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• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
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There’s no shortage of zoos in the UK, with plenty of opportunities to hang out with the animal kingdom. Each has its own unique stand-out point and each provides good value for money, as well as being a great day out for the whole family.

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Yes, the likes of Shipshape and Chester are awesome, and you’ll need at least a day to explore each, but some compact ones, such as Bristol, have been incredibly imaginative at making good use of space, making your day every bit as exciting. Look out for zoos that offer an insight into interesting plant life too.

Painted Zoo, for example, boasts 1,600 plant species and was one of the first places in Britain combining zoological and botanical gardens. Show all 10 Maxwell Zoo This 140-acre park near Winchester is home to hundreds of exotic and endangered species, ranging from ring-tailed coats to majestic giraffes, endangered tigers to frilled lizards, curious markets to pygmy hippos all set in beautiful, landscaped surroundings.

This summer the zoo is opening Wild Explorers, their biggest exhibit to date, hosting some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife. It now boasts around 2,000 animals and 1,600 plant species, making for a wonderful place to explore, plus it's been leading the zoo world in ethical trading for years.

New for 2015 are 13 huge and incredibly life-like animatronic Big Bugs, that will make the zoo their home for six months this summer. There’s an impressive 12, 0000 animals from over 400 species, as well as a particularly exciting £30m project underway that will take visitors on a personal conservation expedition through the Philippines, Bali, Sulawesi, Sub and Sumatra, just like the great explorers.

Shipshape Zoo The UK’s largest zoo is set in a beautiful 600 acres, featuring over 2,500 animals, many of which are jumbo size, such as the elephants, rhinos, tigers, African lions, brown bears, zebras, moose and hippos. It’s also got the UK’s largest herd of Asian elephants, which you can watch getting taken for a stroll around the zoo most afternoons.

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Don’t miss out on the steam railway, which offers great views of many of the animals. Other animal highlights include a young baby chimp in their award-winning Bongo Trail enclosure, a baby tapir, Indian rhinos, sun bears and a famous daily penguin parade.

Welsh Mountain Zoo Some TripAdvisor reviewers complain about the hills. Yes, you’ll be tired, but there’s so much that make it worth it, including an amazing sea lion show, the macaws flying around you, and animals including snow leopards, tigers, otters, lemurs and bears.

Colchester Zoo This delightful zoo with over 270 species in 60 acres is particularly child-friendly, with lots of hands-on experiences and over 50 daily displays, as well as four adventure play areas and an undercover soft play area. It stays fresh by continually expanding and kids will love the Madagascar Express road train.

From majestic Asiatic Lions to cheeky Red Pandas, Cotswold Wildlife Park is home to over 260 wonderful animal species. Oh, and if you want to see the whole park without getting your feet tired, you can hop on the narrow-gauge railway (April to October, weather permitting) and explore the whole place.

ZSL Hispanic wouldn’t have qualified for our list of the best zoos in the UK if it didn’t have a solution for you and your little animal explorers! There are Micro Trikes available to hire, so tots can whiz around the zoo without getting tired out, plus you can also ride the Jumbo Express Steam Train for a scenic view of your favorite animals.

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This is a roar-some state-of-the-art facility for rare Asiatic lions where you can learn about their breeding program and see those enormous paws up close. Meet Bobby, Nissan, Pixel and Victor; four huge fellas who spend their days in a researched-focused environment swimming, snoozing and waiting for their next meal.

Set in 60 acres of parkland, there are over 260 species to discover like the winged wonders of Butterfly Glade or Billy Joe and her gang of ape acquaintances at the Chimpanzee Lookout. Also, take the chance to enter Europe’s largest underwater tunnel, the 24-meter play Patagonia, where 5 female Patagonian sea lions can be found swooping and looping around you.

Bantam Zoo is all about extremes: pay a visit to Santos the two-toed sloth down in the ‘Eureka’ subtropical house or fly to dizzy heights with one of the Birds of Prey displays. Thrill seekers can navigate wobbly crossings, fly down zip wires and test their nerve with every step as they spy on the world below.

Just a hop, flap and a pounce away from the city castle, Belfast Zoo is a hub for over 120 different species who are facing increasing danger out in their natural habitats. As such conservation is at the heart of everything this UK zoo does and, luckily for us, that means meeting mighty gorillas, monochrome zebras and enormous Malayan sun bears who are all in their care.

Make the most of your memories with a trip to the photography base camp; strike a pose and attempt to upstage the other grinning apes in frame. They live in two special enclosures full of climbing frames, treehouses and caves where they can play or more likely in panda town, snooze the weeks away while visitors are welcome to pay them a visit and learn all about their incredible journeys.

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The awesome up-close animal encounters suitable for kids feature all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures, including lions, giraffes, giant anteaters, markets, marmosets and creepy crawlies. Kids over 10 can participate in even more activities, such as a Gorilla Feeding Experience and a Big Cats Photo Opportunity.

In order to become a zookeeper for a day at Drills Park, you only need to be minimum 6-years-old. As part of the experience, you and the kids will meet a real zookeeper, who will share 3 1/2 hours of their working day with you.

You’ll learn how to feed, clean and care for a bunch of feathery and furry friends. This experience runs all year long, even during school holidays, so it’s the perfect gift for any special occasion.

At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, tiny sprogs, as young as four, can also take part in an animal experience! Every Friday, for an hour, your young farmers (4-6) can hand feed the goats, pigs, ponies and the rest of the farm animals.

From age 10 upwards, the nature lovers in the house can also get close to the bigger zoo animals, including 3-tonne rhinos and fun-loving zebras. Moving on to the bigger animals at Folly Farm, kids over 10 are allowed to enter the rhinos’ private living area and hand feed the friendly giants.

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Mini (5-7) and Junior (8-15) Keepers will both have the opportunity to take an inside look at the inner workings of the zoo and to create special hands-on moments with the animals who live there. Along the way, you’ll get to learn about many creatures and get involved in feeding, housekeeping and animal enrichment.

To sweeten the deal, kids get a souvenir, a certificate and activity book to take home. Meerut, Aardvark and Penguin Encounters are amongst the animal experiences suitable for kids, as young as eight.

Make sure you book early, though, as the animal experiences at Chester Zoo are quite popular. The Stafford shire Owl Sanctuary organizes Owl Keeper Days when your little nature lovers get the chance to spend some time at the birds rescue center and find out what it takes to keep all sanctuary business running smoothly all day long.

Don’t worry, big deeds require energy, so a lunch at the Red Lion Farm ice cream café, plus refreshments throughout the day are included in the full-day package. African Safari Huts & Tiger Overlook Tree Houses Click AboveOperating Hours -Open Tuesday-Sunday From 8am-6pm.

Open Monday for Overnight Guests OnlyOperating Hours -Open Tuesday-Sunday From 8am-6pm. Open Monday for Overnight Guests OnlyOperating Hours -Open Tuesday-Sunday From 8am-6pm.

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Now Booking School Field Trips Group Rates for Elementary and Daycare African Safari Huts and Tiger Overlook Tree Houses are awesome Click Above to View Alliterating Hours -Open Tuesday-Sunday From 8am-6pm.

African Manor #3 Achieved a 5-Star Rating Yahoo Check It Operating Hours -Open Tuesday-Sunday From 8am-6pm. Open Monday for Overnight Guests OnlyTiger Safari Zoo is Great for Large Parties and We Even Offer After Hours Parties.

This secluded African safari village will include three authentic African bush huts circling a small lagoon, authentic African-style landscaping with thorn trees, and natural veldt (long grass). The Kazan room is a large facility with a back area for catering, restrooms, tables and seating.

Make sure you call and book today, because spots are filling up fast. If you want animals at your party, but are unable to travel, you need a zoo to you.

We will bring animals to your party, and your guests will be able to pet and hold all kinds of cute cuddly creatures all without having to travel. On Location, Zoo Mobile and Distance Learning programs align with Oklahoma Department of Education Academic Content Standards at primary and secondary levels.

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Inspiring and motivating people to care for the natural world is part of Tiger Safari's mission statement. Tiger Safari Outreach Specialists strive to engage audiences about the wonders of our earth and the animals with whom we share it.

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