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• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
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So the zookeeper hires an actor to wear a gorilla costume until the zoo can get another one. In the gorilla pen the actor makes faces, beats his chest, swings around, and soon draws a huge crowd. Encouraged, he then crawls atop a beam across the lion’s enclosure, taunting the animal below.

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He decides to take a road trip out west, where his car breaks down. He drops the car off and tells the mechanic he's going to get some lunch.

It's a really hot day, so after eating he stops by the ice cream shop for a little treat. I am over 18 However, the gorilla is their most popular attraction by far, and they can't afford to go a day without it.

He says, “Bob, our silver back gorilla, the star attraction here at the zoo, has died. We don't want to lose the revenue, so we want to hire you to dress up in a gorilla suit and pretend to be Bob.

I am over 18 He goes for it, but the director has a negative answer: “I'm so sorry, but we just hired someone for the job but if you want, I can offer you something else. A biker is riding by the zoo when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage.

I bought my wife a zoo -keeper experience' for her birthday. She really enjoyed it up until the part where they scrubbed her down with a broom and a hose.

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When we went there it was completely empty except one small dog This joke may contain profanity. I am over 18 I was at the hippo enclosure at the zoo one day when I saw a grossly obese woman and her equally fat husband.

His truck breaks down, and the mechanic says it will take most of the day to fix. Eventually they realize the janitor, Hank, is a very big, strong and hairy man.

The zoo owner approaches him and says:“Hey Hank, you know Lucy the gorilla? Dave the young novice zookeeper is on his first day of work.

As we were walking to the entrance I asked her if I could get the tickets, but she told me not to worry because she got a staff discount there. After that she told me about all these incredible animals, and I was blown away by the whole experience.

The pay's not great, but the tips are pretty big. I am over 18 One night after the zoo had closed and all the animal keepers had left, he decided he was going to tear the bars apart and screw the first thing he could find.

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As he left his cage and ran through the zoo he came upon a lion sleeping in the grass. When the people came to see him he pounded his chest and moved like a gorilla.

I am over 18 Irishman said “on three conditions, I don't want to kiss it, I don't want any of my friends or relatives to find out, and give me a couple of months to get the money together”. A sign says, “Feed the elephant a bun to get your age” The little boy gives the elephant a bun, and it stomps its foot 6 times.

I loved birds as a kid, and really wanted one as a pet. I would spend hours looking through picture books about birds, studying their plumage, learning all that I could.

So when the day came that my dad took me to the zoo to see the bird enclosure, I was really excited. STUPID-CRIMINAL HALL OF SHAM:Kentucky: Two men tried to pull the front off a cash machine by running a chain from the machine to the bumper of their pickup truck.

I am over 18 The owner is worried about a species going extinct on their watch, but they can't find a compatible mate. They hired a scientist to try to find a compatible mate and finds that humans are the only surviving species that can successfully mate with the gorilla and produce viable offspring.

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The man leaned close and whispered “that's because I'm a very quiet gorilla” He knows that the penguins won't survive in the heat for that long, so he flags down a passing truck and offers the driver $5000 to take the penguins to the Perth zoo for him. A few days later the repairs AR... read more.

So he started to scratch under his arms and jump are... read more The brunette steps forward and says, “Sir, we’ve finished our work on those new exhibits you wanted”.

The man gets up from his desk and follows the three out of the room down to the exhibit hall. First the brunette stops and turns and points at here exhibit.

The monkeys really needed to get to the zoo, so the Englishman calls his Irish friend Paddy. Englishman: 'Paddy, I'll give you £50 if you take these monkeys to the zoo for me' A less than bright man reads the ad and contacted the zoo.

The little boy asks, “Naidoo, mother, in front ... read more John, a rural farmer, decided to visit the zoo in the capital with his family.

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And a permanent ban from the San Diego Zoo. They found the monkey cage very entertaining until the father noticed two monkeys in a compromising position which embarrassed him to no end because his son was watching. He walked up to the keeper and asked if he could stop them. The keeper told him that they are in their natural habitat and ... read more.

Was overpriced, smelly and almost all the enclosures were empty, the only exhibit worth looking at was some happy little dog with bug eyes, anyway... It was a Ship Tzu. I am over 18 But damn, I still don't like that weird silence in the car every morning I take them back to the zoo.

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