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• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
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Best Instagram #zoo Hashtags | Difficulty: 82 | Posts: 13.3 Cookies help us deliver our Services. As the Coronavirus crisis keeps spreading, more and more people are taking to social media to express their views and opinions and spreading awareness in the community.

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To make a good impact on the world in these trying times, you can use Instagram and Facebook. You can upload photos of you following the protocols laid down by the Government.

You can caption your photos with social messages and share them with your friends and followers. Spread the message of awareness and safety with these corona captions for Instagram.

Make your pictures inspiring for others and see how this can further influence them. Contribute your bit in this fight against coronavirus.

RIP all those who lost their lives in this dreaded fight against coronavirus. When we come out of it together, we’ll have a better world and a cleaner heart.

To make things a little easier for you, we present you with some of the best lockdown captions to share on your social media handles. Sharing pictures on Instagram can help you deal with the isolation.

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Now I realize how the animals at the zoo feel like. Lockdown is the right time to lock down all your bad habits and make a fresh new start with your life.

The only good thing about this lockdown is that you get to spend more time with your family. We are not announcing a reopening date at this time and will provide updates on our websites and social media.

Donating more than 90,000 hours of time each year, volunteers provide invaluable support to the Zoo's two facilities: the Smithsonian's National Zoo, located in Washington, D.C., and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, located in Front Royal, Virginia. Volunteer opportunities at the Zoo include education, animal care and science support, horticulture and special events.

Volunteer programs at the Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute, located in Front Royal, Virginia, fall into two categories: education and animal care and science support. Friends of the National Zoo offers a summer volunteer opportunity for teens between 13 and 17 years old.

Age requirement: Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to apply for most positions, including keeper aides, behavior watchers, education interpreters, and some special events. If accepted, full-time volunteers must pass a Smithsonian background check and complete initial training.

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To learn more about the program, including how to apply and what the interview process is like, please see the teen volunteer opportunities. Every quarter I go back to my last 3 months checking what’s happened in my Social environments.

In the last quarter, I have been quite happy with the increased number of followers, follow-up and views. I think I was able to engage with new people on Instagram in 2019 thanks to a better use of the top travel hashtags.

In fact, I sometimes noticed that the people commenting and reposting my work were not actually following me directly, but they arrived at my feed thanks to my choice of travel hashtags. Receiving likes and/or comments help me to grow in my travel and photography work.

You can read and download my FREE (no need to pass your email, no worries) ultimate guide for travel photography. Over 70 pages that may change your way to make (not just take) photos when travelling.

The best travel hashtags I usually add to a photo come from a result of this easy 3 step-by-step process An interesting note to add to the list below is that travelling is both reported with double and single L.

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I originally used them only when physically travelling, however, I have started using them in almost all of my posts, also when I am in my hometown, St. Kilda/Melbourne. The main reason is that I use the hashtags for people to reach me, and my photography work, and not for describing my status.

I have done few tests and, for these generic tags, selecting the ones with a popularity of 1M to 10M works well. Navigating the Area River, Melbourne(I usually start with a short title and the place)Another awesome way to visit #Melbourne is by #boat following the #area #river.

# market # building # street # tram # river #sunset etc I add two travel hashtags used by the local tourism boards (usually city/area and country).

You may have a great outcome if they love your photo and re-post it, which usually gives a wide visibility of your work. You need to google the travel tourism board website and see their Instagram account.

These so-called “travel blogger hashtags are actually great for much more than Instagram visibility. For example, the Indonesia Tourism Board does not have a hashtag, I just include in the description the IG account instead (@indtravel).

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Actually, Indonesia introduced a new travel hashtag lately, called #Wonderful Indonesia Remember that the tourism boards are always searching for great content around the Instagram feeds.

#sunset porn : over 2M posts here for the amazing, slightly over-saturated warm sunset photo #morningslikethese : over 1M photos tagged in this room with some amazing shot describing the first hours of the day, including extraordinary sunrise #amazing food : if you love to take photos of food when travelling #travel blogger : competition is pretty tough on this hashtag dedicated to travel bloggers now counting over 6M posts #travelwithkids : perfect if you are a family travelling with children (almost half a million photos) #viewfromthetop and #amazing view: for helicopter, airplane, tall buildings and other unique viewpoints #amazing day : for something extraordinary #NeverStopExploring : it’s a bit of a generic one but with possible great potential (over 11M posts with this creative travel hashtag) #night photography : mostly for star photography For the photos I like the most I use also hashtags of magazines, important websites/feeds, newspapers or ongoing competitions.

As an example, if you do travel photography and your name is Joe then you could create #TPwithJoe (avoid #TravelPhotographyWithJoe, way too long). Maybe even promise to feature someone else work in your feed if they use that tag in their photos.

Another example, if you travel mostly in one country, say Thailand, then create a personalized tag as #Wondering Thailand. As a result, Debate provides a list of 25 popular travel hashtags.

In fact, Debate is not a robot, it is a database built with human intelligence. Of course, not all generated hashtags are correct, you need to filter them, it’s basically a good starting point.

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To describe Travel Photography: #travel photography #photography #drone (there are more for drones) #video #travel pics #travel photo #travel_captures #travel pic #telephotography To describe any kind of exploration, mountains or islands: #explorer #explore #discover #wanderlust #travel addict #explore more To describe the wild nature, of any kind: #nature #outdoors #nature lover #nature lovers #nature photography For the travel blogging community: #travel blog #travel blogger #travel guide As any list in this post, it is not exhaustive, and it’s something you build and change with the time.

Activities: #surf pics #Weinstein (surfing lifestyle) #surf photography #teatime (tea plantations visit) #tea plantation #earth capture #train trip #train ride #hiking life #peoplewhohike These collections help me also to be inspired for my photography in Sri Lanka and this is really what’s all about Instagram I think.

About the city: #big city #city #city life #Megapolis #cityscape #cityscape #city lifestyle #city view #city_explore #city park #city life #city_explore About the urban area: #urbanism #urban #urban porn #urban landscape #urban photography #urbanandstreet #urban aisle About architecture: #architecture #architecture porn #Design (add here more if you do architecture photography) About the “objects” in the city: #skyscrapers #buildings #skyline #reflection #street #rooftop #viewfromthetop #downtown #real estate The message here is to build your lists, add them in a text file on your mobile and copy and paste based on the photo.

The hashtags can be very personal here, as they should describe not only what you are doing but also how you feel and live the experience. It’s another way to engage with your followers, expose part of your private life (with some limits though LOL).

#couple goals : probably the most famous hashtag about love: #love authentic #lookslikefilm #love intentionally #couple shoot #thatsdarling #friendship goals #couple selfie #installed #love you #love quotes #lovebirds about feelings: #cute #love #motivation #sweet #happy #romance #romantic #kiss #hug #feeling about the relationship: #relationship goals #relationship #relationship quotes #proposal #engagement shoot #engaged #couples in case you have a wedding: #destination wedding #wedding dress #instawedding #wedding inspiration #bobsledding #hippie wedding #indie bride #indie wedding #weddinginspo #adventurous wedding #wedding photography #intimate wedding IG AccountHashtag Tourism Australia@Australia#See Australia #Restaurant Australia Australian States Victoria@VisitMelbourne#visitvictoriaNew South Wales@VisitNSW#NewSouthWalesQueensland@queensland#thisisqueenslandTasmania@Tasmania#DiscoverTasmaniaNorthern Territory@ausoutbacknt#NTaustraliaSouth Australia@southaustralia@southaustraliaWestern Australia@westernaustralia#thesis Australian cities and areas Sydney@Sydney#ilovesydneyMelbourne@VisitMelbourne#visitmelbourneCanberra@VisitCanberra#VisitCanberraPerth@experienceperth#See Perth #TastePerthGold Coast@visitgoldcoast#visitgoldcoastAnother popular hashtag I tend to use is #discoveraustralia.

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I usually travel a fair bit, however, once back in Melbourne, I can’t stop myself going out and do what I like the most, photography. As a result, I have a considerable amount of photos about this beautiful city which I regularly post on Instagram.

In the last example, I could not find an Instagram profile for the tourism board. Sometimes can be even seen as spammy by followers Instagram is said that penalizes feeds using the same hashtags over and over.

Using the top travel hashtags help immensely to spread your workaround. What described above did not come overnight for me, it took a bit of time to refine it, and it works well for me.

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