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• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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Build several exhibits and put inexpensive animals in it. Put one of each gender, so they will breed and replace the ones that die.

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Donation Boxes help earn more money for your zoo. Get several guests going into your zoo and then build a food court with one food stand, one drink stand, and a few benches and trash cans.

If after profit, the numbers are in parentheses like this ($40) etc, then that means it has lost money. You should either raise, or lower the prices, or sell the building.

Try to use a large zoo map, so you have plenty of space. That way, you will get money off of the older animals before they die of old age.

If you are using free form mode in Zoo Tycoon 2, you have unlimited money. Keep enough money on hand for unexpected expenses, but spend enough to reach your goal.

Of course, if you're playing in sandbox mode, you won't have this problem. I used to play ZooTycoon2 as a kid and I loved it, though it lacked features compared to Tycoon 1 last I remember (Dinosaurs and Water Shows).

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But one of my most absolute favorite features has to be the “Zookeeper Mode” where you can not only physically walk the park, but interact with the environment, clean the park (and the animals), and take photos. I did some searching (Not very hard I must admit), but how is the first person feature in this game now? The game is overall fun though as of late it has been very buggy, multiple people have been having problems myself included.

The 1st person camera works just fine but its not like zoo tycoons were you press a button and your on the ground walking around. You can go over ground make tunnels or build areas that guest can walk through and get into the animals' habitat.

Long thing short the creative ability is much better than zoo tycoon you can build really detailed and elaborate parks/habitats, but there are some bugs and certain modes are being very funky. ZooTycoon2 features similar gameplay as its predecessor, Tycoon.

The object of the game is to build and operate a zoo by creating exhibits and aquariums, keeping guests and animals happy, and maintaining employees, finances, terrain, and scenery. The ZooTycoon2 gameplay revolves around creating suitable exhibits for animals through habitat modifications (ground cover, water, elevation, foliage and rocks and a variety of items including food, enrichment and shelter) which fulfill the animal's needs (habitat, hunger, thirst, stimulation, privacy, sleep, social, exercise).

Guests will visit the zoo to see the animals, and they also have needs that need to be fulfilled through scenery and buildings (hunger, thirst, bathroom, seating, entertainment). ZooTycoon2 features three gameplay modes: Campaign, Challenge and Free form.

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In Campaign mode, the player plays through a scenario in an existing zoo and is assigned different goals to complete, such as achieving a certain fame level, caring for rescued animals, or breeding endangered species. In both of these modes, players will have limited money to manage and will start with limited access to animals and items, with more becoming available as zoo fame level increases.

The last mode, Free form, allows the player create a zoo from scratch with unlimited money and access to all animals and items from the start. Marketing materials showed an emphasis on 3D visuals, as well as the first-person perspective and photo mode.

The game's first person Guest Mode was added due to many fan requests to get “closer” to the animals. First person movement and controls were designed around first-person shooters, with developers citing Half-Life as an inspiration.

The game was also designed to be more free form than Tycoon was, with developer Shawn Stone citing that habitat building in the first game was a formulaic process that was improved upon in the sequel. The game's terrain deformation and Biome Brush were implemented to give the player control over their habitats by making them unique and individual, while making them simple enough to not alienate players that weren't as interested in the details of building an exhibit.

The development team noted the change in conservation messages portrayed by zoos after the release of Tycoon, and worked to make ZooTycoon2 feel up to date with current information and messaging. Expansion packs were built onto the original game up to 4 years after its initial release, with designer Linda Carrie citing the team working on three expansions simultaneously during development.

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Updated mechanics in each expansion required changes to be made to all animals, to ensure that each expansion pack would not break the game. The team worked to make changes without altering the core systems in place, in order to make updates and QA testing easier, and with lower risk.

Publisher Microsoft Game Studios ran several promotions involving the game, including a competition allowing kids to “Become a Zoo Keeper for the day” in the UK, and a competition to find “America's Favorite Zoo in the US, an online vote which would result in a $25,000 grant from Microsoft to be put towards upkeep and maintenance. The contest consisted of three rounds, with the first round consisting of zoos being picked by a team of judges based on submitted press materials, which resulted in 15 semifinalists.

In November 2004, Tulsa Zoo was declared the winner of the polls, and was awarded the grant. In October 2005, Microsoft released the ZooTycoon2 : Endangered Species expansion pack.

This expansion pack adds more rare animals, including the koala, Gray Wolf, Komodo dragon, scimitar-horned onyx, American bison and orangutan, as well as a number of new forms of transportation, including sky trams, jeep tours and elevated paths. The expansion also has a feature called “variant skins”, which means that when the player adopts an animal, it may look different from normal members of its species (such as a white Bengal tiger and king cheetah).

ZooTycoon2 : African Adventure, released in May 2006, adds various new African animals such as the bongo, secretary bird, rate, and the Meerut, and allows the player to drive through exhibits with African-themed jeep tours to get closer to them. The expansion pack also includes new maps based on well-known African locations, as well as new desert-themed buildings, lizard live food, and a new set of challenges and campaigns.

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The Jeep vehicle tours originally included in Endangered Species are featured in this expansion, with the addition of the new Jeep Liberty. The Dino Danger Pack was released at the end of July 2006.

The pack could only be downloaded from the Tycoon website via credit card. It added four new animals to the game- Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Centaurus, and Tyrannosaurus, as well as new objects to be used for them and a campaign game.

Since the release of ZooTycoon2 : Extinct Animals, which includes more updated versions of all the animals included in the pack, Dino Danger was taken offline from the Tycoon website and can no longer be downloaded there. Rather than being an expansion, it is more of a large combination pack featuring the Endangered Species and African Adventure expansions, as well as all animals and content from ZooTycoon2.

The expansion also includes marine plants, the ability to build tanks, animal shows, mini-games to teach some of the player's marine animals behaviors, and four new aquatic biomes (reef, coastal, pelagic, and benthic), and new scenarios and challenges. Changes have been made to the original method of biome layout allowing the ability to turn off rocks, flowers and/or trees, as well as enhancing water effects and improving the way animals move through water in a 3D space, updating the animals from the DLC, as well as various semi-aquatic animals from the base game, such as crocodiles and polar bears.

New animals range from the giant whale sharks to the tiny rock hopper penguins. ZooTycoon2 : Ultimate Collection contains the original game, all four official expansions and a new menu theme exclusive to it, similar to Tycoon : Complete Collection.

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Microsoft sent free disk replacements at their support site. Microsoft subsequently licensed the game to Ubisoft, who re-released the Ultimate Collection in a variety of formats across multiple territories including a single disk DVD-ROM for Windows PCs.

It rose to 13th place on NPD's annual computer game sales chart for 2005, a position it maintained for 2006. The game received generally positive reviews.

A reboot of the franchise, titled Tycoon, and developed by Frontier Developments was released in 2013 for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. An enhanced edition titled Tycoon : Ultimate Animal Collection was released in 2017 for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

ZooTycoon2 was cited as a major influence, and Frontier Developments hoped the game would be a homage to the previous game, while enhancing the core experience. The entry was met with mixed reviews, with many citing the loss of customizability compared to the previous games.

After the success of ZooTycoon2, preliminary design work was started on a third game. Former Blue Fang Games designer Shawn Stone stated that he sees the influence of, and many ideas from the scrapped Tycoon 3, in the franchise's spiritual successor Planet Zoo.

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