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As you embark on high-adrenaline rush adventures or unforgettable road journeys across this beautiful country, the magic of Canada overwhelms your senses. Most Canadian cities are home to some exceptionally well-maintained zoos that allow you to admire and interact with the unique wildlife of the region.

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The fantastic zoos in Canada serve as a great family destination and offer a chance to walk the wild side. Sprawled over 710 acres in the beautiful Rogue Valley, this is the biggest zoo in Canada with over 5000 animals from 450+ species.

Located on the lovely St. George’s Island on the Bow River, the Calgary zoo is without doubt one of the best spots in the city for a fulfilling day out with family. With over 100 unique species of animals and myriad interesting engagement activities and events, this is one is a gem amongst the numerous Canada zoos and aquariums.

From the Canadian Wilds section that is home to bears, wolves and whooping cranes to the thrilling Destination Africa and fun land of Lemurs, there are so many fascinating habitats, animals and birds to keep you occupied throughout the day. The Conservatory Gardens & Butterflies section is a beautifully preserved living library of trees and plants.

Location: 210 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7V6, Canada Timings: Daily, 9AM-5PM Entry Fee: $19.95/youth (3-15 years); $29.95/adult Don’t miss out on these: The New Entry Plaza with the otters and state-of-the-art education facility, the Wander Trail along the river with native flora and fauna.

Located just an hour’s drive from Montreal, this is amongst the most amazing zoos in Canada and one of the star tourist attractions of Quebec. Sprawled over 60 acres the zoo showcases more than 1000 animals from 200 different species and offers wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

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Don’t miss out on these: The interactive dinosaur exhibit is a huge hit with kids, feeding rays and birds, the thrilling Amazon water park. Location: 1050 Boulevard David-Bouchard N, Granby, QC J2H 0Y6, Canada Timings: Varies depending on the season & month.

This modern and family-friendly zoo boasts of an interesting line-up of 600-plus indigenous and exotic animals from Asia, Africa and Americas as well as a Discovery Center. Being the largest zoo in Atlantic Canada, it has fantastic displays, petting and feeling areas as well as special camps and events for children all year round.

Don’t miss out on these: Boo at The Zoo (October), Wild Lights (Dec-Jan) and Zookeeper program for kids. Location: 125 Magic Mountain Rd, Moncton, NB E1G 4V7, Canada Timings: Daily, 10AM-4PM Entry Fee: Vary between $5-11 for children and $9-15 for adults depending on the season.

With nice enclosures for the animals and a fun train ride to explore the zoo, the place makes for a fantastic family break. Don’t miss out on these: A Night in the Wild in summers is a lot of fun and so are the Junior Zoologists Day Camps for kids.

Spread over 80 acres, this is one of the largest and most impressive zoos in Canada with over 200 fabulous animal and bird species from across the world. In operation for more than a century, the fantastic zoo is open all year round with many indoor and outdoor exhibits allowing you to admire & interact with the amazing animals.

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From reindeer to red fox, gray wolves, American Elk, harbor seals and the hugely popular polar bears, the zoo has an enviable range of exotic animals. The Australian Walkabout, Animals of Asia and Butterfly Garden exhibits are great fun for the entire family.

Don’t miss out on these: Kinsmen Discovery Center, award-winning Journey to Churchill exhibit that takes visitors on an unforgettable adventure to the land of polar bears. One of the few free zoos in Canada, this secret gem tucked away in the greater Toronto area offers a rendezvous with myriad wild animals, a splash pad in summers, lovely walking trails and a miniature train ride.

This cool small zoo features 28+ exhibits and 45 species ranging from two-toed sloth to emu, wallaby, Sichuan Taken and markets. Spread over a beautiful 5-acre woodland in New Brunswick, the zoo is home to many endangered and exotic species like the snow leopard, Siberian tiger and Gold monkey.

Along with being the largest breeding facility for burrowing owls, this sprawling park hosts 65 wildlife species that you can see up and close. With such many zoos in Canada, you don’t ever need to worry about keeping your kids happy when visiting the beautiful Canadian cities.

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4.4 Learn more about endangered wildlife at The Calgary Zoo, housing over 1,000 animals in enclosures designed to resemble their natural habitats 4.5 Immerse yourself in a world of underwater adventure at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.

1.8 Learn about both marine and land animals at Marin eland, a well established park where you can observe orca and beluga whales from beneath the 4.2 Step into the world of creepy crawlies at Victoria Bug Zoo, a “minizoo” hosting a large and varied collection of tropical insects.

2.7 Opened in 1959, Edmonton Valley Zoo houses 350 exotic and native animals across its many indoor and outdoor exhibits. 4.4 The largest zoo in Quebec, Zoo de Granby offers visitors the opportunity to observe more than a thousand animals of 225 species.

A list of the ten best zoos in the world will be highlighted, so you can make the decision to catch fun and exciting moments with your family around the globe. The zoo (short for zoological garden or zoological park and also called an animal park or menagerie) is a recreational place where animals of various kinds are housed within an enclosure, displayed to the public, and in which they may also breed.

Almost all the tourist countries in the world have a zoological garden/park, however, only a few out stands the others in promoting animal conservation, wildlife protection, captive breeding of endangered species, and generally also there is the education and awareness of the public about the importance of animal preservation. The zoological park/gardens mentioned here can be traced back to the historic days of aristocratic history, architectural marvels, leaders in wildlife conservation, family adventures waiting to happen.

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Don’t miss the Safari aerial tram for a birds-eye view from the butterfly pavilion to the elephants. Wellington zoo partners and is also involved with a group in parts of Asia called “Free the Bears”, lions, and many more.

The zoo is dedicated to quality, sustainable enclosures for its population, solar heating and power, and one-on-one encounters with the animals to educate on the importance of natural preservation In addition, there are enclosures for numerous endangered baby additions like Gaul (a type of Indian bison), spider monkeys, Gravy’s Zebras, African Elephants, Greater Kudzu (a type of antelope), Western lowland gorillas, and the pygmy hippo.

This zoo is situated on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane is the legacy of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. While on tour, you will see the giant pandas, they are always a big hit, and the hands-on discovery den helps young and old to learn more about these rare bears, the Elephant Odyssey, where you can watch them play in the mud, then get pampered and groomed.

There are sunrise strolls, twilight treks, and backstage passes for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at zoo keeping and all varieties of animals. It encompasses a massive 100 acres land, it gives extended room to its over 1500 animals from 150 species.

For the safety of visitors who visit Cargo Wildlife ranch daily to hang out time with family and friends or catch the fun of the moment, the zoo is always accredited and satisfied ok internationally. There is a provision of spacious open enclosures and landscaped environments that resemble natural habitats.

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There is no need to be scared while in the zoo as concealed moats keep the creatures from mingling too closely with the spectating and excited crowds. There are over 300 species of animals in this zoo, these include endangered exotics like orangutans, Malayan tapirs, and white tigers.

The zoo, partners with its associated aquarium, the area is made up of 84 acres of land, and it is home to over 17,000 animals (different species). During World War II It suffered massive damage when most of the zoo and almost a hundred animals were destroyed.

However, the zoo was erected again and the survivors (a pair of lions, hyenas, a bull Elephant, almost a dozen baboons, and a chimpanzee) were moved into more natural habitation which is enclosed and tours. When creating this list we considered the zoo’s conservation efforts, the visitor experience, as well the variety of species offered.

Trip Advisor rated this zoo as the best zoo in the world based on millions of reviews and considering the conservation, research, and experience that visitors have, it is, therefore, no surprise it remains at the top of the list. Omaha’s Henry Poorly Zoo is renowned worldwide for its leadership in conservation and research and the remarkable exhibits back these claims up.

Visitors love the tide pool touch tank where they can get up close and personal with sea creatures. Shows, feedings, education, conservation, and research make this the number one zoo in the world.

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Animals range from giraffes to gorillas to giant pandas to pavilions full of nocturnal creatures and even a Komodo dragon. Additionally, there are also a ton of dining options, picnic areas, kid’s playgrounds, and behind-the-scenes experiences that will enhance your visit.

The Basel zoo is largely dedicated to its animals, keeping close attention to their diets and behavior. This dedication has led Basel Zoo to become a leader in breeding endangered species such as cheetahs, Indian Rhinos, and okapi.

Popular animal exhibits are rhinos, hippos, apes, cheetahs, okapi, and flamingos. There is plenty of open space for the animals, well-kept clean grounds, and the park isn’t too big which means you can easily walk around the entire zoo.

You will have the opportunity to observe and learn about a variety of species including Amur tigers, snow leopards, and more all the while being able to take in the luscious green Finnish landscape. This is in large part due to both the commitment it has made to developing a long-term conservation strategy for animals in Africa and its focus on research and education.

The Chester Zoo has put a big focus on giraffes and their closest living relatives, the okapi; both of which are largely endangered. Furthermore, about one-fifth of the species here are threatened or endangered and this was, in fact, one of the first zoos to create a scientific research program.

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Visitors here will come up close with apes, giant pandas, Asian elephants, big cats, and more. This remarkable zoo is open 364 days of the year, is free to get in, and puts a big emphasis on animal welfare.

The Irwin family has made sure the Australia Zoo follows Steve's’s mission of “Conservation through exciting education”. The Australia Zoo offer’s many hands-on experiences from learning how to safely feed kangaroos and wallabies to encountering wombats, tigers, elephants, and so much more.

Furthermore, this impressive zoo also features a state-of-the-art chimpanzee enclosure that has been endorsed by experts such as Jane Goodall. Daily presentations and tours are a large part of the visit to this zoo and there is certainly no shortage of animals to look at and things to learn during a day here.

Today, the zoo allows guests to explore the state-of-the-art exhibits that are designed to simulate the natural environment for its 1,300 animals including many rare and endangered species. The exhibits are designed to reflect the natural habitat of each species which ensures the animals are placed in the best environment.

Don’t worry about walking the entire 210 acres because the zoo offers golf carts that you can rent by the hour. It also happens to be full of amazing architecture as it is located on the grounds of the famous Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria.

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While taking in the scenic grounds, you will have the chance to see giant pandas, monkeys, penguins, elephants, and so much more. This picturesque zoo occupies 37-acres of lavish green landscape and overlooks Column Bay and the Carnelian mountains in North Wales.

You will have the opportunity to witness over 140 species including otters, California sea lions, Humboldt penguins, and more. But above all else, the Welsh Mountain Zoo’s mission is to protect the animals and raise awareness of the world’s impact on wildlife and the environment.

Over the years, the zoo has evolved from an entertainment destination to a mature conservation and education hub. This award-winning zoo believes that we hold a responsibility to protect the world’s precious wildlife and because of this, their team of scientists uses a combination of their existing knowledge as well as new data to determine the most effective conservation actions they need to take.

Further, you’ll also get to see many other popular animals such as lions, giraffes, hippos as well as rare deer and pigs! The San Diego Zoo is known around the world for pioneering the concept of careless, open-air exhibits that help re-create the animal’s natural habitat.

Since the beginning, the zoo has focused much of its efforts on protecting and breeding endangered species, making it the go-to for orphaned animals in need. Recently the Bronx Zoo has been focusing its efforts on making itself more eco-friendly, installing compostable toilets that will help to conserve water.

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Visitors will find plenty of big animals including giraffes, lions, bears, and tigers along with monkeys, leopards, and much more. The Singapore Zoo uses a series of moats and glass to enhance both the experience for visitors and to recreate the natural habitats of the animals.

This zoo has invested in rescue and conservation efforts to protect wildlife and the late Steve Irwin (aka the Crocodile Hunter) greatly admired them for their work. The lush rainforest setting that surrounds the entire zoo encourages animals such as free-ranging kangaroos and flying foxes to interact with the public.

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