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The VR Zoo makes up the third section offering thrilling wildlife adventures via realistically created virtual tours. 3.7 /5 One-of-its-kind in the Middle East, this fully air-conditioned indoor Dubai Delphinium serves as a popular attraction for locals and tourists.

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Here visitors can enjoy a 45-minute demonstration of the northern fur seals and Black Sea bottle nose Dolphins. It is an enclosed ecosystem that gives guests a chance to immerse in the fascinating world of thousands of different species of plants and animals.

The Green Planet also features the world’s largest man-made tree and has numerous expert biologists onsite to help curious visitors understand the way of life of different living organisms. 4.5 /5 Just 1.5 hours from Dubai city, the Al Ain Zoo is a humongous 400-hectare park near the base of Rebel Ha feet is where visitors can see many beautiful species of animals in enclosures that closely resemble their natural habitats.

There are plenty of green public spaces for picnics alongside several playgrounds, a cafeteria and a train tour of the wildlife area. Arabian Wildlife Center is located at Al Dried Road which is a 40-minute ride away from Dubai City.

Romantic Dubai, Ra's Al Khadijah, Was Island and Abu Dhabi Package With a strong idea to preserving the Arabian wildlife species, these zoos in Dubai are an educational experience as well as a means of awareness.

However, Dubai is fast becoming the tourist hub of the UAE with its newly opened petting zoo and various animal parks. From petting zoos to pony farms, snake pits to shark tanks, gather your little critters and explore the amazing variety of family friendly facilities we have access to.

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Al Ain Zoo : Al Ain Zoo has been entertaining and educating animal lovers since it opened in 1968, and features a large collection of local wildlife as well as giraffes, reptiles and big cats adding up to 184 different species. Located at the foothills of the Rebel Ha feet Mountains, the grounds are huge and the conservation and breeding programs are impressive, plus the zoo is open late for those wishing to safari in the dark.

Al Taming Stables: Al Taming Stables this family friendly private farm and education center in the deserts of neighboring Shariah is home to a menagerie of creatures, not just the equestrian kind, and features a petting zoo as well as a whole host of other activities. There are pony rides, falcon displays, sporting facilities including basketball and badminton courts, football fields and even a recording studio for budding musicians, arts and crafts.

Picnic tables, a café and showers provide all the onsite amenities an action packed outing needs, and the chance to get up close and personal with plenty of furry friends. Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium: Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium is a maze of tunnels and tanks that are home to 65,000 marine animals, with not a whale shark in sight.

For a little extra, kids can learn about the marine life around them from tour guides and divers. Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Al Rufous Road.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo : Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo boasts the Guinness Book of Records largest acrylic panel in the world, and the biggest suspended aquarium, which visitors to Dubai Mall can view freely whilst strolling round the shops. The Underwater Zoo is on 3 levels and is home to over 140 different species of aquatic animals plus a few creepy crawlies too.

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If watching isn’t enough, then there’s also the chance to swim, hug, kiss and pose for a photo with these marvelous marine mammals. Emirates Park Zoo : Emirates Park Zoo has a colorful collection of creatures to see, as well as a family friendly farm for kids to get interactive with all sorts of little creatures.

Aiming to raise environmental issues as well as fostering an understanding of all things great and small, kids can learn whilst still having fun plus the park has plenty of amenities including cafés, a games center, mosque and wheelchair access. There are 35 fully equipped chalets should you experience the urge to stay and wake up with wildlife walking past the window.

The Best attraction: Sea lion shows Dhs25 (6 years and above), Dhs10 (for under 5’s) for entrance to Zoo, Ocean Park and Reptile House. Inhabitants include everything from porcupines to peacocks, flamingos to ferrets with a few wallabies to watch and Shetland ponies for riding on.

For those wanting to adopt, they can leave at the end of the day with their very own rabbit, cat, dog, hamster or tortoise. There are kennels and a cattery for boarding plus a relocation service, so the new pet doesn’t get left behind and find themselves back where they started.

With a diverse variety of marine life to observe, from tiny clownfish to huge moray eels, there are plenty of fishy delights to see. Shariah Desert Park: Shariah Desert Park covers an area of one square kilometer and is home to Arabia’s Wildlife Center, the only indoor zoo in the Middle East allowing visitors to enjoy local wildlife all year round.

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Housing all the native animals that can be found in the Arabian Peninsula, the zoo is divided into species sections: birds, reptiles, invertebrates and carnivores. Sunday-Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 2pm-6pm, Saturday 11am-6pm, closed on Tuesdays and some public holidays.

Al Dried Highway, E88 Shariah Airport Road interchange 9. www.sharjahtourism.ae (06 531 1999). Billed as a zoo and educational center, entrants can gawp at the residents while safely in front of the glass cases, and there is an educator on hand to answer any questions.

Dubai Safari Park, home to more than 2500 animals from all over the world, aims to be one of the top ten zoos internationally, and a leading tourist destination worldwide attracting recognition from the international community for its work in maintaining a high standard of animal welfare, nutrition and ethical conduct. Visitors will learn new, fun and exciting facts about the animals who live on this intriguing continent from Dubai Safari Park’s team of expert keepers and guides.

Tour through the African Village and see some of the world’s biggest and most beautiful animals including Lions, Elephants and Giraffes. Explore the sights, discover the sounds, and immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere: When you book a vacation at the top hotels near Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, you’ll be in the best place to do it all.

These properties are renowned for their central locations and comforting amenities, and the range of options lets you personalize your getaway to suit your travelling style. For four decades, MPC has been an active partner in the advancement of healthcare in the UAE.

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