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In addition to being the only zoo in the country where travelers can see animals from all four great ape species, Fort Worth's wildlife habitat offers the reptile- and amphibian-filled Museum of Living Art. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has evolved from philanthropist Spencer Penrose's private exotic animal collection into a noted educational facility.

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While exploring the exhibits that house the zoo's 170 species, be sure to pet the wallabies, greet the orangutans and feed lettuce to the friendly giraffes. Weekends are especially crowded, so the best way to see this can't-miss attraction is to splurge on a premium zoo experience, such as an early morning breakfast with pandas followed by a property tour.

Save money by going on a Wednesday (when the entrance fee is any amount you wish to donate), bringing food and buying a Metro-North Railroad Getaway Package. Families can take advantage of free facilities like a lagoon and an aquarium or pay for special experiences like train rides, zip lining and giraffe feedings.

For a unique zoo adventure, join a guided kayak tour to see Expedition Africa's rhinos and lemurs from the water. The year-round facility features exhibits with red pandas, primates, hippos, penguins and more, plus a 4D movie theater, a carousel and a railroad, among other amenities.

The zoo's naturalistic habitats range from an African savanna to rainforests for South American creatures to a sand-floored barn where zookeepers bury food and toys for elephants. Or, participate in an evening Family Safari Night Hike, which is available on select days and costs $20 per person for visitors ages 5 and older.

And when you need to rest your feet, climb aboard the zoo's steam-powered train, carousel or Safari, which offers a bird's-eye view of the 160-acre park. For 60 years, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has grown from a brewery and bird park to a major fixture encompassing thrill rides, live shows, animal exhibits and expert veterinary care.

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At this Tampa attraction, travelers have access to an array of animal encounters, including the 30-minute Serengeti Safari, which allows visitors 5 and older to hand-feed giraffes from open-air vehicles. Fans of “The Wildlife Docs” series on The CW won't want to miss the 45-minute Animal Care Center walking tour.

This $29 per person experience includes watching park animals receive wellness exams and interacting with the zoo's veterinarians. The Wilds were founded in 1984 when the Central Ohio Coal Company gifted nearly 10,000 acres of surface-mined land to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Zookeeper and TV host Jack Hanna helped develop the plot of land roughly 75 miles southeast of downtown Columbus into a large educational preserve that complements the main zoo. Adults can prolong their stays by reserving private yurts at the Nomad Ridge camp, where binoculars are available to watch passing animals like rhinos and red-tailed hawks.

In the Louisiana Swamp exhibit, visitors will learn how Cajuns used Native American conservation techniques to create a unique culture and cuisine in a swampy environment. The petting zoo gives little ones the chance to interact with zebus (miniature cows) and giant Algebra tortoises in an African farm setting, while the five-story treehouse at Monkey Hill (New Orleans tallest point) is a great place to burn off some energy.

Mount Rushmore visitors put Bear Country USA (a drive-thru wildlife park) on the tourist map. While exploring this Rapid City attraction from late April through November, you may encounter black bears crossing the road and mountain lions, buffaloes, elk and reindeer roaming in fields.

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Before leaving, stretch your legs in the Wildlife Walk area, which features a gift shop and is lined with educational exhibits about foxes, skunks and other small mammals. Native California desert plants line well-marked hiking trails that overlook Eisenhower Peak and the Coachella Valley, while African baobabs, triangle palms and elephant trees grow in the Madagascar Garden.

The zoo also offers educational camel rides, reptile encounters and an endangered species-themed carousel, though some amenities and activities are only available during select months. Big Cat Crossing, one of five Zoo360 trails, features an overhead mesh bridge for lions, pumas, jaguars and more.

Standard admission costs $28 to $37 per person and includes entry to the walk-through Safari World amusement park, with animal presentations, bird and giraffe feedings, a petting zoo, a water playground and more. And if you don't feel like trekking 21 miles east to a hotel in central West Palm Beach, you can pitch a tent at the on-site GOA campground.

Designated areas include an Alaska-inspired region with everything from brown bears to porcupines, a water-filled habitat for Peruvian penguins and a tropical rainforest where jaguars live alongside frogs and birds. At the city's Safari West nature preserve, which sits less than 28 miles northwest of Sonoma, visitors can get an up-close look at nearly 1,000 animals from 90-plus species.

The nearly 100-acre Tucson facility uses invisible fencing in animal habitats, including those for endangered species like Mexican gray wolves and thick-billed parrots. At this wildlife park in downtown Indianapolis, visitors can interact with approximately 1,400 animals while exploring the gardenlike setting and attending a number of special events.

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Can't-miss exhibits include Oceans (an aquatic area with an underwater dolphin-viewing dome) and the Simon Skoda International Orangutan Center. Travelers can watch native Alaskan creatures like rare snow leopards, moose and other Arctic species roam the wooded, hilly landscape of Anchorage.

On a chilly Midwestern day, visitors can stay warm while observing otters, monkeys and more in the zoo's Tropical World area. As part of the nonprofit Chicago Zoological Society, the zoo uses a portion of entrance fees to support various global conservation projects, including youth leadership training in Botswana and dolphin tagging in Brazil.

The zoo's busy social calendar includes various conservation fundraisers, such as Pints for Pangolins, Wine for Rhinos and Beers for Bears. Another must-visit exhibit is The Edge, where you can see Amur tigers walking across overhead bridges and from a viewing area with a perforated wall.

Visitors can use an animal map to navigate the park's dirt roads on foot or ride the complimentary shuttle, which stops in four areas. Watch zookeepers prepare special diets, get an up-close look at various critters (during select months) or explore the Enrichment Playground, which is filled with toys similar to those used by the property's animals.

You'll find the action-packed Hermann Memorial Park, where the zoo resides, easy to reach by Eurorail's Red Line from downtown Houston. There are plenty of fun, interesting ways to walk on the wild side all across North America, but these destination zoos lead the pack by offering some of the most memorable visitor experiences rooted in animal encounters, community outreach, conservation efforts, unique programming and special events.

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Inside, a 55-foot tall central “mountain” divides the landscape into distinctive Najib, Australian and Sonoran habitats ; nocturnal creatures make their home in the Kingdoms of the Night exhibits on the lower level. Elsewhere, on the property, immersive Asian Highlands, Alaskan Glacier Bay and African Grasslands exhibits transport visitors around the world without ever leaving Omaha.

Arranged in five distinctive biome areas, the Indianapolis Zoo delivers a comprehensive visitor experience for animal lovers of all ilks. The organization partners with global researchers to promote animal conservation and education, acknowledging the work of worthy recipients with the coveted Indianapolis Prize awarded annually.

The ethereal Dolphin Pavilion often doubles as an event space (guests can even arrange in-water adventures to swim along), and the Simon Skoda International Orangutan Center furthers efforts to study and support these majestic animals in the wild. One of several appealing attractions that populate Forest Park, the city’s verdant crown jewel, the free-to-visit St Louis Zoo receives approximately 3 million visitors each year.

A leader in animal management, conservation and awareness with assistance from the Saint Louis Zoo Wildcard Institute, this friendly Midwestern facility houses and cares for more than 17,000 resident mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects on site. This Seattle-based organization enlightens visitors as to the vital roles conservation and sustainability play (particularly in the Pacific Northwest region) through field projects and interactive exhibits spanning 70 developed acres.

Bioclimate zones range from tropical rainforest and Australasian to temperate forest and African savanna habitats, housing more than 1,100 animals across 300 species. With sections that showcase African forest and grasslands dwellers; Arctic animals; and American, Asian and Australian-hailing creatures, the 125-acre Detroit Zoo offers plenty of incentives to visit.

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Wildlife park meets mainstream animal attraction at this award-winning Wichita zoo, where guests can watch elephants splash, play and eat in the third largest dedicated habitat in the country. Animals are grouped according to geographical origin, making it easy to beeline directly to African, Asian, North American or tropical settings.

Your tax-deductible gift will care for wildlife at the Zoo and Safari Park and provide a sustainable lifeline for endangered species worldwide. The term typically refers to the zone in which the organism lives and where it can find food, shelter, protection and mates for reproduction, utilizing the qualities the species has adapted to survive within the ecology of the habitat.

Las Vegas is a bustling city known for its energetic nightlife, themed hotels and casinos, fine dining, shopping, and endless entertainment options. But Las Vegas has even more to offer, including a wide array of animal habitats and zoos.

You can see white tigers at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat VEGAS Attractions For Less! While Las Vegas does not have a traditional zoo, there are plenty of opportunities to get close to some amazing animals in habitats you won’t find anywhere else.

The animal habitats and zoos in Las Vegas are often situated in some of the city’s most prominent resorts, with plenty of experiences and activities for visitors of any age. To help you decide which of the animal habitats to visit while in Las Vegas (or to help you see how many you can fit into your trip), I’m going to walk you through each in detail.

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A car ride or a ride-share service will only take about 17 minutes to get you to Lion Habitat Ranch from the Las Vegas Strip. For specific instructions on getting to the habitat ranch, you can view this page on their website.

Inside the tunnel, visitors can get a nearly 360-degree view of the aquarium’s largest creatures, including five species of sharks! Simply stand and watch (or gawk) as sharks and other species of fish swim around and above you.

Where It’s Located Visitors can navigate to the aquarium by entering Mandalay Bay through its main entrance or through the parking garage. Find a map of the entire hotel and casino on their website by visiting this link.

Nevada's residents will get discounted admission rates to Shark Reef Aquarium, and family packages and annual passes are also available for purchase. Shark Reef Aquarium is open from 10:00am to 8:00pm on Sundays through Thursdays, and 10:00am to 10:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

For specific instructions on finding Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, take a look at this link from their site. Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat’s hours are 10:00am to 5:30pm daily, and the last admission is at 4:30pm.

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Springs Preserve features live animal exhibits and habitats with native Mojave Desert wildlife, like Desert tortoises, Gila monsters, pocket gophers, cottontail rabbits, gray foxes, and lizards. The preserve also features a Wetlands Bird Habitat, where feathered friends like Western Screech owls, Green herons, and Hooded orioles can be spotted.

Seasonal activities and other events are put on at Springs Preserve all the time for visitors of all ages, like a Brews & Blues Festival, Ice Cream Festival, Haunted Harvest, Spring, and Autumn Plant Sales, fragrance-making classes, dog shows, weekend brunches, and weekend films. To view the Springs Preserve’s full event calendar, check out this link from their website.

The full breakdown of Springs Preserve’s general admission prices and discounts can be found here. Special events and activities at Springs Preserve will have varying and sometimes additional costs.

Many visitors of animal habitats and zoos in Las Vegas wonder when the best times to go are. Unless there’s a show, feeding or training at a specific time, most of the animals are typically more active in the morning, especially before and after they’re fed.

Las Vegas may be known for its entertainment, nightlife, casinos, fine dining, and shopping, but this bustling city has no shortage of energetic animal habitats, zoos, and wildlife. From indoor animal habitats (often situated inside hotels and casinos) to outdoor zoos, sanctuaries, and preserves, Las Vegas really has it all.

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