime you are visiting Melbourne. It is a well-stocked, well-planned area. The enclosures are interesting and visually pleasing to visitors and animals alike. The wide variety of animals, ensures something for everyone. The animals are healthy and look happy in their surroundings. There are ample viewing spots, so you can see clearly. The Gorillas are within meters; you really couldn't get any closer to them. The day we were there, the Silver back, stood up and ran forward. Highly recommend a visit here You can obtain food and drinks from the many venues inside.

We're glad to hear you loved visiting the butterfly house. As you no doubt already know, Zoos Victoria is one of the leading conservation organizations in the country, and we are absolutely dedicated to the animals in our care.

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Please be assured that the welfare of all our animals is our number one priority. We have a PhD Animal Welfare Specialist who works at Zoos Victoria to make sure that all our animals are living happy, healthy and enriched lives within their enclosures.

We pride ourselves on having enclosures that provide the animals both inside and outside areas, where they can choose to be on or off display, this also means that there are areas of their enclosures that are not accessible for the public eye. Australian zoos are major tourist attractions that play a key role in keeping some of the world’s most endangered animals alive.

If you’re interested in getting close to nature, here is our pick of the country’s best zoo experiences It’s just a 15-minute drive from the CBD to the zoo, or you can catch a train to Royal Park and wander over from there.

Cost of entry : $37 general admission, discounts for children, pensioners, students and families. The Lion Gorge development is the pride of Melbourne (pun fully intended).

Cost of entry : $36 general admission, discounts for children, students, seniors and families. As the sanctuary is in Queensland, you can also hug a koala, something which isn’t allowed in many other states.

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One of Dumbo Zoo’s wildlife encounter options gives you the chance to hand-feed giraffes. Penguins aren’t the first animal you associate with Australia, but down along the southern coasts (and much of Tasmania) it’s possible to see the little critters.

The aquatic swimmers leave their home at sunrise and come back at sunset, often in a military-style parade. Cost of entry : $26.20 for general viewing admission, however this can be upgraded for better perks or for access to more parks.

The zoo holds more than 2500 animals (from more than 250 species), including the rare attraction of giant pandas. The zoo is found in the green belt to the north of Adelaide CBD, beside the River Torrens.

Cost of entry : $36 for general admission, discounts for children, concession tickets and adults. Wander the paths and appreciate the exotic birds, mammals, primates and reptiles on show.

The zoo is in DeKalb between Cassock and Roth bury, close to Ernest Hill Wines. Hunter Valley Zoo offers an experience upgrade that allows you to enter the Meerut enclosure.

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Dating back to 1916, Sydney’s Tonga Zoo, located in Osman, offers a packed day for visitors. There are more than 20 keeper talks and shows each day and an estimated 4000 animals on site, and some enclosures have views over the water to the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

The best way to the zoo is by ferry from Circular Quay, but you can also drive along the Lower North Shore to get there (not advised during peak hours). Animals from Africa are the main attraction, with gorillas, giraffes, big cats and hippos popular with visitors.

Terrible is home to one of the world’s largest gorilla enclosures, with more than 6000 square meters granted to the majestic primates. Described as Australia’s greatest artificial reef, the Busselton Jetty has more than 300 marine species and is host to an array of colorful sponges, corals and fish.

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