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It's one of the most popular genres of the last 10 years, so why wouldn't there be some good zombie manga floating around out there? Up vote the titles below that you've read and loved, and down vote any that you wouldn't want to recommend to other readers.

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One slightly lesser known title below is I am a Hero, which is refreshing in that it tells the story of an ordinary kid trying to survive, without the superpowers and craziness of other titles. If we've left off any titles that deserve to be called the best, feel free to add your own zombie manga recommendations to the list.

Photo: 1 2 3 The Best High school Of The Dead Characters #103 of 200 The 100+ Best Anime Intros of All Time The undead are a pillar of the popular culture and the core of the Terror stories, but the zombies issue goes further, since it is not only a pop culture myth but is known from ancestral practices; the voodoo priests performed a ritual in which a person was given several drugs causing a kind of trance, performing the movements typical of zombies, where it seems that the person had no control over his body.

Whatever its origin, we can not deny that we are especially attracted to the stories of the living dead, because they have a certain charm that has remained forever in the popular bestiary. The plot focuses mainly on mystery, gore and action, since every death caused by girls or zombies is very graphic and bloody, and all giving the time to explore the morals and ethics of people in extreme situations.

After this event, Kigali's life will change radically, so he and a group of survivors will have to investigate the origin of these strange magical girls. A pandemic is spreading across the planet, which is turning humans into zombies; Soon, this unknown virus arrives in Japan, where Takashi Romero, an average high school student, who, one day, observes how a teacher is attacked at the door of the school, and the infection begins to spread massively.

For example, we have the story “And I Loved Her” by Satsuma Trade, where a family keeps their zombie grandmother chained in the basement, taking care of her rotten body. Another curious story is “Shiva to Auras Na Kodomotachi”, by Schizo Guise, in which two little children try to survive in a world plagued by zombies ... with their parents already transformed.

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In this manga, most of the episodes are presented as isolated cases, following only the plot to clarify the facts with the final testimony of the murdered person ... but these undead are not as in other works, they have full consciousness and, even, there are those who want to collect revenge by their own hand. Despite the format used by the manga, we can catch the story of Reiko Timezone, a girl who dedicates her life to working as a freelance necromancer, covering the orders of customers who want to bring their dead to settle accounts or simply supporting the police to clarify the strangest cases of murder.

Here, some high school girls have to face a world that has been devastated by zombies, while one of them lives in a state of denial, going to classes normally within the undead. Yuri Take ya, despite everything, tries to lead a normal life, going to school regularly; Durum is the girl who is in charge of the zombies, very brave and always accompanied by the shovel she uses as a weapon; Yuri is a relaxed and mature girl, who takes the role of older sister and always cares about the well-being of her friends; Legume is a teacher and the only adult of the group, so she is responsible and balanced.

Resident Evil, known as Biohazard in Japan, was one of the pioneering video games to use zombies, reaching parallel stories in different media, including several live-action movies. Professor Doug has previously collaborated with the BSA in other outbreaks of the Umbrella Corporation virus, for which he is requested by the Mother Superior of Mariana.

Mourão no Trivago is a manga of zombies that sets us in a terrain that had not been explored before in this genre, with a story that takes place on a cruise ... although far from the luxuries and pleasures, we speak of a sinking ship. This manga is a reflection of the lowest and wretched that can become a person in a hostile environment and outside the law, and how low can fall the moral of each in order to survive.

With a chaotic and “murky” style of drawing, Bi omega portrays a world in ruins where humans have managed to colonize Mars. The objective is a girl named Ion Greene, who is sought by both the agents of the Department of Public Health and by the same Drones.

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Apocalypse no To ride is a manga that looks at a society where ethics and morals are at their lowest point, with laws that are no longer applicable. In addition, we appreciate the detail that has been shown in the drawing of the bloody scenes of this manga, although Apocalypse no To ride prefers the evasion of zombies instead of direct conflict.

Mazda Dashiki is a young man accused of a crime he did not commit and who, without further evidence against him, is locked up in the correctional facility. Zombies have long been a staple of the horror movie genre here in the west, with the current and most familiar version of the undead coming from George Romero's Night of the Living Dead.

Consequently, such series as Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead act to pay continued homage to the maestro of the modern zombie. However, there are still a handful of titles from Japan that focus on the monsters, offering a unique spin on the creatures through cultural and societal differences.

Facing nerves and worries that she is going to be sick for her first date, a girl takes a large dose of medication meant to restore cells. Zombie Cherry is a wonderfully adorable romantic series, heightened with a healthy dose of comedy.

A strong entry in the horror genre, the mix of zombie and 'trapped on a ship' makes for an engaging and claustrophobic tale of survival. Courtesy of Dark Hose Manga, Reiko the Zombie Shop pays homage to the slasher genre, with a focus on a killer and his bloody vengeance.

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The Resident Evil series is arguably the most popular horror franchise in video game history, with the Cap com owned title crossing into many mediums both in the west and east. What makes this release from Viz Media stand out from the other tie-ins, is offering an engaging narrative in canon, taking place just before Resident Evil 6.

Wrongfully convicted of murder, Dashiki Mazda finds himself in a youth detention center in a constant power flux. Unfortunately for the inmates matters only become worse when the zombie apocalypse begins to spill into their prison, creating a constant struggle for survival against both humankind and the undead.

Fort of Apocalypse, which was tragically cut short, thrived on balancing the regular zombie tropes with some innovative approach to the evolution of the undead. High school of the Dead proved to be a cult hit on release, with many westerns checking it out for its unrelenting action and animated characters.

Regardless, the story of a diverse group of students struggling to survive when the zombie apocalypse spills over into their school has proven to be one of the most beloved takes on the genre. In addition, Yen Press also released the series in both omnibus editions and full-color hardcover, giving it a notable presentation for collectors.

Traumatized by years of working an unfulfilling position, Akira has reached his breaking point both physically and mentally. Given the series is still in its infancy, it is difficult to say how the story will evolve, but for now, it is proving to be a favorite among fans landing in the number 3 spot.

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Additionally, the series has a strong visual approach and touches of surrealism that make for an engrossing and unique experience. To say the success is just in the novelty of approach would be a misstep since the series does boast a memorable cast of characters and good comedic flow sprinkled with strong horror elements.

Just like manga, the word ‘ Manila ‘ refers to ‘ webcomics ‘ in the Korean language and some people even call them Webtoons. The world of Manila is vast, presenting with all kinds of stuff as manga and some impressive things as well.

Even though you might’ve read some comics which give you a good start and go downfall in the end, believe me, the Korean webtoons are fantastic in making the story. The story follows Hong Sell, an average but beautiful college student, Yew Jung, a talented pianist, and the sister of Back In-ho, that falls in love with Yew Jung.

Bastard is a total pace changing Manila and stays on a different level from the normal ones. Somehow his eyes set on a new transfer student of Seon‘s school known as Soon KYU.

Now the time has come for Jin to choose whether to leave her in his father’s hands or fight against him. However, Bastard stays apart from those offering the immeasurable thrill to the reader by making every second valuable.

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As the title suggests, the main character in the Manila becomes an obstacle breaker through his determination. Shown is a student in Nine Dragons High School who gets bullied regularly.

When his new English Teacher named Chen Woo witnesses it, he provokes him for not fighting back, Shown decides to join a Martial Arts academy. But before that, he accidentally sees Chen Woo’s fighting skills and decides to become his disciple. However, Chen Woo takes him as a disciple if only Shown can prove that he can keep his life on the line.

Like any other action Manila, The Breaker tells the viewer about the fighting spirit. It includes a few turns that’ll make the reader stare out of anxiety.

I guess you shouldn’t be surprised to see it on the list of the bestmanhwa / the best webtoons. However, when a young girl named Yoora-hun appears, his life takes a turn.

Drug Candy plays with your emotions, and you will admit that reality can be often disappointing. But as the story progresses, it gets more intense, and with each new character, you’ll find something relatable to them with the plot.

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It has gorgeous artwork, an engaging story, and more importantly, exciting characters. So, if you’re searching for a good Manila to read, then feel free to add this one to your list.

The story follows Leon who knows the meaning of fear but to some an extent thanks to the nightmares he encounters. But when he discovers the existence of monsters, his worst nightmares finally become real.

While blending with the students, he learns more about modern society, but the world faces some threats. The best thing about this Manila is that on one side, it looks like a slice of life Manila covering school life events, but on the other side, the real plot makes its way to depict some dark scenes, which will make you even more excited.

Noblesse has a good plot from the beginning to the end, and at any point, it doesn’t slow down. Sweet Home is a Psychological Horror Manila that hits you with quite an impact of thrill.

The story follows CIA Hymn, who used to be a shut-in but had to move to another apartment due to a tragedy. Since he can’t live without his family, he tries to commit suicide, but an unbelievable incident changes everything.

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The main selling point of the Manila is the characterization, and you’ll be amazed by the execution level. Orange Marmalade is a story that gives you a meaningful and sweet experience.

But somehow she caught an eye on the most popular guy in the school, and the rest is not worth the spoiling. If you love reading some different Manila with the basic story premise, this one will be the bestmanhwa for you.

The story starts with the fourth day of a zombie apocalypse, where Jungkook stuck in his room when her mom turns into a zombie. While running out on both food and water, he decides to face the world filled with zombies.

At first, I was hesitant to read it because it wasn’t on the top tier mantras, but once I gave it a chance, it got me hooked up just from the art. He meets new people and experiences a lot of new things, but he always sticks to his very goal of becoming the greatest fighter.

‘ Daughter of the Emperor ‘ is written by two well-known Manila artists RINO and Consul. The underlying theme of this one is likable to almost every Manila reader because it is an Sakai (another world) genre.

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A 24-year-old woman becomes a murder victim and finds herself reincarnated as a born baby in another world. The Emperor is a cold-blooded man who conquered ten countries and known as a nightmare around his world.

The story introduces you to some unique elements rather than giving the usual Sakai experience. It follows SIA Lee, who is a vampire, but instead of sucking blood, she can absorb the energy of any person by touching them.

SIA Lee is a model, so she never had any problems with touching guys, but when she meets Jio Shin, she can’t feel him since he has Monophobia. With the combination of comedy, romance, and a slight bit of drama, it entertains you continuously.

If you have even a tiny bit of experience in reading Manila, then I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about Solo Leveling. Fans of Sakai anime are most likely seem to enjoy this one because it does its best to reach everyone’s standards, and sometimes it even surpasses our expectations.

In the world of Solo Leveling, you can power up your abilities and become a ranker based on your achievements, and the main character is too OP. There might’ve been some important Manila like Tower of God we didn’t mention above, but all we want to present the unique content to the viewers.

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So, if you’re a Manila lover, almost all the manga above mentioned are worth the time you spend. If you’re new to Manila, we suggest you start with Solo Leveling because its art is eye-catching and makes you speechless.

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