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• Monday, 04 January, 2021
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If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity to do with your kids or with friends, visit one of these zoos in Massachusetts. Several birds and wild animals like tigers, lions, monkeys and deer can be found here roaming on about 35 acres of forest.

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The Eurasian Fallow Deer makes it really awesome to visit the zoo. The zoo is filled with birds, mammals, farm animals, amphibians, fish and more.

You may arrange birthday parties even have some fun with their Wildlife Carousel and many more amazing things. Stone Zoo is a wonderful place to get close with animals.

The zoo is even a nice place to have some good time with family and friends. For winter the zoo stays open every day from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Stone Zoo is really a wonderful place for animals even for you to watch them and feed them. Here you will find small birds, mammals, bears even meet sheep, goats, tigers and more.

Apron Park Zoo is a sweet home for animals. The zoo offers a variety of programs and events to have fun with the animals.

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To have an adventurous time with wild animals even to have fun with family and friends the place is really wonderful. Luna Zoo is in-fact an educational place where you may learn about animals and their lifestyle.

If you are really interested to have an exciting experience with animals this zoo is a perfect place for you. Zoo In Forest Park offers the best adventurous experience with wildlife.

Lots of fish and viewing the activities of the dolphins are enjoyable parts of the zoo. Here you will find native, domestic and exotic animals you will even have fun with their huge collection of birds.

North Attleboro Park & Recreation is an amazing place to visit. You may even have fun by watching animals and birds like deer, horse, emus, donkeys even duck, peacocks and more.

To arrange a party even to have fun with family and friends you may travel the area. North Attleboro Park & Recreation is truly a lovable place to visit.

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You may check out their website to know more about zoo parties and rental facilities. Franklin Park Zoo is a wonderful place for wild adventures.

The unique concept of Franklin Park Zoo is also an attraction that the visitors will enjoy. The zoo is an exciting educational place for kids to learn about animals and birds.

To observe farm animals like goat, sheep, cow, rabbits even birds like emus and peacock the place is truly wonderful. The farm stays open from Saturday to Monday and on memorial days from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If you want exotic species, you will enjoy the capybara or the scimitar-horned onyx, or you can check out the familiar favorites like the Bengal tiger or the cheetah. Combo tickets are $36 for adults and children and include admission to the Sky Ride, the Woodland Express Train and the Rainforest Adventure Maze.

Then you’ll love its sister, Stone Zoo, just a half hour from Boston. Stone Zoo offers a variety of attractions, like the Gila monster, snow leopard, or colobus monkey.

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Smaller kids will love the Jungle Fun Ride and the Children’s Train. Holiday visitors won’t want to miss the popular annual light display, Taillights.

Animals at Apron Park include kangaroos, alpacas, and a white lion and lionesses. Apron Park offers a number of 30-minute Conquest Adventure Tours that allow you to get up close and personal with a variety of animals: red pandas; lemurs; warty pigs, and lions and bears.

Buttonwood Park Zoo is deceptively large, with more than 50 species, 250 animals and 30 exhibits. Attractions include Asian elephants, American bison, extensive birds, reptiles and fish.

Visitors to the Zoo will not only see the animals, but will also learn about how to protect wildlife and endangered species. Buttonwood Zoo is open year-round, and non-resident admission is $7.50 for adults, $4.50 for kids 3–12, and free for children under three, with a less expensive rate for New Bedford residents.

Zoo attractions include a Bengal tiger, wallabies, and American alligators. Amusements feature a mini-golf course, batting cages and an arcade, in addition to bumper boats, the Jungle Fun house, and a Ferris wheel, among numerous other options.

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Whether it’s Franklin Park’s sister zoo in Stone ham or York’s Wild Kingdom in Maine, there is an option for you within day-trip distance, offering entrance to another world of miraculous and mysterious creatures not normally seen around Boston. The exciting and mysterious worlds of science and nature are on display around Massachusetts for a day of fun and learning for children and adults.

Zoos bring you up close for animal encounters and interactive exhibits with large and small, exotic wildlife from here and around the world. Aquariums feature saltwater and freshwater tanks to offer a unique view into sea life and to serve as an introduction to marine ecology.

A highly accessible zoo, New England’s largest presents enough entertaining and enlightening animal attractions, exhibits and encounters to take your breath away. 115 species of animals both large and small await your visit, and you can learn all about them at the Earth Discovery Center.

Don’t miss the big cats, snakes, dragons, and the always popular Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. At the Franklin Park Zoo, fun and education combine to provide visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Environments include exhibits where colorful birds fly free, rainforests where pygmy hippos and Western lowland gorillas roam, a tented space filled with bright butterflies (and fairy houses), an Outback Trail with kangaroos and emus, and special spaces for a tiger, lions and creatures of the Serengeti like zebras and wildebeests. There’s even an organic garden and a huge outdoor playground to explore, as well as a farm with a petting zoo.

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Laugh at the toothy grin of an alligator, marvel at the majesty of a snow leopard, scratch the ears of a dwarf goat at the petting zoo : Do all this and more at the Stone Zoo, where visitors can walk through a series of environments hosting a huge variety of animals. River otters frolic in Treetops and Riverbeds; jaguars and cougars prowl in the Sierra Made; yak climb the Himalayan Highlands; and black bear brothers Smoky and Brother play in the Yukon Creek exhibit.

Hands-on activities are featured in the Animal Discovery Center, there is a playground and a children’s train ride; and fun in a nature play area includes fort building and climbing into an oversized bird’s nest. If the day is hot, kids can take a break in the mist tent for a gentle, cooling shower.

Non-profit wildlife facility dedicated to promoting appreciation and respect for the conservation of animals and their ecosystems; while offering enjoyable, educational and family-oriented experiences in an urban recreational setting. The aquarium is the starting point for marine ecology field trips led by staff members.

A visit to one of our many New England zoos is a great way to spend a Saturday, and makes an excellent field trip for children. Beardsley Zoo | Bridgeport, CT Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport is home to a red panda, an Amazon tree boa, an Amur leopard, a giant anteater, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches, among others.

Enjoy a lunch outdoors in the Picnic Grove or at the Peacock Café, and don’t forget to take a spin on the carousel. Have some fun on the train or take a ride on the swings before heading off to the animal exhibits.

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A Bengal tiger, prairie dogs, and spider monkeys (among others), call York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo home. The Franklin Park Zoo features dozens of animal exhibits including zebras, ocelots, and spotted hyenas.

After learning about the different animals, where they’re from, and what you can do to help protect them, go on a camel trek or take a Safari Jeep Ride! Check their events calendar for fun seasonal activities like an annual pumpkin festival and horse-drawn wagon rides to meet Santa.

Roger Williams Park Zoo | Providence, RI Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence houses a great variety of animals, including American bison, African wild dogs, and timber rattlesnakes. While you’re there, get up close and personal with the animals by feeding the giraffes or taking a tour of the seal enclosure.

ECHO Leah Center for Lake Champlain | Burlington, VT The closest thing to a zoo in Vermont might be the ECHO Leah Center for Lake Champlain in Burlington. Animal exhibits feature creatures such as the fresh water drum fish, the poison dart frog, and the mud puppy.

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