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“Studies by neuroscientists have found evidence that staring at cute things can boost one’s mood and concentration,” says Tracy Bagatelle-Black, MA, an associate marriage and family therapist. So don’t feel too guilty if you take a break from homeschooling or working from home to stare at baby goats.

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Another word, these are future service dogs in the puppy playroom at Warrior Canine Connection, a Maryland nonprofit organization supporting wounded veterans. This live cam overlooks the cozy nest of a bald eagle family on Santa Cruz Island.

After a hard day of working from home (or just watching the news), tune in to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s live Jelly Cam where you can watch sea nettles drift and pulse in the briny water. If that doesn’t lull you to relaxation faster than the Roku aquatic life screen, check out sharks, sea otters and eight other live cams from the northern California aquarium.

From late February to early April, over 600,000 sandhill cranes stop over in Central Nebraska’s Platte River valley before resuming their northward migration. “People can now see the cranes from anywhere in the world,” said Bill Addicted, director of Audubon’s Rowe Sanctuary.

Want to get even closer, try spending the night in one of the sanctuary’s rustic overnight photo blinds nestled near major roosts. The farm family in Scott burg, Indiana, raises baby goats and uses extra milk to make soap, cheese, candles and other products.

If you’ve never seen a hummingbird up close and personal, check out this backyard live cam. Grab a stalk of bamboo, sit back and watch these guys (and gals) frolic in the Southern California sun.

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Check out this amazing live wildlife feed from one of the more gorgeous places I’ve been fortunate to see in person, Transylvania, Romania. Keep an eye out for alligators basking in the sun and tune in for feeding demonstrations at noon and 3 p.m.

Thankfully, zoos are getting in on the action too and providing people with adorable animal live streams that will surely calm frayed nerves and entertain kids sent home from school for hours on end. The team concluded, taking a beak and looking at cute animal images may actually improve someone’s work performance on detail-oriented tasks.

“This study shows that viewing cute things improves subsequent performance in tasks that require behavioral carefulness, possibly by narrowing the breadth of attentional focus,” lead researcher Hiroshi Litton wrote about the findings. Psychological Science further explained, this study suggests that those adorable images may help people shift their attention to focus on details as humans think of themselves as caregivers.

And kids aside, who among doesn’t need to be briefly mesmerized by a luminous Portuguese man o’ war? The world-renowned Aquarium of the Pacific, based in Long Beach, California, has seven different live streams to enjoy.

The New York Aquarium has two live cams : one of which features their shark tank, a darkly-lit tank that has assorted fish as well as the ocean’s most dangerous predator, and their “spineless” cam, which features the invertebrates of the ocean like the humble and brilliant octopus, the Japanese Spider Crab, and Lagoon Jellies. California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium offers a stunning array of aquatic life.

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The aquarium’s Ocean Voyager webcam, which shows off the inhabitants of the aquarium’s 6.3 million gallon tank, features four whale sharks, four manta rays, and a green sea turtle. The aquarium also offers a tropical diver Indo-Pacific reef live stream with a daily 10:30 a.m. dive show and 3 p.m. feeding, as well as a sea otter exhibit that features 11 a.m. training sessions.

The Seattle Aquarium has two live streams : one of their Harbor Seals, and another of their Sea Otters. In addition, the aquarium’s YouTube channel offers an abundance of footage of everything from the various aquarium Octopus as well as sea otter training, and some adorable videos of their rescued sea otter pup named Rialto.

They have a sea lion pool (where they do daily feedings at 11 a.m. EDT and 3 p.m. EDT), the aquatic birdhouse, where ducks and penguins frolic, and a ‘Madagascar’ camera that shows the animals native to the remote island. But the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary doesn’t just feature everyone’s favorite marsupial: they also have free live streams of bearded dragons, birds, dingoes, and the pantie, the fourth largest monitor lizard in the world.

(The pandas, Bad Run and Ciao Lieu, were recently repatriated to their homeland of China, but archival footage exists on the site.) The giant pandas, who don’t hibernate, are recorded year-long at any time of day, but in the warmer months, viewers can expect them to be in their climate-controlled, room-like habitats since they prefer cooler weather.

As we practice social distancing to protect ourselves and others from coronavirus, trips to zoos and aquariums are pretty much out of the question. In fact, many of them are closed to the public temporarily, so we couldn't visit them if we (unwisely) tried.

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The Cincinnati Zoo announced Thursday that it would close temporarily to help curb the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. It did, however, introduce a new Facebook Live show, which will air every weekday at 3 p.m.

Each installment will also feature an accompanying at-home kids' activity, which you can peruse on the zoo's website. The San Diego Zoo website has live cams for nine animal habitats, from koalas to elephants to tigers to pandas.

The best panda cam around is a little less active than usual because volunteers aren't currently working at the zoo. This live camera, which you can watch on Explore.org, streams a room at the Kitten Rescue Sanctuary in Los Angeles.

This puppy cam (there are four streams, FYI) is hosted by Warrior Canine Connection, an organization that helps former service members reintegrating into civilian life train service dogs for fellow veterans. You'll spot plenty of colorful fish and the occasional shark on the National Aquarium's Blacktop Reef cam.

On this page, I’m going to show you the best virtual zoo tours and live webcams from all over the world. Also check out Wilde verse, a free mobile app game that transforms your home into the jungle with augmented reality.

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Chester Zoo have been opening up their virtual gates on a weekly basis. You can expect a whole day of animal antics, fun facts and exclusive behind the scenes' footage from their top zookeeper team.

This virtual zoo offers live webcam views for four of their resident animals including the Meerut, snow leopard, tamarin, and the spotted Genet. Tune into their Facebook live feed around 3pm (local time) to watch their daily Home Safari.

They also have a webcam overlooking Tauranga Forest trail where if you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of a group of Asian elephants. Relax while looking at the adorable penguins waddling near the water or catch them happily swimming around.

Edinburgh Zoo has many animals in their virtual zoo that use live webcams including their Giant Panda, Yang Gang, their Sumatran Tiger, Dharma, and Tatami, their resident Queensland koala. Florida Aquarium also launched a virtual tour program on their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel which can also be viewed on their website.

They also do “Aqua Tunes”, wherein someone plays the guitar while their turtle mascot amuses the viewers. Georgia Aquarium offers one of the best and clearest live webcams among the virtual zoos on this list.

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They also show a Piranha feeding live session every Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday, at 2pm. It is one of the rare zoos that allow viewers to control the view of the webcams.

When this happens, you can click the eye icon at the top right portion which displays the different webcam positions. International Wolf Center houses 5 wolves, 4 of which are part of the exhibit pack while.

If you want more information and trivia, their YouTube Channel also offers videos about the animal residents. It’s like a Zoo TV show, and sometimes they do animal features and virtual tours.

The Maryland Zoo has five live webcams including Penguins, Lions, Giraffes, Flamingo, and Goats. They have live webcams dedicated to bring the videos of the wombats to audiences online.

Wombats are short-legged quadrupedal marsupials that are native to Australia and look like small bears. Aside from the 360-degree panning feature, it also has jungle animal sounds, making you feel as if you’re actually there.

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Reid Park Zoo has a #BringingtheZooToYou Program which airs every day at 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. Check their blog (or Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages) for live animal features, fun facts, activity and games, fabulous photos, and other behind the scenes at the Zoo.

Balance is an important aspect of life, and OMA the Andean bear is very good at it! We're #BringingTheZooToYou with some recent footage of OMA enjoying an enrichment item while trying to get the snack inside to fall out.

Andean bears are very intelligent and often think of clever ways to engage with their enrichment! Animal with webcams include: Baboon, Penguins, Panda, Polar Bear, Orangutan and other Apes, Koala, Giraffes, Butterflies, Elephant, Tiger, Burrowing Owl, and Condors.

Exploring new spaces, while it might seem out of the ordinary for us, is one of the many ways we keep the animals' days enriching and fun! Yellowstone National Park has set up a virtual tour on their site, so you can explore and visit main attractions online.

The virtual zoo tour involves mostly topography, but if you want to see the wildlife like the resident bear below, you can always visit their Instagram.

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