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Bob Roberts
• Monday, 18 January, 2021
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No matter what type of game you’re looking for, there is undoubtedly something that fits the bit available on the Roblox platform. If you’re looking for something a little more intense that can really get the blood pumping and the hair standing up on the back of your neck, look no further than this list of the bestzombiegames on Roblox.

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People are still playing this game, even though it’s no longer receiving any updates. Instead of managing a restaurant or other business like you might in other popular Roblox tycoon games, Zombie Defense Tycoon has you managing an operation of soldiers, miners, and other characters to fight back against the apocalypse.

So, naturally, sticking a bunch of zombies into a school would make for a good time, right? You and a bunch of other humans join forces facing off against zombie hordes.

Featuring an active community and more than 5 million plays to date, this is one of the more robust, if generic, zombie games out there. The game's enjoyed frequent and consistent updates since its launch, and has massed more than 44 million visits.

If you’re still not sold, read up on why millions of people can’t stop playing Roblox right here. David Juneau is a tech and gaming journalist with bylines on several prominent media publications such as IGN, Polygon, Playboy, Uploader, Motherboard, Game crate, VICE, Games Master Magazine, and many others.

It’s published by Adams Media and is now available for purchase on Amazon right here, as well as from Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and other select retailers. Like most of the games on the app, Apocalypse Rising offers an open world experience.

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Zombie Attack is one of the most polished Roblox games you can find on the platform. You and a bunch of other humans join forces facing off against zombie hordes.

· These are the 10 best survival games in Roblox, and the rankings were based on popularity, determined by the number of times they’ve been downloaded and played by the community. Field Trip Z by Splitting Point Studios It all started out like a normal field trip day: an exciting morning, a fun bus ride, and plenty of zombies to go around.

· I really love the apocalypse type of games on Roblox even when there's role play elements. Battery Retrieval mode is where teams have to find and collect as many containers as possible to win.

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If you want the hottest information right now, check out our homepages where we put all our newest articles. This category contains articles about zombie games.

It's really annoying, and they are starting to sound like old people complaining about how 'kids these days have no taste' and stuff like that The second category is a famous person’s profile saying go play this game in their bio.

The ads that I think attract the most attention features the YouTuber Flamingo, Billie Eilish or Ariana Grande. It’s not a horrible strategy but taking advantage of a role model to advertise your game/group is something almost everyone will scoff at (sponsorships are different).

These are the ads that show a bacon hair or a default avatar and then a neon color arrow pointing at someone dressed up with a caption saying: before they joined, after. However, despite many of these ads I can understand the ones featuring their own clothing and not an avatar having limited faces with a Valerie helm and expensive hats and cosmetic.

If they don’t fall into those categories it’s prob a meme template or dare I say- an original idea. Like category two, on the ad it shows a default avatar usually a bacon or something with a dull “level 1” around them.

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Hello everyone, I’ve been posting here periodically over the past few months on this map I’m working on, and I can finally say it’s finished, more or less (still some optimization to be done, one particular area is still under works.) The lighting is very attractive, the background music is soothingly addictive and the overall attention to detail is excellent.

I am sure that this game will become a hotspot for all types of Roblox players over the coming weeks and months. I am excited to see this as a full game, although zombie survival games exist on Roblox, I’ve been waiting for one with an attention to detail in the open world similar to Day, this looks like it will have the same attention to detail, and I’m excited.

Encore September 6, 2019, 11:23pm #7Wow this looks great, can’t wait to see this as a full game. Hopefully something like this could take the place of APC as the go to zombie apocalypse game.

The original APC isn’t updated anymore and is ridden with hackers and APC 2 is just a Roblox version of unturned, and I think we all know it's going to flop lol. Surprisingly, performance stays somewhat high (it’s a pretty big deal for me since I have a high-end PC) The overall mood really does feel like an apocalypse once occurred.

I love that attention to detail, only minor lag on my Xbox One X when for example looking directly into the sun, but I assume that’s going to be optimized before release. I’ll edit this reply if I find something that looks odd in the game as imp laying it right now.

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Edit: The camera shake is really annoying while driving also I think you should add an option to disable it entirely maybe. Mer5000 September 7, 2019, 10:42am #11Thank you, I’ll decrease the camera shake and redo the texturing.

I think the map looks really nice but with so many parts you’re setting yourself up for failure, Robloxgames cannot handle 300,000 parts on Mobile and such, these platforms cover 55% of Roblox’s user base and a large majority of Desktop users are most likely on average laptops/computers which aren’t built to run everything at the highest level of detail, I noticed your network receive was on red which means you may have lag issues once you introduce guns and coding to the equation. I have yet to purchase a new graphics card, but on ROBLOX most of the time my new CPU runs most games just fine.

Mer5000 September 7, 2019, 2:02pm #15I’m well aware, the game will be heavily optimized near release. ROBLOX will be releasing procedural terrain generator which means grass can be generated automatically, which would mean removal of existing grass textures/meshes.

Nicely realistic as others have said, but I don’t enjoy the black borders (I know It’s to make it more cinematic). I also don’t like the lighting since I believe it would make it harder to see or engage combat with other players.

It is understandable that there may be a laggy game with all the textures and everything, but it can easily be resolved. @mer5000 a way to do this is allowing players to enable and disable textures that are on the map.

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Mer5000 September 8, 2019, 7:23pm #20it will be similar to apocalypse rising, we plan on having zombies/some sort of mob at nighttime alone and a story mode soon enough. Sensor September 9, 2019, 5:08pm #22Wow, extremely realistic, I love the skybox.

In this game, you contend with bandits, wildlife, resource gathering, and nature itself. This includes the random times a thick mist will envelop the world around you and you can get swarmed by masses of infected.

Difficulty changes at random times due to fog mechanic to keep you on your toes Open world with vehicles to drive Lots of NPC to work with If you’ve ever wanted to play a more serious version of Dead rising than this game is right up your alley.

If Minecraft and tower defense games had a baby it would be Colony survival. This is a really cool idea to have a nightly swarm of zombies attack your block village and ITT actually be the main purpose of this game.

This isn’t a super long game by any stretch of the imagination with only 11 chapters, but it more than makes up for it in sheer numbers. This game is loaded with massive hordes of undead coming from every direction.

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The weapon choices aren’t really special, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless. If you like the book or the movie then you’ll definitely love this game.

If Sims had a zombie mode and more RPG elements I would call it Project Zombie too. This game is rare in the fact that unless you change some setting none of the zombies will run, just as George Romero would have wanted.

This is the shining behemoth of a game made by Valve that will always be used to judge zombie games. One way this game stays fresh is the massive support that steam still gives it, not to mention it’s huge fan base.

Check out this classic game when you get the chance, you won’t regret it. I know I said a lot about Left for Dead being a zombie game to judge other zombie games by, but Resident Evil is the series to judge other zombie game series.

This game sees the return of Chris Redfield and the Umbrella Corporation (no surprise there). This game also supports VR, there’s nothing like being scared pantless in virtual reality.

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VR support Has a Texas Chainsaw type feel Has some puzzle elements This game does have an interesting day/night cycle, so that’s unique, I’m not sure it’s a great selling point though.

It takes place in a distant future where there are very few humans left, but billions of zombies roaming the planet. This game seems to have a Fist of the North Star kind of setting, with less Mad Max.

Steampunk universe Real-time strategy gameplay Different types of zombies (even giant ones) You have to watch out for plague zombies because they can make short work of you.

Like you would see in The Walking Dead these zombies respond most to noise, so you must be careful when driving or shooting loud guns, so use a suppressor if you have one. This is an early access game that you can play and has some well-thought-out features.

One of many is that if you are carrying some kind of meat that has a strong scent, zombies will find you more easily. You have to fortify a base for yourself from the zombies because in seven days they will swarm you and try to take you down.

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Now you can come in contact with zombies before the seventh day, but their numbers are significantly increased. I didn’t want to hurt you, grams, but you’ve left me no choice.

This delightful game reminds me a bit of Hotline Miami, but with zombies. There are also a lot of text-based interactive events to go through on your international journey, stay safe out there.

Play as Leon and Claire once again in this remake of the original PlayStation title. This game has received stellar reviews and is a very faithful re-imagining of the original title.

You can even play it in a hardcore mode in case you are feeling masochistic today. You get to play each individual story of both Claire and Leon and when you complete it with each character you get to see the true ending.

Have you ever wanted to play a game as a bounty hunter who also kills zombies? You play as Deacon St. John and you get to go through his story and also survive hordes of the undead.

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