Best Zombie Apocalypse Movies 2020

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• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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DIRECTOR: Hannah Hungary, Tony Hip well CAST: Miles Watts, Tony Hip well, Hannah Hungary Based on the cult UK zombie comedy series, Zomblogalypse merges the horrors of living in a zombie apocalypse with the absurdity of recording video blogs. But it’s not all brutal killings and violence sprees as the survivors find themselves bored with their methods and resort to video blogs as a means of something to do.

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Written and directed by Hannah Hungary and Tony Hip well, this comedic horror stars Andrew Dunn, Joanne Mitchell, and Lindsey Crane. Director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) helms this genre-twist of an action picture that is equal parts heist and zombie survival.

The film’s ensemble cast includes Dave Bautista, Ella Parnell, Ana de la Regular, Theo Rossi, TIG Notary, and Human Qureshi among others. 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and the 2010s best rated zombie movies out on DVD, Blurry or streaming on VoD (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ & More).

When his team unexpectedly... Read more Watch the trailer of Train To Susan 2: Peninsula Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates. DIRECTOR: Jeff Barnaby CAST: Michael Grey eyes, Elle-Máijá Tail feathers & Forrest Good luck A plague has turned everyone into zombies, except for the members of an old Canadian, indigenous tribe.

DIRECTOR: Jim Baruch CAST: Bill Murray, Adam Driver & Tilda Swindon After 2013's brilliant vampire flick 'Only Lovers Left Alive', American cult director Jim Baruch focuses on zombies this time around. With a stellar cast led by Adam Driver, Bill Murray and Tilda Swindon this lovely zombie comedy is bound to become a classic.

DIRECTOR: Ruben Fleischer CAST: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson & Emma Stone Ten years after the release of zombie comedy Zombie land, Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock are finally back in this highly anticipated sequel. DIRECTOR: Hector Hernández Vices CAST: Sophie Skeleton Johnathon Scratch Jeff Gum Granted, 'Day of the Dead: Bloodline' isn't the very best or most original zombie flick you've ever seen.

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DIRECTOR: Sang-ho Leon CAST: Yew Gong Soon Kim Yuri Jung While a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Susan. A slick businessman who cares about no one but himself, is forced to work with others and thereby regain the trust of his daughter when the Zombie endemic hits the inside of the train.

DIRECTOR: Cold McCarthy CAST: Gemma Atherton Dominique Tipped Glenn Close The story is set in a dystopian future where a virus has turned the humankind into a Zombie like species; a girl who is considered special has to embark upon a journey... Read more Watch the trailer of The Girl with All the Gifts RATING: 80/100 RELEASE DATE: June 9th, 2017 Stream The Girl with All the Gifts via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates. DIRECTOR: Marc Forster CAST: Brad Pitt Miracle Enos Daniella Pertest Human race is in potential danger of complete annihilation as a Zombie outbreak is threatening the overthrow of governments, destruction of armies and all the onus to... Read more Watch the trailer of World War Z RATING: 70/100 RELEASE DATE: June 21st, 2013 Stream World War Z via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates.

DIRECTOR: Tommy Nikola CAST: Vegas Hotel Ran Gamut Martin Starr A man in Norway is running from Nazi zombies and comes across eight American students on vacation who seem to be zombie enthusiasts, he learns new techniques to fight and... Read more Watch the trailer of Did SNL 2 RATING: 70/100 RELEASE DATE: October 7th, 2014 Stream Did SNL 2 via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is strictly a zombie movie, but don't expect millions of walking dead.

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Levine CAST: Nicholas Holt Teresa Palmer John Markovic The story highlights a beautiful bond between the living and the dead; A zombie saves a girl's life and the incidence sets into motion development of their... Read more Watch the trailer of Warm Bodies RATING: 69/100 RELEASE DATE: February 1st, 2013 Stream Warm Bodies via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates. DIRECTOR: KIA Roache-Turner CAST: Jay Gallagher Bianca Bradley Leon Bur chill The apocalypse is upon the Earth and a mad deranged doctor kidnaps a mechanic's sister; so he decides to load his car with tools and drive through the hordes of... Read more Watch the trailer of Wormwood RATING: 63/100 RELEASE DATE: September 19th, 2014 Stream Wormwood via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates.

Related: the Best new Found Footage movies in 2021 & 2020 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu & Cinema List) If you’re in for some gore and bloody fun then the Zombie genre might be something for you. It's no longer merely blasting heads off of wandering undead monsters, but the genre has found ways to make it more interesting.

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And then there was Wormwood, a pretty cool Australian film which felt like a Mad Max zombie flick. APA, Sofia Carson & Craig Robinson The year is 2024 and the coronavirus has only grown stronger over time.

Struggling to curb the infection rate, the government has grown stricter, requiring individuals to stay in their homes and only proceed to certain areas if given proper identification. Sara (Sofia Carson) finds herself in a difficult situation of deciding whether to harbor someone fleeing the government or turn them over to the authorities.

She may not have a choice as the fleeing woman is infected and thus making her a target law enforcement to keep the virus contained amid raids and concentration camps. DIRECTOR: Miguel Saponin CAST: Tom Hanks, Samira Wiley & Caleb Landry Jones Finch, the last man on earth, is sick and soon dying.

DIRECTOR: John Kaminski CAST: Emily Blunt, Lillian Murphy & Millicent Simmonds In this continuation of the post-apocalyptic horror hit, Emily Blunt returns to the role of Evelyn Abbott, a mother trying to protect her three children in a world of monsters that hunt by sound alone. Having now found a weakness in the creatures, Evelyn leads her children into the unknown where they must remain silent and vigilant.

Read more Watch the trailer of A Quiet Place: Part II Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and the 2010s best rated post-apocalyptic movies out on DVD, Blurry or streaming on VoD (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ & More).

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DIRECTOR: James Gray CAST: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones & Ruth Nigga More a movie about the prevention of the apocalypse, this sci-fi drama evolves around an astronaut who travels to a faraway planet to find his long-lost father. DIRECTOR: Perry Scandal CAST: Luke Loss, Flynn Allen & Peter Guinness Based on the writings of the philosopher Sufi, 'The Last Boy' tells the tale of dying woman who sends her young son to a magical place where all wishes are granted.

DIRECTOR: Christian Rivers CAST: Hugo Weaving Stephen Lang Robert Sheehan | Produced by Peter Jackson, this New Zealand dystopian epic could very well become the 'Mad Max' of 2018. Autonomous city states on giant wheels crawl the surface of the earth, fighting each other over food and resources.

DIRECTOR: Jee-woon Kim CAST: Woo-sung Jung, Dong-won Gang, You Han Based on a story by Mamore Ship (the man behind the 1995 manga classic 'Ghost in the Shell'), 'Intro: The Wolf Brigade' takes place in the distant future. DIRECTOR: Jaroslav Slaboshpytskyi CAST: N/A Shot in and around Chernobyl, Ukraine, this upcoming post-apocalyptic tale evolves around a group of people that have to work and live together in order to survive a permanent nuclear winter.

DIRECTOR: Trey Edward Shuts CAST: Joel Edgerton Riley Keogh Christopher Abbott Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, a man has established a tenuous domestic order with his wife and son, but this will soon be put... Read more Watch the trailer of It Comes at Night RELEASE DATE: September 14th, 2018 Stream It Comes at Night via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates. Related: the Best new Zombie movies in 2021 & 2020 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu & Cinema List) Nothing displays the strong of humans like when they are left to their own devices.

Tons of movies play with the post-apocalyptic genre, but only some of them rise above the zombie or action flick, and show us something more about what it means to be a human. And, 2019 was actually a pretty solid year for zombie cinema, with releases like Zombie land 2, Little Monsters, and the odd Dead Don’t Die.

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Release Date: January 28, 2021 (Straight to Digital/DVD) Cast: Milena Forum, Alice Santayana, Brian Million According to the initial report, which originated from The Latin Post, Gong Yew might make his return as a zombie.

In Alone, Aidan (played by Tyler Pose) finds himself in the midst of a zombie (called Screamers here) outbreak, deciding to barricade himself inside his apartment (as news channels suggest). With the world around him in shambles and on the brink of taking his own life, he discovers another survivor in the apartment building across from him.

Director: Chris Brewster Release Date: TBA Starring: Wesley Snipes Outbreak Z will focus on two SWAT officers who are searching for a man who has the zombie virus vaccine in an overrun campus.

But we do know that Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams will play the lead role as Mary, and the concept of the book sounds incredible. Rest assured, it is a zombie apocalypse survival film, despite IMDB oddly listing it as a romance movie.

We don’t have much along the lines of details for the Rise of the Living Dead project, but it’s apparently set in the late 1960s and follows a scientist who makes a deal with the military to find a way for humans to sustain life in the event of Mutual Assured Destruction, creating a curse that will plague mankind for the rest of days. The story is set six years after Land of the Dead, and it takes place on an island on which zombie prisoners race cars in a coliseum to entertain the wealthy.

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The director is Matt Airman, who describes the upcoming zombie film as Road Warrior meets Roller ball. He notes that he HAS TO finish the trilogy, and he teases that they intend to bring back Hitler as a zombie -Hitler.

Director: Zack Snyder Cast: Dave Bautista, Chris D’Elias, Omar Hardwick Release Date: TBA The good news is that it’s set in a futuristic Las Vegas, and that’s enough to pique our interest here at Nerd Much?.

As of 1/30/19, Netflix has picked up the distribution rights for Army of the Dead and has put Zack Snyder behind the wheel (he also came up with the story). The popular Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament book by S.G. Browne is being adapted into a movie, although we can’t seem to find a date attached to the production or its release.

The story follows a young man who “survives” a car accident that kills his girlfriend, although he has to go through life as a zombie who lives in his parents’ wine cellar, now. It’s a zombie comedy film, which are undeniably on the rise, and it’s allegedly going to star actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson.

Inherit the Earth is an upcoming sci-fi film that’s based on the ID comic Zombies Vs. Robots that released in 2006, but it’s not necessarily a direct adaptation. The story follows a protector robot who has to protect a young girl from an onslaught of zombies.

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We don’t know much about the upcoming World War Z sequel, except for its release date and that Brad Pitt will be returning. The original film did not live up to the expectations of many fans of the novel by Max Brooks, and it was received lukewarm critically.

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