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It's home to about 1,000 different animals of some 200 species, including a tropical bird house, a monkey enclosure with a nearby viewing area, and a winter experience during Sapporo’s famous Snow Festival! The zoo also has an extensive garden, including shrubs trimmed in the shape of animals, and is open at night in the summer.

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Another Yokohama-based zoo, Eurasia sets itself apart from Okayama in that they built the facility with as few fences as possible to allow visitors to enjoy the animals in an environment similar to their natural habitat. The zoo is divided into zones distinguished by climate, and is also home to an off-limit facility, the Yokohama City Breeding Center, dedicated to the research and preservation of rare animals.

Located in Chime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, the Tone Zoological Park is home to over 765 animals across over 150 species. There are plenty of crowd pleasers, like elephants and monkeys, but the zoo’s most popular animal is the polar bear, Peace, who was born and raised at the facility.

Like other entries on the list, this mega park allows night visits in the summer, which is a great opportunity to view the habits of the nocturnal animals. I spend most of my free time studying, reading comics, watching movies and gaming (video, board and tabletop).

Japan, an island country in East Asia, is a beautiful blend of traditions and modernity. This volcanic archipelago has quite a dramatic landscape with mountains, hot springs, and more.

The highly efficient bullet train network runs from the southern end of the island to the northernmost tip, making it quite easy for one to get around here. And if one is traveling to the island with kids, then Japan zoos are great attractions that one should definitely explore.

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Have a look at some top zoos in Japan and add them to your list of places to visit on the island. There are some amazing zoos in Japan, sprawling over huge areas and housing some of the most magnificent species of animals.

Sprawling over an area of 22.5 ha, this zoo has quite a variety of animals. One of the oldest zoos in Japan, Reno Zoological Gardens began its operations in 1882.

Sport utility vehicles are also available at the park which come with a navigation system for self-guided tours. The park is on a hilltop in a quiet residential area and has green calm environs.

The zoo has a few areas for kids to play, and restaurants and cafés to eat. The nature trails here are beautiful and one can explore this amazing zoo on foot.

Tone Zoological Park is one of the best zoos in Japan which is divided into different parts, each having an attraction of its own. The Water Zone is another favorite place for the visitors where one can enjoy watching the penguins swim and play.

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The Asian Garden has Orangutan Skywalk which houses species of apes native to Malaysia and Indonesia and then there is Raptor Enclosure in the same zone where one can watch the magnificent golden and white-tailed eagles. One of Japan’s largest Safari Park, African Safari houses around 70 species and 1400 animals which include bears, lions, cheetahs, bison, deer, giraffes, elephants, gazelles, camels, and rhinos.

One can explore the place either in their own car or take the park bus. But one can open the window panes, and also feed some animals in the park.

Head to these amazing Japan zoos with your folks and have a great time experiencing nature from up close! Yet, the night safari is available from June to August in Okayama Zoo.

Which are the top 3 zoos in Japan with excellent touristic amenities and facilities? A. The African Safari in Rita, Tampa Zoological Park in Tokyo and Tone Zoological Park in Chime have excellent touristic facilities and amenities.

Therefore, the best season to visit Japan zoos is dry months from August to November and March to May. All zoos in Japan are safe for children and adults as far as you will not cross the limit.

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Yes, the Eurasia Yokohama Zoological Gardens allows children to interact with human-friendly animals. You get to see animals at a close range move freely at this zoo.

Yokohama Zoological Gardens in Japan has rare animals such as Okapi, red-shanked Doug, and many others. What languages are spoken by tour guides inside Japan zoos? A.

Tour guides speak in English, Chinese, and Japanese inside the zoos here. Many zoos in Japan have these animals in their natural habitats for visitors to get a closer look.

Book memorable holidays on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations. The three parks below don't represent the sum total of the animal experiences Tokyo has to offer when you travel here.

Even the animals get ice treats during the height of summer at Reno Zoo. Japan's oldest and most venerable zoological park opened its gates on March 20, 1882.

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Surprisingly spacious for a facility nestled amidst Tokyo's sprawl and skyscrapers, the Reno Zoo isn't only home to the usual tigers, gorillas and hippos but also species uncommon to other zoos, such as the African okapi and the elusive Japanese giant salamander. Some enclosures could benefit from a little work to create a more natural environment, but overall, Reno does pretty well for an urban zoological park.

Located an hour west of central Tokyo by train, Tampa Zoo is known for its large and realistic habitats. Roughly four times the size of Reno Zoo, its spacious enclosures are arranged on and around a large hill, making a visit more of a hike than a stroll.

Other features include an orangutan skywalk, in which the simians can freely move hand over hand between enclosures, and a Lion Garden, in which visitors can take an armored, meat-festooned bus on a spin through the enclosure of the big cats. It includes a giant cat toy made out of ropes and tires that visitors can jiggle for the predators to pounce on.

Located amidst rolling pastureland in the deepest Chiba, Mother Farm is a solid two hours from downtown Tokyo, making it more of a day trip than a destination for casual visitors. Billed as an entertainment farm, it's closer to a county fair than a zoological park.

The facilities include enough flowers and decorative trees to fill an arboretum (it's a great place to see large stands of plum, azalea and cherry blossoms, among others), a small amusement park, flower gardens, orchards and farming areas devoted to raising cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, ostriches, donkeys, rabbits and pretty much any other barnyard animal you can think of. As such the activities tend to focus on the pastoral, such as hands-on cow milking, horseback riding, sheepdog herding and a daily duck parade.

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In many zoos, there are explanatory signs about the animals stating the name, where they naturally live, what’s their features etc. By reading these signs, we can understand more about the animals, and we can also feel how much workers love what they do.

Apr 23, 2017Cottage SPOONVALLEY () is located in the middle of Hokkaido in Via (). The town of Via is one filled with rolling hillsides and nature, reminiscent of the worlds that come up in fairy tales and folklore.

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