Best Zombie Apocalypse Food

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DON’T FORGET: basic can opener pocket knife backpack with pouches/pockets ziplock bags for storage While your first thoughts might be to collect weapons to fight the zombies, don’t forget you will need to eat.

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Generally speaking, you need to stay hydrated, alert, light, and strong. Thanks to our amateur Zombie expert Amy Baruch Abenaki for helping PBS Food to compile this list.

According to Answers.com, a person can survive for nearly a month without food but will die after 3 days without water. Water can also be beneficial in treating scrapes and bruises along the way.

You’ll get a great value out of nuts, specifically almonds, walnuts and pecans. Packed with protein, peanut butter doesn’t require refrigeration and can be added to less desirable foods to make them taste better or eaten by itself.

A little peanut butter will keep your chainsaw purring no matter how many zombies you have to chop through. The good news is that canned meats are already cooked/processed and ready to eat.

There are many varieties of canned meat available including Vienna sausages, tuna, deviled ham, and much more. Like the canned meat, hot dogs are precooked, ready to eat, and highly portable.

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Unlike those meats, hot dogs will give you an opportunity to close your eyes and remember the wonderful days before the zombies came when you spent carefree days at the ballpark. Beef jerky is portable, tasty, and packed full of nutrients like protein, zinc and iron.

Carrots, eggplant, potatoes, and other root vegetables last long and are durable should you have to go on the run. A good solid potato can also serve as a decent projectile weapon in a pinch.

Dried fruits are a great source of fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins and other nutrients like potassium and iron. Dates are high in calories which can serve you well when you need to keep your energy up.

However, tomato paste comes in small, easy to store and carry cans and last forever. Temper expectations though, you probably won’t be able to perfectly recreate your Donna’s beating all’Americana while also keeping the undead from eating your brains.

Canned beans have a very long shelf life and are meal-ready when opened. Dried herbs & spices may not be as tasty or packed full of nutrients as fresh ones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have benefits.

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This is largely due to the fact that it is made up of sugar, which makes it hard for bacteria or microorganisms to affect the honey. “Honey in its natural form is very low moisture,” Amina Harris, executive director of the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Monday Institute at University of California, Davis, told Smithsonian Magazine.

White bear studio/Shutterstock With no moisture and plenty of oil, peanut butter can keep for at least from three to five years. The high amount of fat and vitamin E in the food “stave off oxidation and prolongs PB's shelf life,” Richard Faults, a senior scientist at the Institute of Food Research told Science line at NYU.

Eskimos/Shutterstock Homemade dehydrated lean cuts of meat with salt and hot pepper will last up to two months, according to the USDA. Liz west/Flickr/Attribution License These dried flavoring cubes, especially if they're vegetarian, can last up to a year past their expiration date.

Milieu/Shutterstock Usually, with an expiration date of a few years into the future, canned foods will last even longer in your underground bunker. Shutterstock Spruce Eats reported that some survivalist stores sell non-fat powdered milk claiming it has a shelf-life of 25+ years.

IStock Instant coffee packets stored in the freezer will last pretty much forever. The hard crackers should be dipped in water or fried with butter to make edible.

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Food and drinks will be one of the most sought after supplies during the zombie apocalypse and for a good reason. There are many varieties of canned products, but easy targets include baked beans, spaghetti, Spam, fish (e.g. sardines), soups, and condensed milk.

Civilian versions (like the Meal Kit Supplies) are also available if you can't obtain the real deal, although there's no substitution for quality if you have those as well. There are also dedicated sites like Fresno and others that can help you with more information regarding MRE's.

For example, if you find stale bread or biscuits, peanut butter will improve the flavor. A simple meal can be “made” with just peanut butter and oats if the latter is obtainable (which shouldn't be a problem as oats can last for at least a year if they're kept in air-tight containers), providing a sustaining boost of protein, fiber, and fats, if a little thirst-provoking.

Dried foodstuff (like flour, pasta, oats, rice, powdered foods or cereals) as a whole can also last if storage conditions are maintained, but may need water to become suitable for consumption. Canned drinks: Similar to above, they're okay in moderate but detrimental for the health if consumed often.

It's low amount of water and chemical makeup also makes it useful as an emergency disinfectant. Pickles and preserves: Anything that’s very salty or very sweet will hold on longer than it would usually expect if sealed, due to its salt or sugar content.

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Beer and Spirits: While it's ill-advised to drive or use arms while consuming them, they nonetheless a good morale-boosting beverage if one is suited for them. The white speckling on chocolate when it gets a bit old will not harm you (it's fat bloom).

Chips: Similar to other dried products and sweets, they can last a substantial amount of time due to being processed and high sodium content. The end of humanity is nigh, and it could be in the form of a virulent virus, climate change, asteroid impact, or even the seemingly inevitable nuclear war.

Honey Nutritive Emergency Food Supply Grains and cereals Peanut butter Energy bars Preserved meat Primal vegan strips Peanut butter Alcohol Powdered Milk Even if you are not a staunch believer in the apocalypse, you might consider stockpiling food, water, and other necessities for a rainy day.

It is also great as a sweetener, food preservative, and natural disinfectant. Nutritive has a fantastic range of freeze-dried foods with a shelf life of 5 to 25 years.

The cans have supplies of carbohydrates, protein, fruits, and vegetables all preserved and hermetically sealed. Hard grains that are properly dried and stored can last for long.

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Soft grains like oats and rye have an average shelf life of eight years. Hard grains like rice, corn, millet, beans, and wheat will last for an average of 10 to 12 years.

An unlikely candidate for this list, peanut butter is one of the must-have foods for the apocalypse. The peanut butter will last an average of 3 to 5 years if stored in an airtight container.

Even when it goes rancid, it won’t hurt to eat in desperate times. Afterward, use a mix of salt and pepper to cover the meat and seal.

They carry a variety of ready to eat meats and can size. Powdered milk is an important source of protein, and can also last indefinitely.

It has a recommended shelf life of 18 months, though thanks to shelf-stable nature it can last almost indefinitely if you store it well. For vegans and non-vegans alike, they are excellent sources of non-animal protein that can last for years without going bad.

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Storage is a crucial part of the process, not only to preserve the food for longer but also to keep hungry, desperate neighbors from raiding your store. All the foods we mentioned required a cool, dry place for the best shelf life.

Place the Mylar bag in a plastic bucket and fill it up. Add oxygen absorbers, at the rate of one 2000 cc packet for each bucket.

Squeeze excess air out of the bag and seal off with the heat or vacuum sealer. The body needs six essential nutrients: Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

When looking to survive, you will also need to take note the number of calories you require, and how much is present in each of the foods. You will get them from starchy foods like potatoes, rice, wheat, and corn.

Meals Ready To Eat (MRE's) also contain 7 grams of protein per pack. Canned, frozen or otherwise preserved, the fruits and vegetables you stockpile for the apocalypse may not adequately meet your daily needs.

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Fats are excellent sources of energy that help to maintain your blood sugar level at an optimum for long. They are present in nuts, vegetable oil, and dairy products.

Olive oil is equally fantastic as it comprises 100 percent natural heart-friendly fat. With that in mind, some preppers have come up with truly creative ways to replenish their bunker food supply.

After an apocalypse, assuming you can leave your bunker, you might be able to go hunting for small animals, birds or fishing to replenish your stock. If you have a small strip of earth hidden away from curious eyes, you could grow some vegetables and legumes like beans which mature very fast.

Acropolis allows you to grow a variety of crops in a water solution over a period. Moreover, you will need to take a keen interest in safe storage to ensure longevity.

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