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3.6 Dedicated to ocean discovery, Oceanopolis houses 10,000 marine animals in 50 aquariums from 50 to one million liters (13 to 264,000 gal) of w 4.1 Take a trip across the seas of the world at Aquarium La Rochelle.

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The largest aquarium in the country, this private center features 75 square 3.6 Aquarium de Biarritz showcases more than 500 forms of sea life, many from the nearby Bay of Biscay.

3.9 Cite de La Mare is a large museum devoted to scientific and historical aspects of maritime subjects. 4.1 Zoo de La Flèche was devised by naturalist Jacques Bouillault in 1946, making it the oldest private park in France.

3.9 Seek out the popular scimitar onyx, white rhino, polar bear, or golden lion tamarin at Zoo de La Palmyra in the forest of Les Matches. 3.7 Nautical is a science center entirely dedicated to the relationship between mankind and the sea.

4.6 One of the most popular wildlife parks in France, PARC Anomalies de Sainte-Croix was established in 1980 by a farmer named Gerald Singer. 4.6 La Valley DES Singes houses over 400 different primates on its 16 hectares (40 acres) of land.

As a parent, I understand the importance of finding lots of fun activities to do with your kids whilst you're on holiday. La Palmyra Zoo is nestled in the middle of a huge pine forest, just off the Atlantic coast of France in the Charente-Maritime region, which is a 7 and a half hour drive from Calais.

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At La Palmyra, you can see all of your favorite animals: from the big cats, including lions, tigers and cheetahs, to exotic reptiles such as snakes and lizards. As well as being a fun day out for all the family, La Palmyra Zoo is also important for its conservation work of endangered species.

An easy 4-hour drive from the Euro tunnel Le Shuttle terminal in Calais, you will find Zoo d'Asheville located not far from the French border with Luxembourg and Germany. One of the main events at the zoo that pulls in the crowds is the impressive raptor display on horseback, presented by master falconer Bernard Billy and his team.

Calais is directly connected to several major road networks, which means you can be on your way to your holiday destination in no time. This does of course raise problems of ensuring a varied gene pool for future population growth and the issue of returning animals to the wild.

Suffice to say, a good zoo will balance education, research and welfare, while at the same time providing enjoyment and interest to paying customers whose cash will assist the long-term protection of the animals. Founded in 1966 and attracting 700,000 visitors each year, this is an impressive zoo covering over 40 acres of the Course pine forest on the Atlantic coast.

There’s plenty to see, with a large open-ocean tank for sharks and rays (and walk-through tunnel), jungle zone with piranhas and the daintier but no less fascinating seahorses and swaying jellyfish. The Australian House offers a rare chance in Europe to see koalas, as well as red kangaroos and wallabies.

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South of La Have, this safari park enjoys a setting beside a pleasant lake and has two walking trails, so you can get to see up close some of the world’s most fascinating animals. Along the way you’ll encounter Indian rhinos, giraffe, tigers, dwarf kangaroos, gazelles and energetic gibbons.

Set in an old quarry in the heart of the Loire Valley, this is the only troglodyte zoo in the world, with tunnels and waterfalls adding to the sense of drama as you wander. An interesting zoo, being also a noted park and listed by the French Ministry of Culture as being one of the Remarkable Gardens of France.

Spring brings a wonderful show of some 400 kinds of iris and hundreds of dahlias in summer with trees in fantastical shapes. We predict that with the arrival of pandas this zoo will join the list of most visited sites in 2012.

There are big cats including lion, Bengal tigers, snow leopards, jaguar and pumas; a gorilla complex and many other primates; giraffe, white rhinoceros, elephants and many other species and finally a large aquarium with over 1500 different types of fish from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The cost is around €160 each and 5 people need to take part, the day includes feeding animals such as giraffes and markets as well as the birds and penguins, preparing food for raccoons and baboons and distributing their meals, possibly feeding the reptiles (season dependent) and various other activities.

There’s a safari train, and you’ll see lions, tigers, giraffes, bears, monkeys, kangaroos, zebras and panthers and many other species. Attached to the zoo is the Four Seasons Park village which overlooks a small valley and lake where Indian Rhinoceros, Antelopes, and Si among Gibbons live only a few meters away.

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The zoo manages a successful conservation program and since opening more than 10,000 births have been registered there, some of which are rare including the pink-backed pelican, Gravy’s zebra and Hartmann’s mountain zebra, cheetah, African elephant, wild dog and chimpanzee. Visiting the park includes a drive through area, or you can hire a minibus and guide for up to 15 people starting at a cost of around €100.

It welcomes more than half a million visitors every year, and it ranks it second in the list of most visited zoos in France. 4.1 Take a trip across the seas of the world at Aquarium La Rochelle.

The largest aquarium in the country, this private center features 75 square 3.6 Aquarium de Biarritz showcases more than 500 forms of sea life, many from the nearby Bay of Biscay.

The lemurs that can be seen from on the Lost Madagascar Express might crack fewer jokes that Pixar’s King Julian, but are equally whimsical and a definite must-see. Using the top rating zoo’s on different traveling site’s we created a list where opinions, feedback and user reviews were the most important things taken in consideration when we created the list.

So guys prepare to go on a wonderful journey into a world full of animals, wildlife and endangered species. Created in the forest if the Les Matches and extending over 18 hectares the French zoo is home to over 1600 animals who divide in 130 species, all of them living over a 4 kilometers distance.

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So guys if you want to visit this french zoo some reviews were telling us that the best attraction was the summer show where sea lions of California performed for the audience. While travel has come to a near standstill during the coronavirus pandemic, technology is allowing you to visit almost any place on the planet in the blink of an eye.

With this in mind, the travel insurance site InsureMyTrip has created a list that ranks the virtual tours seeing the biggest increases in Google searches since the beginning of March. Here, we’ve got the list of the 15 top-ranked virtual tours, plus some other cool travel experiences to have from the comfort of your couch.

Topping the list of the world’s top-searched virtual tours is Paris’s legendary art museum. Dive deep into the museum’s archives with detailed virtual tours on the Louvre’s website.

The San Diego Zoo is live-streaming many of its animal areas, allowing viewers to virtually visit their favorite furry friends any time of the day or night. Another option: The Houston Zoo offers multiple animal cameras focused on different habitats.

“Not only are the sites beautiful to see, but the entire experience provides education about the history, heritage, protection and conservation efforts for these landmarks.” “Viewers can take virtual walking tours, view online exhibitions and learn about the artists themselves through interactive features,” says Kenyan.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by choices, Google also offers a quick link to the top 10 virtual museums around the globe.

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