Best Zombie Apocalypse Houses

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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11 Zombie Proof Houses That Make The Armageddon Sound Exciting If something catastrophic were to happen tomorrow in the world, would you be happy to remain in your present home or would you rather find shelter somewhere else? Sure, there’s no place like home, but that won’t help you survive the apocalypse.

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A house reinforced with sliding walls or a movable one which you can take with you as you change location can prove to be much more useful in such a scenario. Some amazing examples actually exist and although they weren’t specifically built with the end of the world in mind each one of them could make a great zombie house.

The house was designed to look like a compact cube and to be completely sealed off in which case it has no windows or openings. Its exterior walls can slide, opening up the internal spaces and forming a courtyard.

First, you can see that it doesn’t actually sit flat on the land but actually only one of its corners touches the ground while the rest of the house hangs over the edge of the hill. In addition to that, those wide glass openings can be protected by large shutters, basically sealing the house entirely.

Furthermore, the house was designed in a way similar to a bridge which means it lets water flow under it thus limiting the risk of landslip. Shutters and sliding walls are very useful when you want to seal off a structure to prevent people from breaking in or in case of very bad weather.

Also, a remote location is desirable in the context of an apocalyptic scenario which brings us to this interesting cabin designed and built by Olson Funding. It’s small and intended to serve as a vacation home which meant that it had to be safe and secure, hence the huge shutters which can slide open to let in light and the view or which can stay closed when the house is not in use.

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The fact that the house sits on stilts protects it from the dampness specific to temperate rainforest regions but also offers an increased sense of security. You can relocate it without ever needing to do any modifications to its structure not to mention that in winter this can turn out to be quite fun.

The hut was built by cross on Clarke Canadian architects on the shore on New Zealand. The most notable detail is, of course, the fact that the hut was built on two sleds.

Like all the other potential zombie houses we showed you so far, it has shutters which can close off the internal spaces for increased security and protection from naturally-ocuring phenomena. Olson Funding designed this cabin in Washington to serve as a private writer’s retreat with the possibility to also be used as a holiday home.

The site on which it was built is remote and tranquil so, naturally, the architects and the clients agreed that the cabin should be able to take advantage of that. As a result, the structure is more or less a glass box that opens up to the scenic views.

It has one solid wood wall and three sides framed by glass. On these three sides the architects designed three wooden decks which can be lifted and turned into shutters.

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These shutter-decks secure the house when not in use…a pretty useful feature when you don’t want zombies to get in for instance. Wood shutters are pretty nice, their warmth making spaces feel extra cozy.

Steel shutters, on the other hand, are more resilient and more desirable for a zombie house. In that sense, this tiny cabin built by Olson Funding Architects could potentially be used as a shelter in such a situation.

For now, however, it’s just a cozy little cabin in the woods with cedar-lined ceilings and floors, an outdoor shower deck, a wood-burning stove and an unfinished steel panel which can slide over the windows, securing the structure when the owners are away. When those metal shutters are down, this little structure looks like a fortress plus the worn finish gives it excellent cover, camouflaging it nicely.

It’s also great for other reasons such as the fact that it has passive heating and cooling technologies and a water-harvesting system. New Refuge Gervasutti is the name of a survival pod designed by LEAP factory, a studio which specializes in modular structured for extreme environments.

This particular one cantilevers over the edge of a mountain in the Alps, but it’s possible to position it on any site which can be reached by helicopter. That being said, check out this awesome cabin that bureau A designed a while ago.

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The project, as the name suggests, is a tribute to Swiss novelist Charles-Ferdinand RAM. It’s pretty clever and interesting not just in the context of an apocalyptic world but also as a holiday retreat from where to admire the mountainous surroundings.

Sure, it lacks come of the comfort that other houses might offer but that’s the whole point: to reduce it to the bare essentials for increased authenticity and charm. The bunker is partially sunken into the ground and has raw concrete walls and an interior living space of only nine square meters with a low ceiling.

To obtain this unique design, the architects used a very unusual technique which involved pouring concrete over stacked hay bales covered with soil. After the concrete dried, a cow was allowed to eat the hay over the course of a year.

The concrete had borrowed some properties from the soil, gaining a special texture and color. She may not be very fond of people, finding them annoying most of the time, but she still enjoys helping them from the shadows.

Patio Conversation Sets Can Make Your Outdoor Space More User-Friendly With “The Walking Dead” shambling into its sixth season this Sunday, we started wondering once again about the end of humankind.

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Why it's here: One good place to be when the undead start getting the munchies: the coast of California. In case you didn't know, zombies can’t swim, and taking a houseboat to an island paradise is a dream in a nightmare world.

This custom-built castle in Yuma is practically walking dead–proof, and we’re willing to bet there are more than a few swords for up-close-and-personal encounters. Why it's here: Unfortunately for “The Walking Dead” survivors, Hershel Greene's farm was woefully unequipped to deal with flesh-eating corpses.

When you’re looking for shelter, you’ll want to set up fort in a stronger area, like this apocalypse -ready ranch in small-town Indiana. Downstairs and behind a secret wall in this 6,035-square-foot house, you can contemplate the apocalypse in peace in the bank vault or gunroom.

Get away from the drudgery of post-apocalyptic life by escaping to this five-bedroom home nestled in the quiet Rocky Mountains. You might have to walk a few miles to get water when the utilities sector falls apart, but there’s a generator and little chance of the undead shuffling up to your front door.

Why it's here: Take your cottage boat to the coast of Ruskin, FL, to find this magnificent island property. Located on 3.5 acres, with three sides protected by water, you can finally relax, and stop thinking about all the people you killed yesterday for that dusty package of Skittles.

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This home features all the luxe-life amenities such as a full bar, cabana, jetted tub, and steam shower. The house, with its movable walls, has only one entrance, which is located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge.

Seems like the perfect opportunity to use a flamethrower and defend the life of your family, while stylishly nesting in a piece of architectural elitism. This house is located on an island called Ellie near Vestmannaeyjar, a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland.

Via datensklaven.DE The house on Dunbar rock has 6 rooms each with private bath and balcony. Situated deep within the Adirondack State Park in Upstate New York, this cabin was built atop a cold-war era missile silo and is currently on the market for only $1.75 million dollars.

State lands are open to the public for hunting, trapping, fishing and other recreational purposes. Milan-based architecture studio Stefano Boeri’s Vertical Forest is a residential building duo named Bosco Vertical that can be seen in construction in the metropolitan center of Milan, Italy.

This exciting green residential project was meant for growing forests in the sky and allowing residents and neighbors to enjoy fresh outdoor air. Knowyourmeme.com This 156.3 ft tall structure was built from 1941 to 1943 and remained in operation for over 21 years before it was closed down in 1961.

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In 1997, Bruce Townsmen paid $99,000 for an Atlas F missile base near Abilene, Texas. Bruce apparently got the idea while watching the Johnny Carson show in the late '80s.

The Ark Two Community in Canada has a 10,000 sq/ft nuclear shelter as part of its refuge facility. This may be the largest Privately Constructed nuclear fallout shelter in the world.

42 buses were used as forms to pour a minimum of 12 inches of high strength concrete that was heavily reinforced with rebar.

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