Best Zombie Apocalypse Movies On Netflix

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• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
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Dynamic and decomposed, the best zombie movies on Netflix will make you scream loud enough to wake the dead. The streaming service's finest undead offerings appear in the list below, a varied collection that gets as humorous as it does horrify.

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Photo: 1 Martin Freeman, Anthony Hayes Directed by: Ben Howling, Yolanda Rake Day of the Dead: Bloodline is a 2018 American zombie horror film directed by Hector Hernández Vices.

A field hockey-playing pizza delivery boy finds himself transformed from slacker to zombie slayer during an outbreak of the undead in Kuala Lumpur. 11 Nicholas Kitsopoulos, Jordi Shell Mad Ron's Revues From Hell is a 1987 cult horror film directed by Jim Monaco.

12 Sofía Signing, Natasha Duration Directed by: Juan Antonio de la Rival During Mexico's War of Independence, a group of men faces unimaginable horrors when they attempt to steal from the seemingly helpless Cordero sisters.

Some movies like ‘Zombie land’ and ‘Shawn of the Dead’ give us a rather funny approach towards this not-so-funny situation that makes us realize that the world may not be such a bad place even when there are half-dead bloodthirsty humans all around us. Their troubles begin as there is a continent-wide power outage for over a year, and they must learn to survive on just the basics.

This story goes on to prove that humans are no more a part of the natural world and will not be able to survive safely if not for these aids. The cast of the film includes Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood, Callum Keith Ronnie, Max Mitchell, and Michael Edmund.

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What makes this film even more relatable is not just the quarantining protocol, but the extensive use and dependency on social media and technology. A girl, Daughter (Clara Regard), lives in a bunker and has been brought up by a robot called Mother (Rose Byrne’s voice) who is helping to repopulate the Earth and instilling the appropriate skills and values that a person must have to exist on the planet.

The world of Mother and Daughter is disrupted by a Woman (Hillary Swank) who brings some jarring news. This film spins an unusual angle on ethics, responsibility, parenting, and what it means to be out there in the world.

A couple gets stuck in a time loop inside a lab where they get attacked by a bunch of mask raiders at the beginning of each day. They have to adapt and learn to fight off these raiders and at the same time develop a technology that can act as a power source to save the world from its Judgement Day.

In the near future, all of humanity is being infected by a parasitic fungus, which is transmitted through bodily fluids. Those who are infected turn into mindless zombies and the only hope is a small group of second-generation children who eat flesh but have retained the ability to reason and rationalize.

The plot focuses on a scientist, teacher, and two soldiers who strive to survive and are accompanied by a special girl called Melanie (Senna Nana). This post-apocalyptic horror film, based on a book by the same name, ‘The Girl With All the Gifts’ is directed by Cold McCarthy.

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Set in 2043, there is a strict one-child policy due to overpopulation, and all children except the firstborn are put into a cryosleep. At a time like this, a woman died giving birth to seven identical septuplet sisters.

In the care of their grandfather, they were meticulously taught to pose as a single identity, and the key to that was communication. The Norwegian film ‘Cadaver’ is set in a city that is razed to the ground post a nuclear disaster, where misery is the norm.

With no food, people are starved, crimes are rampant, and seeing decaying dead bodies on the street is an everyday phenomenon. The only way to survive in that world is to “stick together.” Leonor (Gite Witt) and Jacob (Thomas Fullest) have an only daughter, Alice (Tuna Olivia Rem man), and are very protective of her.

‘9’ is an animated film directed by Shane Hacker and stars Elijah Wood as 9. In 1930, in an alternate world, a dictator orders a scientist to create a robot for the sake of technological advancement.

The world almost comes to an end when the robot is taken by the dictator to be turned into a Fabrication Team, which would help him create an army of war machines. Not having a soul, the Fabrication Machine decides to wipe off all living things on the planet.

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The film is a combination of the found footage genre and science fiction; the story begins in 1982 when an alien ship is seen over Johannesburg. As it starts to feel more and more like a jail, an uprising begins, which results in a clash between humans and these extraterrestrial beings.

Starring Academy Award Winner Sandra Bullock, ‘Bird Box’ shows the struggle of a single mother in a post-apocalyptic world where she has to cross a treacherous river with her two kids and the biggest challenge that they face while doing all this is that they have to do all of this with a blindfold on. Well, that’s because it’s very much like the movie, ‘ A Quiet Place ‘, which tells the story of a family stuck in a post-apocalyptic world full of sound-sensitive beasts that get attracted to even the slightest of noise.

But then there are others who actually enjoyed this thriller for its amazing concept and also the parts where too many things were not revealed because they give us an insight into the protagonist’s mind who herself was trying to unravel the surrounding mysteries. ‘Extinction’ revolves around a man who does not ignore his intuition and later uses it to protect his family from an army of extra-terrestrial creatures who are trying to invade Earth.

Micheal Pena does a great job playing the lead but the ending of the movie has a twist that may either disappoint you or make you fall in love with it. ‘IO’ shows a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth has been completely destroyed to an extent where humans cannot live on it anymore.

Almost all humans have abandoned the planet and moved to Jupiter’s moon called IO. But one young girl named Sam is a scientist and believes that the planet can still be saved.

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She broadcasts a message on a common frequency to get the attention of the remaining humans and that’s when a man named Micah, who is also on his way to boarding the last spaceship to IO, comes and meets her. While Micah will have to rush his way to the ship, Sam must decide whether she wants to stay or move to IO like other humans.

It all starts off with a bunch of scientists who are working inside a space station revolving around the orbit of the Earth. But the whole experiment goes disastrously wrong and opens gateways to an alternate reality that will bring the world closer to its doomsday.

A group of refugees comes back to Earth with an intention to restore faith in the planet and fight the dark forces of gigantic monsters. The movie tells the story of a young man who’s trying to find his way back home to his pregnant wife in a post-apocalyptic world.

A very touching zombie apocalypse story of a man who looks for a new home for his newborn daughter after finding out that he may only have a few hours before he gets infected by a spreading pandemic. ‘Blame!’ shows a futuristic world where humans live a life completely integrated with cyber-technology.

But a deadly virus breaks out slowly making all the technology malfunction and steadily starts wiping out the entire population of the world. Some extreme sci-fi concepts go unexplained in the movie, so if you’re new to such films, then make sure that you have access to Google.

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The world is threatened by supernatural beings that are invisible to the naked eye and destroy anyone who confronts them. The movie centers around a special-ops team that battles these unknown entities that could be spirits of the war or a government’s arms experiment that went wrong.

Spectral offers some wonderful special effects, a great plot, and some decent acting. ‘The Worthy’ is actually a good appreciable movie considering the fact that it comes from a place where cinema isn’t all that big.

The movie is about how most of the world’s population gets completely wiped clean after water sources are contaminated by deadly viruses. The only few survivors live near a trustable clean water source that later gets infiltrated by some people who don’t hold the best of intentions.

All of it turns into a violent game of survival when the remaining humans fight over the only water body that can keep them alive. And with his first international project, the filmmaker imagines and explores a dystopian world brilliantly.

The unique aspect of the film is that here, the earth has been rendered uninhabitable, and thus all the people who are alive are on a massive train. The story centers around one of the leaders of the poor people encouraging his comrades to rise in revolt against the rich and seize control of the train.

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Still, this zombie installment proves that Korean cinema continues to kill in all genres. It's a cult favorite and one of the most successful independent films, made with only a $400,000 budget.

Residing in that contemporary genre of “post-horror” (smarter, smaller-budget art house screams), It Comes At Night is less an all out zombie fest and more a meditation of all those things that go bump in the dark, including images of ravenous humans. Cargo is just an overall solid post-apocalyptic flick, similar in structure to The Road but without being (quite) as bleak.

This Indonesian action comedy exists squarely within the What the FM*# Did I Just Watch category. Set in Quebec, this Canadian horror movie hits mostly all the zombie tropes, but in a way that feels fresh.

It's also (possibly) an allegory for Quebec politics, giving it that extra layer of interpretation on top of all the decayed human matter. “Zombies” are “hungrier” in this British film based on Mike Carey's novel of the same name.

Translated to “soul thieves,” this Mexican horror slasher is just good bloody fun, as well as a decent period piece on the Mexican civil war. So it’s technically a miniseries, but it clocks in just over two hours, so we’re just going to put it here.

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