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Carole Stephens
• Friday, 06 November, 2020
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11 Zombie Proof Houses That Make The Armageddon Sound Exciting If something catastrophic were to happen tomorrow in the world, would you be happy to remain in your present home or would you rather find shelter somewhere else? A house reinforced with sliding walls or a movable one which you can take with you as you change location can prove to be much more useful in such a scenario.

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The owners wanted security more than anything else and the architects found a very clever way of satisfying this request while also offering their clients a home which is able to transform and to embrace its surroundings in a natural and pleasant manner. The house was designed to look like a compact cube and to be completely sealed off in which case it has no windows or openings.

Its exterior walls can slide, opening up the internal spaces and forming a courtyard. First, you can see that it doesn’t actually sit flat on the land but actually only one of its corners touches the ground while the rest of the house hangs over the edge of the hill.

In addition to that, those wide glass openings can be protected by large shutters, basically sealing the house entirely. Furthermore, the house was designed in a way similar to a bridge which means it lets water flow under it thus limiting the risk of landslip.

Shutters and sliding walls are very useful when you want to seal off a structure to prevent people from breaking in or in case of very bad weather. Also, a remote location is desirable in the context of an apocalyptic scenario which brings us to this interesting cabin designed and built by Olson Funding.

It’s small and intended to serve as a vacation home which meant that it had to be safe and secure, hence the huge shutters which can slide open to let in light and the view or which can stay closed when the house is not in use. The fact that the house sits on stilts protects it from the dampness specific to temperate rainforest regions but also offers an increased sense of security.

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You can relocate it without ever needing to do any modifications to its structure not to mention that in winter this can turn out to be quite fun. The hut was built by cross on Clarke Canadian architects on the shore on New Zealand.

The most notable detail is, of course, the fact that the hut was built on two sleds. Like all the other potential zombie houses we showed you so far, it has shutters which can close off the internal spaces for increased security and protection from naturally-ocuring phenomena.

Olson Funding designed this cabin in Washington to serve as a private writer’s retreat with the possibility to also be used as a holiday home. The site on which it was built is remote and tranquil so, naturally, the architects and the clients agreed that the cabin should be able to take advantage of that.

As a result, the structure is more or less a glass box that opens up to the scenic views. It has one solid wood wall and three sides framed by glass.

On these three sides the architects designed three wooden decks which can be lifted and turned into shutters. These shutter-decks secure the house when not in use…a pretty useful feature when you don’t want zombies to get in for instance.

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Wood shutters are pretty nice, their warmth making spaces feel extra cozy. Steel shutters, on the other hand, are more resilient and more desirable for a zombie house.

In that sense, this tiny cabin built by Olson Funding Architects could potentially be used as a shelter in such a situation. For now, however, it’s just a cozy little cabin in the woods with cedar-lined ceilings and floors, an outdoor shower deck, a wood-burning stove and an unfinished steel panel which can slide over the windows, securing the structure when the owners are away.

When those metal shutters are down, this little structure looks like a fortress plus the worn finish gives it excellent cover, camouflaging it nicely. The lower level has large glass walls which can only be seen when the shades are up.

It’s also great for other reasons such as the fact that it has passive heating and cooling technologies and a water-harvesting system. New Refuge Gervasutti is the name of a survival pod designed by LEAP factory, a studio which specializes in modular structured for extreme environments.

This particular one cantilevers over the edge of a mountain in the Alps, but it’s possible to position it on any site which can be reached by helicopter. That being said, check out this awesome cabin that bureau A designed a while ago.

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It’s pretty clever and interesting not just in the context of an apocalyptic world but also as a holiday retreat from where to admire the mountainous surroundings. Sure, it lacks come of the comfort that other houses might offer but that’s the whole point: to reduce it to the bare essentials for increased authenticity and charm.

The bunker is partially sunken into the ground and has raw concrete walls and an interior living space of only nine square meters with a low ceiling. To obtain this unique design, the architects used a very unusual technique which involved pouring concrete over stacked hay bales covered with soil.

After the concrete dried, a cow was allowed to eat the hay over the course of a year. The concrete had borrowed some properties from the soil, gaining a special texture and color.

She may not be very fond of people, finding them annoying most of the time, but she still enjoys helping them from the shadows. Her attention to detail drives others crazy yet remains her most appreciated characteristic.

Patio Conversation Sets Can Make Your Outdoor Space More User-Friendly Some diseases like Sleeping sickness, Rabies and Necrosis show signs that are eerily close to what you’d expect a zombie to be like.

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I mean come on, Donald Trump is an actual candidate for presidency, so it would be no surprise if the next worldwide outbreak was a bunch of zombies. Last time I checked the zombies weren’t walking the streets but if they do, here are the best places you should hide during a zombie apocalypse.

Every location on this list of zombie hideouts have their pros and cons but be reassured they would be your best bet. This is your obvious choice to hideout at, but only if you can get yourself a reliable boat, especially one that will help you escape to your island getaway.

You must also be able to bring equipment, supplies, lots of water and food to last you while you wait out the zombie apocalypse. Being in a jail might have not completely turned out like the characters in the Walking Dead thought, but they did last a long time there.

If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a minimal security complex like those fancy one’s in Norway, you’ll be staying in the lap of luxury. You’ll feel like you’re some 4-star hotel compared to being out in the element with those killer zombies.

If history can teach us anything, castles have always been a wise choice when trying to keep your enemies at bay. The land enclosed by the castle could be used for planting some food and raising livestock, if you can get your hands on some.

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You will be out of reach from all the flesh eaters on the ground, but don’t be surprised if you get a couple of floaters occasionally. At times, you would have to make it to dry land in order to collect more fuel, food and water.

But be aware, if you find infected passengers, make them walk the plank, fast! If you can get your hands on a lighthouse you’re in luck because zombies, according to TV and the movies, can’t walk upstairs all that well.

A lighthouse is also a safe place to hide out during a zombie apocalypse because it’s mostly surrounded by water and its height gives you a better vantage point with a 360 degree panoramic view. Assuming you could find a bunker that is properly ventilated to breathe, and have enough time to gather supplies like food, water, and fuel to generate electricity, waiting out a zombie apocalypse in an underground bunker would be one of the safest and most sensible strategies.

Propped up on stilts high above the waterline, sea oil drilling platforms would be another great find if you could get yourself there. These structures could provide an almost perfect strategic refuge in the event of a zombie outbreak.

Just like the lighthouse and a deep sea oil rig, a treehouse provides you isolation and the advantage to see the zombies or anyone actually alive that is trying to get at you. A high mountain, most times, are uninhabited and that would mean your probability to survive the zombie apocalypse would be greater.

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“Surviving a disaster will often have more to do with where you are than with any other factor,” says Richard Duarte, a Miami-based personal injury attorney and author of the book “Surviving Doomsday.” “Finding yourself in a highly populated urban center, competing with violent crowds for dwindling resources, will usually not end well. “On the other hand, being in a low-density rural location, with more abundant natural resources, and far fewer mouths to feed, will dramatically increase your chances of surviving the crisis,” he says.

But hold on: The federal government also considers things like airfields, ports, refineries, and energy centers to be targets. The metro has one of the highest rates of housing listings with bunkers or fallout shelters.

Structural issues caused the group to abandon the project a year later, but there's still no shortage of large underground shelters. On the downside, Fort Leavenworth, an army base on more than 5,000 acres, is about 35 miles to the northwest.

And a city like Manchester has plenty of health care professionals to treat any festering injuries. Others want to get deep into the mountains,” says Theresa Mondale, broker and owner of the United Country-Western Montana Group in Missoula, MT.

“My clients range from college students, retired government officials to high-ranking Silicon Valley .” After Kansas City, the best places to survive nuclear disaster are New Haven, CT, in second place, followed by Ann Arbor, MI ; Hagerstown, MD ; Springfield, MA ; Manchester, NH ; Duluth, MN ; San Luis Obispo, CA ; Crestview, FL ; and Lincoln, NE.

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Like most of America's largest cities, NYC would be hit with a deadly double whammy: In addition to being a primary target, it has precious few natural resources to make post-blast survival possible. Big cities usually have most of their goods (food, bottled water, medical supplies) shipped in.

But the second rule is all about the double tap: Always shoot your zombie twice in the head, just to be on the safe side. Being located in one of the most Second Amendment-friendly states offers plenty of opportunities to get familiar with your firearms prior to the zombie takeover.

While proximity to military bases could prove fatal with nukes, it's likely a godsend in the face of the living dead. A military outpost would have the soldiers, ammunition, and tanks required to take down those rotting herds.

Just ask Rick Grimes, who barely escaped a zombie mob in downtown Atlanta during the first episode of “The Walking Dead.” In case of zombie apocalypse, learn from Rick Grimes, and get out of the city. It almost goes without saying, but you can’t grow a garden in a 500-square-foot apartment.

And unless you purchased about 1,000 cans of Campbell's Chunky soup prior to the walkers' invasion, you're out of luck. The lesson here is that if you live in a huge city and start seeing people take bites out of each other, it is time to run for the hills.

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“Equipping a home with shatter-resistant windows, security devices, and alarm systems could go a long way,” says author Duarte. “Anything you can do to slow down a potential intruder or mindless zombie without much intelligence” would be good.

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