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• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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A post apocalyptic, third-person open-world adventure, Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive that boasts a great story, superb graphics and has nearly one hundred hours of gameplay to boot. Embracing some lovely top down twin-stick shooter gameplay, Dead Nation’s bite-sized stages has you and some friends tearing through the streets of a zombie infested city, killing zombies, scoring upgrades and defeating massive, hulking undead bosses.

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A super not so serious take on the zombie apocalypse, Death Road to Canada has you pulling together a crew of misfits as you attempt to reach the Canadian border in a madcap top-down shooter that has randomly generated events, levels and comes across like a marriage between South Park and The Walking Dead. The difference between Dying Light and other zombie games however is that it lets players pull off some super acrobatic parkour jumps and moves, while the zombie menace becomes stronger as the night draws in.

A full bloodied re-imagining of the legendary Phone classic, Resident Evil 2 is a gorgeous and terrifying third-person shooter that has you trying to escape a city under siege from a zombie invasion. Adapted from the comic book series of the same name which also gave rise to the stupendous TV show, Telltale’s The Walking Dead is a massive, story-driven adventure epic where players must guide a young girl, Clementine, through a zombie apocalypse.

Riddled with emotional challenges and non-linear storytelling that muses upon such topics as lost innocence and what it means to be human, Telltale’s The Walking Dead is riveting stuff to say the least. Including all the previously released DLC in addition to gorgeous new visuals, The Last of Us: Remastered is harrowing opus about a plague that not only devastates the world, but also about the heartless humans it leaves behind.

Thanks in part to the continued success of The Walking Dead there’s no escaping hordes of the undead on our TV screens, and that’s extended into our favorite video games too. Though, to be honest, there’s nothing finer than bashing your way through a horde of rotting flesh bags like some kind of blood-soaked superhero.

Be it your fists, a modified weapon or a sniper rifle, video games offer us a great range of ways to fight against the undead. If you decide to buy any of the games on this list, please consider using our Amazon affiliate links, included below each entry.

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You still have the option to play as either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield, and the game still takes place in the iconic, zombie -infested burg of Raccoon City. Most zombie games make plenty of effort to establish the dilapidated world you would otherwise inhabit as the result of a full scale, disastrous apocalypse.

That means consuming food and water, avoiding illness, and engaging in simple building techniques to fortify your home base. Developer Sony Bend worked on Days Gone for over four years, which shows how much care and detail was placed into the game's environment and graphics polish.

Created using the full power of the Unreal Engine 4, this PS4 -exclusive title puts you in the shoes of U.S. Army veteran Deacon St. John as he traverses the post-apocalyptic landscape as a bounty hunter for hire. In battling the zombie hordes, hilariously called “Breakers,” Days Gone introduces a variety of unique elements as a direct result of its high production value.

Throw in the ability to craft unique weapons in order to combat the dead, plus the game’s intuitive day and night cycle (which unleashes more powerful, albeit conquerable zombies as the sun goes down), and Dying Light makes for one of the most distinct zombie games currently on the PlayStation 4. Simultaneously, you'll also build up experience points for perks involving your class type, including faster reloading and stronger healing.

It isn’t too repetitive, but it is addicting; Killing Floor 2 has 14 different zombie types who vary in size, speed and lethality, with four difficulty settings and 19 different maps. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a scary zombie game that builds on the unnerving feeling of just turning a simple corner or opening a door.

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The most horrific PS4zombie game on the list changes up traditional Resident Evil gameplay by putting you in a first-person mode as you explore a derelict plantation inhabited by an undead mutant cannibal family. You’ll walk down a decrepit stairway and into a dim cavern hole in the ground where a long blue many pale hand reaches out to grab the only lantern in sight.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard emphasizes exploration and horror as players solve various puzzles and fight off hard-on-the-eyes grotesque looking enemies with handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers and other weapons with limited ammo. If you’re feeling extra brave, the game is compatible with the PlayStation VR headset that amplifies the fear in an immersive nightmare that’ll make you double-check your locks at night.

The Evil Within 2 is a third-person, survival horror game (with an optional first-person mode) that details the life of a depressed former police detective who discovers his daughter is still alive and must undergo, against his will, an experiment where he enters a virtual world with a machine called STEM. The subconsciousness of those in the STEM system creates the reality of the main game, a suspenseful horrific nightmare realm full of undead beings and mutated monsters who’ll gurgle and growl with rage upon your presence.

Players can relax or challenge themselves with three difficulty modes, using unique weaponry such as trip wires, hiding and ambushing enemies, crafting items and even upgrading their attributes (like health and athleticism) with the game’s RPG-like level up system. You can thank Resident Evil 4 for evolving the survival horror series, as well as being the pioneer of the famous “over-the-shoulder,” third-person view that you see in so many games today.

Resident Evil 4 focuses on more frantic and intense combat sequences than its survival horror predecessors by putting multiple enemies on screen and being able to fend all of them off instead of individually. Gamers get to play as Leon S. Kennedy (a fan favorite who first showed up in Resident Evil 2) who investigates the kidnapping of the President’s daughter by a mysterious cult set in a rural area of Spain that's full of violent villagers infected with a virus.

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The beloved Mercenaries Mode allows players to choose their own characters with specific weapons and fend off hordes of enemies while racing against a clock. This section features some of the best creations of zombie games made for PS4 gaming console and are actually quite fun to play as well.

You can find some repetitive options from the earlier section of bestzombiegames this is because there are only a handful of zombie games available for PS4 console. It is set in an open world environment and featured both single player and multiplayer gaming modes.

So, according to the plot, the gameplay is set after a nuclear World War III and the player is a survivor of it. Now, he needs to scavenge for food and other resources while saving himself from zombies who are an effect of this nuclear war.

To make the game real, they have put the constant need of food and water for the survival of the player. The main storyline is same as the previous games which focus on the black ops soldier but to play the zombie theme, you need to check for some settings.

However, the main focus remains on survival element only where you need to defend yourself against zombies. The plot shows a story where most of earth’s population has been wiped out and now only zombie like creatures wander here.

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You can complete side missions too which brings rewards which can be used to improve characters and support teams. This survival horror game allows you to play in single player mode only and the gameplay is controlled from third-person perspective.

The player takes the role of the protagonist Sebastian Castellanos and shows his struggle of being caught up in a distorted world full of horrid creatures. Onechanbara Z2 Chaos is centered on the theme of action and hack and slash genre.

Throughout the game, the player needs to focus on earning yellow orbs which are a sort of in-game currency and can be used for buying new combat moves and gears. So, the game runs in episodic manner while focusing on the elements like survival horror, interactive drama and graphic adventure.

This version brings advanced graphics and some amazing upgrades to keep the players hooked to the screen. Throughout the process, you need to focus on the health bar which when goes blue to red, shows high damage.

Other elements involved in Dead Island are survival horror, action and adventure and surprisingly role-playing too. Of course, the challenge of surviving in a zombie infested world is the main priority of the player for which he can rely on melee combat.

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You can pick your character from the four playable survivor options who are trying to escape from the fictional Hanoi Island. Killing Floor 2 is a type of first-person shooter game incorporating under the influence of survival horror element.

Killing Floor’s plot is different from other PS4zombiegames as it features clones turning into zombies in UK. With these progressions, the game ultimately reaches to the final wave which results in boss fight.

Each type of boss has different characteristics, and they are defeated by different strategies too like melee weapons, random ones, firearms etc. The game showcases an alternative reality of ending days of World War II where Hitler rises a zombie army, and you need to fight against them.

Rather than attacking enemies from head-on, the game believes in shooting zombies from afar through the rifles. The weapons provided belong to the World War II era which are mostly explosives, grenades, and mines.

Dead Rising features an open world environment where the player controls Frank West who gets caught up in a shopping mall amidst a zombie outbreak. Now, he needs to survive in this condition by scavenging for items which can work as weapons and can keep him alive.

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Player needs to complete various missions to lead to the main story, and he can also enjoy some side-missions too. To add more versatility, you are given the choices of a variety of weapons like rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers etc.

Apart from the regular shooting of zombies, the game ultimately takes the player to boss fights which largely relies on quick time events. Day is the next inclusion in the list of PS4zombiegames which focuses on the element of survival horror just like the rest of the games.

The plot is based in fictional Soviet Republic of Charts where most of the population has turned into zombies. The player is a survivor here who need to keep on looking for food, water, shelter, medicines, weapons etc.

Arizona Sunshine is a type of first-person shooter game based on the theme of zombie survival. Dying Light is amongst the most favorite zombie games for PS4 for many gamers and the main reason behind it its open world environment which is quite impressive.

The player takes the role of an undercover agent Kyle Crane who needs to survive in a quarantine zone while the game keeps on with the dynamic day and night cycle. As most of the areas are covered with dust, player needs to keep up with his oxygen level which is kind of a health bar too.

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Players are supposed to play the role of survivors and zombies are not the only enemies they need to face. Infinite Warfare is the 13th installment in Call of Duty gaming series which mostly utilizes the genre of first person shooting.

This mode also features new elements like score sharing, team buy doors, power ups etc. This zombie version also includes temporary boost up through the Fate and Fortune cards.

This is a survival horror game controlled from first-person perspective and showcase a fictional event of 2012 zombie apocalypse where the player takes the role of one of the survivors in it. This is way different from other games here mainly because its prime focus is on the genre of shoot ’em up, and you can control it from top-down perspective.

To keep the pace going, you are awarded money and points when you kill zombies which can further utilized for purchasing and upgrading the weapons. There are total ten levels in the game where player comes across a variety of challenges, and he needs to use various weapons to fight with them.

Moreover, the survival element remains common amongst all the game but to add further versatility, you can find side-quests and other missions too.

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