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The largest selection of Zoo and Animal Keeper experiences in the UK ! Just see our Latest Deals listing for more information, and select your preferred booking option, regardless of price.

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The awesome up-close animal encounters suitable for kids feature all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures, including lions, giraffes, giant anteaters, markets, marmosets and creepy crawlies. Kids over 10 can participate in even more activities, such as a Gorilla Feeding Experience and a Big Cats Photo Opportunity.

In order to become a zookeeper for a day at Drills Park, you only need to be minimum 6-years-old. As part of the experience, you and the kids will meet a real zookeeper, who will share 3 1/2 hours of their working day with you.

You’ll learn how to feed, clean and care for a bunch of feathery and furry friends. This experience runs all year long, even during school holidays, so it’s the perfect gift for any special occasion.

At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, tiny sprogs, as young as four, can also take part in an animal experience ! Every Friday, for an hour, your young farmers (4-6) can hand feed the goats, pigs, ponies and the rest of the farm animals.

From age 10 upwards, the nature lovers in the house can also get close to the bigger zoo animals, including 3-tonne rhinos and fun-loving zebras. Moving on to the bigger animals at Folly Farm, kids over 10 are allowed to enter the rhinos’ private living area and hand feed the friendly giants.

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Mini (5-7) and Junior (8-15) Keepers will both have the opportunity to take an inside look at the inner workings of the zoo and to create special hands-on moments with the animals who live there. Along the way, you’ll get to learn about many creatures and get involved in feeding, housekeeping and animal enrichment.

To sweeten the deal, kids get a souvenir, a certificate and activity book to take home. Meerut, Aardvark and Penguin Encounters are amongst the animal experiences suitable for kids, as young as eight.

Make sure you book early, though, as the animal experiences at Chester Zoo are quite popular. The Stafford shire Owl Sanctuary organizes Owl Keeper Days when your little nature lovers get the chance to spend some time at the birds rescue center and find out what it takes to keep all sanctuary business running smoothly all day long.

Don’t worry, big deeds require energy, so a lunch at the Red Lion Farm ice cream café, plus refreshments throughout the day are included in the full-day package. Prepare food and enrichment activities, hand feed, muck out, groom and learn so much more about your favorite animals.

If you are an animal lover, you’ll love this zookeeper for a day experiences. This is an awesome day when you get to go behind the scenes of the UK’s biggest zoo and see what it is really like to be a zookeeper, and get up close and personal to giraffes, rhinos, elephants, big cats and more.

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We’ve searched amongst our booking partners and found the best price! Get a unique insight into a day in the life of a zookeeper at a world-famous zoo.

We’ve searched amongst our booking partners and found the best price! Paradise Wildlife Park is one of the UK’s best zoos, so it's a great place to try out a ‘ ZooKeeper For a Day’ experience.

By buying this special gift, for yourself or for someone else, not only will it be an experience to remember, but you will also be contributing to our conservation work both here and around the world helping to save animals from extinction. It’s a big shared house on site where eight zookeepers run a rota to care for the animals and man phones overnight.

At one point there was me, Mum and Dad, two cats, two dogs, two rabbits, a hamster, a tortoise and a cockatoo, so it is normal for me to be surrounded by animals. After studying marine biology at university, I worked for the ASPCA, taking in injured seals and ducklings near the Norfolk coast.

I take a coffee into the garden and chat to the harrier hawks and the ibis in the aviary behind the house. We took turns to feed our sloth, Edward, through the night when his mother couldn’t, and built him a jungle gym from broom handles.

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I’ll take a walk around and hear Band, our male lion, roar and the ringtail lemurs crawl out and relax; it sounds as if they’re chuckling. I helped a pair breed a family of 10 by playing Barry White when I worked in the rainforest house.

I’m on overnight duty three times each fortnight, which can involve sleepless nights: answering building alarms, administering medicine to animals or taking calls from the public. Once, the police called for advice when a bag of snakes was dumped outside a tube station.

Some keepers moved into our overnight visitor experience lodges and about 50 staff are still working shifts. We’ve hidden food for the markets to find, and puzzles for the squirrel monkeys.

Colds have passed between humans and primates; we’re unsure if coronavirus can, but it’s important to be safe. The zoo is a charity, so entry tickets fund our conservation work, which filters through to scientists in the field.

Peak Wildlife Park keepers are so good, so knowledgeable, people say they should be bottled! This hands-on experience is for children between the ages of 8 and 15 and includes everything from mucking out to feeding, as well as making enrichment for some of the world’s most endangered animals.

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Perfect for little people, our Mini KeeperExperience is a great way for little monkeys to meet all their favorite animals! See a penguin's bedroom, the layout of their new walkthrough, and work with the keepers to care for POP's Humboldt colony.

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