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The Jaipur is India’s oldest zoo and built as part of the Ram Ni was Garden in 1877 and was opened in the same year. You will get to see about 50 species of different birds and animals from all over the world.

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The Jaipur zoo has been constituted under the Wildlife (Protection Act). The zoo in Jaipur was first constructed in the year 1868 and corresponded with the completion of the Albert hall museum.

Zoo in Jaipur has been divided into two parts: Recently they added a facial (species of crocodile) breeding farm into the zoo, which is known to be the 4th largest breeding farm in India, And so its also knows as Best Wildlife Places in India.

Fees(Both Birds & Animals) In INR LocalStudent (Indian)Foreigners 22/-15/-150/- Camera Fees(Both Birds & Animals Zoo) Image CameraVideo Camera 75/-150/- Jaipur Chiding Gear Parking Charges Deer in Jaipur A prehistoric zoological garden lives inside the park that thrives in vegetation in addition to a variety of exotic birds and wild beasts.

The zoo is the home of multicolored species of birds that comprise geese, ducks , parrots, lovebirds, swans, ostrich in Jaipur zoo and lots others There is no other timetable of Sunday, in full week zoo open at the same time.

A gap between this place is very less is just 1.9 km, and it takes almost less than 10 minutes to reach. A Zoo at Jaipur is very famous among animal lovers.

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Enjoying a holiday with family at this amazing place is indeed must for tourists. It is home to many animals which are deer, baboons, crocodiles, and panther.

And, also some beautiful birds and cranes make it awesome to wander. This zoological garden was built by Maharajah Sakai Protein Singh of Jaipur during the 1860’s.

With the roar of lion and chirping of birds, you can see the beautiful creatures during your visit. The colors of such beautiful birds makes this place wonderful.

White tiger Asian lion Species of snakes and crocodiles Colorful birds The most interesting thing is the sound of animals and birds, that makes it so exciting.

And, then the wild animals moving inside their cages, makes it a worth visiting place. However, your visiting time depends on to have views of such interesting things.

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This park is popular as one of the largest place for breeding of alligators(facial). This lush-green zoological garden hosts a wide range of mammals.

These are panther, jackal, samba(deer), Himalayan beer, baboons(monkey), and many more that will make it interesting. These are painted stork cranes, cocktail, parrots, flamingos(pink), pelicans, vultures, and ducks.

However, this zoo also welcomes seasonal birds that mostly come here during winters. In addition, Reptiles like crocodile, tortoise, python, and anaconda are the other attractions of this zoological park.

The entry fee to visit this zoo is 15 Rupees for Indian tourists. This zoo is near to Albert hall museum which is just 4 kilometers away from the city center.

However, evening time is also fine for spending picnic in Jaipur. And, the historical places of pink city attracts tourists to visit Jaipur.

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With the glory of magnificent forts and palaces, there are also some natural places that will make it an unforgettable journey. On this blog, I share about tourist places and some useful tips. So, don't forget to follow for getting updates.

The city is known to be the city of the Ragouts as there are many forts, Havel is, are present where the Rapt Kings used to reside, and it attracts a huge number national and international tourists every year to enjoy Jaipur sightseeing which contributes the lion’s share of the economy of the state. The state of Rajasthan is settled on the massive Thar Desert and the Gravelly Mountains all around the tourist can also enjoy the golden sand dunes and collect the best experiences of Camel Safari.

Jaipur is truly a royal city with unmatched, beautiful architecture, majestic historic past and amazing history. Akshardham Temple is also known for its massive size and stunning carvings and dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

People visit this museum to see the finest collection of paintings, ivory crafts, stone, metal sculptures, carpets,colorful crystal works etc. This is an alluring Shekhawati Havel that used to be the official residence of the Shakur of Alisa, which has been converted into a luxurious heritage hotel.

One of the most important places to visit in Jaipur where the tourists will get astonished to see the beautiful palace of Raja Man Singh’s official residence during the period of 16 – 17 TH century and the palace is known for its striking Hindu and Muslim architecture. The main sights of the fort are Sheesh Mahan, Rajasthan Gala Manner etc.

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One of the famous places to visit in Jaipur, Barley planetarium was built in the year 1962, and it was established as an educational institute and scientific and research institution and the laying stone was put by the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This is one such a successful and prominent research institute where one can see the various new innovations on solar eclipses and planetarium events.

It is a seven-story building and the floors contain many exclusive paintings, floral decorations, and mirror work on walls. And the tourist is allowed to see the first floor where a museum displays carpets, and manuscripts and other objects that belonged to the royals.

Built by Maharajah JAI Singh and the palace complex has other stunning complexes such as Divan e Has, Divan E AAM, Chandra Mahan, Mubarak Mahan and all these are surrounded by lush gardens all over. The museum is located in the most popular and iconic Historical Places in Jaipur which is the City Palace and the museum is known for its beautiful collection of paintings and the textile Gallery which is also great place and also for the armory, Dunbar hall, BaggiKhana and the SarvatoBhadraor the Divan –Has which is known for its exquisite architectural beauty.

Ganesh Pol is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh which is located in the Amer Fort which is the one of the most impeccable historical Places in Jaipur, and a prominent mark of Jaipur Heritage. The temple is having an excellent idol of Lord Ganesha and constructed in a traditional Rapt and Islamic architecture.

The intricate palace is especially made for the queens and the ladies of the kingdom during the era of Maharajah Sakai Singh. The palace has 950 windows and constructed in the year 1799 in complete red sandstone looking it exquisitely beautiful.

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Nestled amidst the rocky and mighty Gravelly ranges and overlooking Amber Fort is also known as “Wheel Key Tesla and inside the palace complex an armory a museum and other complexes such as Lax mi Vila's, La lit Manner etc. The museum is the brain child of Mr. Anew Srivastava of Entertainment 7 Ventures Pvt.

The Jan tar Mantra is a structure which is a group of 19 architectural astronomical instruments, made by Raja Sakai JAI Singh, and has the world's largest stone sundial, and stated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is near City Palace and HAWA Mahan, is also having stonework, stone and brass instruments used for astronomy of ancient Hindu Sanskrit texts.

The construction is located near JAL Mahan and known for its beautiful Chartres and carved stonework all through the cenotaph. The Motif Doing Fort used to be the official residence of Maharani Atari Devi who was known as one of the most beautiful women of the world.

The lake is also known for watching water owl, Nigga and deer and foxes. The palace was built by king Man Singh in the 16th century and known for its exclusive beauty.

Ran India Garden Timings : 8 am to 5 pm Entry Fees : Free Want to chill in this scorching summer heat, Snow Planet in Jaipur is the perfect place for it.

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With -5 degree temperature inside, what better place you can find the to beat the summer heat. With state-of-the-art technology, you will also find Polar Bears, penguins and Alpine Trees along with the snow.

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