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From pygmy hippos to Sumatran tigers, there are some beautiful creatures in and around London beyond the pigeons in Trafalgar Square. Whether you’re entertaining kids or looking to learn about nature, you should plan a trip to one of these zoos in and around London, and take a walk on the wild side.

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And Harry Potter fans won’t want to miss the Reptile House to try out their Parseltongue. Some buildings are listed and therefore not accessible, but most of the zoo is wheelchair-accessible, including Land of the Lions and Tiger Territory.

Living alongside the usual rabbits, goats, sheep and chickens are more exotic (some endangered) species such as markets, lemurs, Scottish wildcats, Asian short-clawed otters, turtles, monkeys, emus and tortoises. In the markets’ enclosure children can make their way down a tunnel to pop out on a level with the creatures.

From Amur tigers to snow leopards, Maxwell Zoo is home to one of the most varied and exotic ranges of species. There are also a whopping five adventure playgrounds for little people to explore, two trains, 140 acres of parkland and plenty of picnic areas.

Make a beeline for the energetic penguins or learn about the graceful giraffes at the daily talk and feed. The 90 acres of ancient parkland is home to 400 rare and endangered species, including African elephants, tigers, monkeys and gorillas.

There’s also a farm shop on site, where you can stock up on local eggs, bread and homemade jams. Colchester Zoo is packed with close encounters, its most spectacular being a 24-metre glass tunnel, over which Patagonian sea lions swim and play in 500,000 gallons of water.

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Come explore the majestic Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation, one of... Nestled in the rolling Kent countryside, Willows Bird of Prey Center allows you to get up close and personal with their winged residents.

When you think of relaxing family days out you may not imagine walking a llama through the country, which is exactly what you can do at Surrey Hills... Bird world is home to over 2,000 creatures, including bugs, parrots, piranhas and everyone's favorite smartly dressed gents, penguins.

There are lots of animals to go and see at the award-winning Secret Wildlife Park, including tigers, red pandas, birds of prey, otters and lemurs.... Set by The Thames, Beale Park makes the most of its stunning backdrop by offering plenty of opportunity for guests to enjoy the scenery in the beauty...

Linton Zoo was born out of a family’s love for and concern for wildlife in the world. We've rounded up the best zoos and wildlife parks in London in our quest to discover brilliant family attractions and places to visit near you.

Widely regarded as the best small zoo in the country we've created an animal and child-friendly environment where the focus is always on fun finding out. However, animals are only half the fun; Go Wild!, Get Wet!, Go Safari!, Amazon Adventure, Mango's Adventure Maze and Hello Kitty Secret Garden are paradise for anyone wanting a theme park experience.

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First and foremost Drills is a zoo with a great range of exotic animals and an emphasis on education. Don't miss the Olympics Challenge and remember to pick up your free Animal Spotter Book when you arrive.

All in all Drills is one of the best family days out in Sussex with plenty of children's activities to keep kids happy and entertained. Simply select the best Wildlife Parks you have visited the click “submit vote” at the bottom of the list.

Visit a Wildlife Park a fabulous day out! Featured Wildlife Photos Longest Safari Park | Wiltshire Longest Safari and Adventure Park in War minster, Wiltshire South West England is one of the UK's top Safari Parks.

Wildlife Parks in Wales There are Lemurs and lots of other interesting animals to see at Manor House Wildlife Park in South Wales. UK Wildlife Parks The Ape Section at Manor House Wildlife Park in Pembrokeshire features a Gibbon family.

Wildlife Parks and Sea Life Aquariums Over 70 featured! The videos enable you can see more information about the wild animals at the wildlife parks and what the Wildlife Parks and the animals they feature.

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Videos are featured on different pages based on the region the page is about or the wildlife center or wildlife information featured. Books about lions, tigers, lemurs, sea life, elephants you name it you will find it and more.

The bookshop also features reviews from previous purchasers to guide you to the best wildlife books and DVDs. If you are looking for a campsite to stay at near a Wildlife Park you want to visit, or perhaps you want to find a host of other days out for the family then check out Campsite Directory.

We want to feature your latest news, wildlife park photos and videos and more! What's New We are adding individual featured pages for as many of the wildlife parks as possible.

Over 10 Sea Life Aquariums added for you to visit. Over 70 wildlife centers now featured with 18 added in the last month.

Our new drop down menu to make it easy to navigate our site whether you are using a PC, iPhone, iPad, other tablet or mobile. Most zoos are small insignificant collections of animals in towns or by roadsides or in people's private backyards.

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Most zoos are geared to make money by attracting paying visitors. The earliest significant animal collections date back at least 3,500 years to the Middle East.

Enthusiasts with a passion for collecting animals started the first big zoos as we know them today. Young animals are easier to keep and transport because they eat less, take up little room and are more manageable than adults.

London, founded in 1828, claims to be the world's first zoo for the study of animals. Later in the nineteenth century Philadelphia and Adelaide zoos were set up in the US and Australia.

These figures are from the Guide to the World Zoo Conservation Strategy published several years ago. But the animals themselves typically lived in small bare cages with nothing to do and no place to retreat from human gaze or disturbance.

Leading and distinguished zoos set a trend from the 1950s as popular attractions to entertain the public. A few people began expounding the view that animals have mental and physical needs that their inadequate living conditions cannot support.

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Nature Conservation Zoos play a key role saving species from extinction by breeding endangered animals and returning them to the wild. Zoos cannot rely entirely on grants and public donations, so they must earn their way and charge fees like any other business.

For example, zoo animals make unreliable subjects for behavioral research. Nature Conservation There is no space or money in zoos to accommodate and look after even a tiny fraction of the many and growing numbers of endangered species.

Notable successes are the golden lion tamarin to the rain forest in Brazil, the Arabian onyx to the deserts of Arabia, the Tarzan (Przewalski horse) to the Mongolian steppes and the field cricket to Britain. These exceptions, although important, do not justify the captivity of a million other animals at zoos.

Even if a zoo wants to return animals to their wild environment, it is increasing not possible to do so because people destroy or seriously degrade natural habitats. Zoo animals cannot possibly act genuinely in their enclosures and may even be psychotic (more below).

Public Entertainment There were virtually no televisions in the 1950s when people flocked to the big zoos, but good wildlife television programs today can show normal behavior of animals in their natural surrounds. And many people today go on safari or working holidays in wild animal habitat to experience nature in the flesh.

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Onlookers are entertained at a Chinese zoo as a cow fights for her life trying to throw off two lions. What Zoos Won't Tell Ouzo animals live in conditions where outlets for their natural instincts are continually frustrated.

In their restricted zoo -world many animals succumb to ailing mental health and go mad. You can see self-mutilation, such as tail chewing or excessive plucking out of fur or feathers, see listless indifference, and see abnormal repetitive behaviors (stereotypes) like pacing up and down or rocking back and forth for ages.

For some zoos the temptation is to sell animals they do not want to practices like the exotic meat industry, such as bush meat or canned hunts. Animals in zoos in war zones may stave slowly to death in their cages through neglect because no one can care for them.

Deliberately condemning animals to death like this is abuse and an abandonment of moral consideration. Zoos teach people that it is all right to use animals, even for purposes we assume are virtuous (education and conservation).

Zoos inspire people with false ideas by inadvertently teaching them that humans are superior to animals, physically dominant over them, and that it is proper for humans to live emotionally, spiritually and intellectually apart from nature and not as part of it. Conservation, research, education and employment are noble ideals, but if you believe that animals should have rights then zoos are a raw deal.

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Claim: Research on abnormally disturbed animals kept in barren conditions can only provide reliable information on abnormally disturbed animals kept in barren conditions. Breeding Species Claim: Zoos support conservation of endangered populations.

Claim: Some animals show aberrant behavior and insanity even in the better zoos. And zoos cannot possibly provide adequately for animals who normally range daily over thousands of square kilometers.

Stewardship Claim: People have severely degraded or destroyed the environment of many species. So the only hope of survival for many wild animals is in zoos and captive breeding centers.

Claim: All the zoos in the world cannot keep a large enough number of animals with sufficient genetic variation to save endangered species from going extinct. Claim: If they bother to provide anything, zoos display the most meager information about their animals.

Creating Awareness Claim: Zoos stimulate public interest in animals and their conservation by leading campaigns to save animals and by presenting exhibits to the public to get their conservation message across. Local nature trusts and the World Wildlife Fund are examples.

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They practice birth control or regulate population size in some other suitable manner. Claim: All kinds of zoos destroy surplus animals or send them to disreputable traders for base purposes, like canned hunts.

Further Reading Gray, Jenny (2017): Zoo Ethics: the challenges of compassionate conservation. The author argues in favor of zoos, or at any rate the relatively little conservation oriented ones.

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