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Bob Roberts
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
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Its power has fluctuated up and down many times over the years, but it always seems to make an appearance in the game. Usually a go-to choice for players at the start of a new expansion cycle, we'll see whether it has any longevity in Dark moon Free.

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We always like to keep our Zoo Warlock guide up to date as well because it is such a great deck to play for beginners. Not only is it often relatively cheap to put together in terms of dust (the Legendarily are optional), but it also goes a long way to teach you many of the fundamentals of playing Hearthstone well.

Things like minion trading and placement, when to go for life total damage and how to most effectively play around your opponent’s deck. WarlockNeutral2 x Raise Dead2 x Animated Broomstick2 x Wicked Whispers2 x Tour Guide2 x Voidwalker2 x Wriggling Horror2 x Soulfire2 x Flame Imp2 x Spirit Jailer1 x Aretha Ebonlocke1 x Expired Merchant2 x Darkglare2 x Relevant Rascal2 x Nightshade Matron2 x Hand of GUL'dan2 x Flesh Giant Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Taking control of the board is easy with this deck, as you have a huge number of early minions that can trade easily and a Hero Power that directly draws you more cards to play. You’ll want to storm out into a lead with the deck’s powerful early game drops and stretch your advantage so far that your opponent is unable to respond.

Remember, Zoo Warlock is a board control deck and not one for blindly rushing face damage. Wicked Whispers is a great buff for a wide board of minions.

At this stage, you should consider weaving in a Life Tap every turn where possible to ensure you don’t run out of resources or use Nightshade Matron to dig deeper into your deck by discarding Hand of GUL'Dan. If you’ve stormed out into a lead then the game may already be over at this point, or you’ll at least be looking for that last extra chunk of damage.

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It’s even more important to trade cleverly against aggro decks, as Zoo Warlock has very few comeback mechanisms if you fall behind on the board. Flame Imp is still one of the best one-drops in the game based on the stats alone and well worth the hit to your Health.

Spirit Jailer allows you to shuffle Soul Fragments into your deck which heal you when drawn. It’s one of the game’s oldest archetypes but the Zoo Warlock formula does change a little with each set release.

Zoo Warlock, the most iconic of all archetypes in Hearthstone, is back on the curriculum with Schoolmate Academy. Raise Dead for example not only serves as an activator for Diseased Vulture ; it also offers unprecedented card draw and MANA generation possibilities, not the least thanks to everyone’s favorite demon minion Dark glare.

Shadow light Scholar serves as the synergistic 3-drop that Zoo lock has always dreamt of, providing tons of reach as well as board control in all kinds of matchups. While almost exploiting the allowed design space of Warlock’s general toolkit, it enables ridiculous swing turns, especially as a pair of twos on the board at the same time.

Always remember that Soul Fragment s drawn during your turn discount Flesh Giant s cost as well, so keep that in mind while drawing cards! Hand of GUL'Dan, one of Warlock’s most iconic spells in World of Warcraft, finally makes the Discard dream work: The combination with Expired Merchant is as obvious as it is effective, while Nightshade Matron s power swing potential through three cards drawn and a 5/5 Rush body seems unmatched.

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At first, its inclusion mainly revolved around tech reasons, but in the current meta, its ability to provide yet another board-flooding turn makes it an important tool, especially against oppressive control opponents. The ability to absolutely dominate the board in the early-game turns the game into the definition of schadenfreude while providing more than enough tactical depth thanks to the newly introduced self-harm and draw mechanics combined with MANA- and minion-cheating.

Compared to older Zoo Warlock lists, SA’s Zoo lock definitely lost power against other aggro opponents. Thankfully, Soul Shear can absolutely take the wind out of the sails of your aggro opponent, and even more so with a curving Shadow light Scholar.

As an Aggro deck, Zoo Warlock needs to be very quick onto the board in order to secure dominant board position to begin making use of the powerful synergies in the deck. As Aggro decks will generally lack any form of AOE to deal with your board, maintaining control of the board alone is often enough to win the game as you will simply out value your opponent.

You should expect your board to get cleared at least once, so it is important to hold back a healthy amount of resources in anticipation. 07 Aug. 2020: Deck list has been completely overhauled for the Schoolmate Academy expansion.

Removed 2x Scarab Egg, 2x Crystallized, 2x Mechanism, 2x Grim Rally, 1x The Solarium, 1x SN1P-SN4P for 2x Expired Merchant, 2x Nightshade Matron, 2x Hand of GUL'Dan, 2x EVIL Recruiter, 2x Dark glare 26 Mar. Removed 2x EVIL Recruiter, 2x Imp Gang Boss for 2x Faceless Corrupter, 2x Scarab Egg.

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Removed 2x Serpent Egg, 1x Sea Giant, 1x Abusive Sergeant for 2x Diseased Vulture, 2x Crystallized. Removed 2x Scarab Egg, 2x Dire Wolf Alpha, 2x Argent Squire, 1x Abusive Sergeant for 2x EVIL Recruiter, 2x Serpent Egg, 2x Referred Thrasher, 2x EVIL Cable Rat 01 Jul.

Removed 2x Doubling Imp, 2x Hench-Clan Hog steed, 2x Eager Underling, 2x Hench-Clan Hag, 1x Spell breaker for 2x Magic Carpet, 2x Mechanism, 2x Argent Squire, 2x Abusive Sergeant, 1x Crystallized. 2019: Deck and guide have been completely overhauled for the Rise of Shadows expansion.

Removed 2x Soul Infusion, 2x Doubling Imp for 2x Spell breaker, 2x Despicable Dread lord. 11 Dec. 2018: Deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for the Rasta khan's Rumble expansion.

07 Aug. 2018: Updated for The Doomsday Project: added The Solarium, Soul Infusion, and Doubling Imp. Hearthstone features three broad deck archetypes: aggro, midrange and control.

Each describes the deck's intended means of obtaining victory and its overall pace of play. Other commonly used deck categories can be considered sub-archetypes, such as combo, zoo, tempo, and token.

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These largely fit within one or more of the main three archetypes, but are more descriptive of the deck's particular strategy. These deck types can describe decks which are of a particular archetype, have specific strategies, or contain particular key cards as a general win condition, such as Aggro Shaman, Freeze Mage, or Patron Warrior.

Aggro decks rely on explosive damage in the early game in order to surge to victory before the opponent has time to counter them. These decks focus on controlling the early game in order to survive through to the later rounds, where they can use a string of powerful spells, or a steady flow of larger minions to overwhelm the opponent.

The reason for this pattern lies in the basic strategy for each deck type. While these trends are consistently observed, note that they represent only an increased likelihood of victory, and there are exceptions as well.

However, this pattern is widely held to depict overall trends for the main deck types. However, most combos aim to win the match, either through direct damage or through establishing an overwhelming advantage, usually in one or two turns.

A zoo deck is a deck focused around a large amount of low and medium cost minions. Zoo decks use mostly cheap minions and efficient trading to dominate the battlefield, before turning their attacks toward the enemy hero.

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