Best Zombie Apocalypse Dogs

David Lawrence
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Who doesn’t love a hearty can pork and beans, chili, or Vienna Sausage? That’s why you’ll find a good hunting dog invaluable in a world where restaurants and grocery stores cease to exist.

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If you’re in the mood for smaller fare, the Dachshund is your “hot dawg.” Built for burrowing underground to track small prey like rabbits and foxes, it can find food without being seen. Instead of howling when it has successfully tracked down dinner, which may or may not invite the walking dead to a brain buffet, this canine compass stands straight and still while bending one leg, basically forming an arrow with its body and “pointing” out the location of delicious prey.

If you live in an area where more snow is shoveled than grass is cut, you’ve got to have reliable transportation that can withstand harsh temperatures, doesn’t need gasoline, and can run as well as any hybrid car. Okay, so we’ve highlighted the breeds we think would be invaluable in the event of a zombie apocalypse, and grouped them according to their innate abilities.

It can outrun competing apex predators and prey alike, confound hostile intelligences (like aliens or mutants) with its complex maneuvers in the field, and it can apply its intellect to solve unfamiliar challenges in a brave new world. This supremely capable guard and hunter hails from Italy, and after the mole people turn Rome into a giant sinkhole, the Cane Torso will protect its masters.

Strong enough to evade the mole people’s vice-like grips, it’s resistance to the tilling of Earth’s soil will earn it a place of independence in the new subterranean world order. Originally bred as a fox hunter, diving into burrows to drive out its quarry, this breed won’t go hungry when the kibble dries up.

As the rats take over human cities, cleaning the scraps off our collective corpse, the Jack Russell Terriers will have their feast, too. When the Klenthraxi warships exterminate the human scourge and move on to the next solar system in their survey, the Standard Poodles of the world will frolic in the wreckage.

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Their fierce independence will allow them to contend with the eldritch demons who consume all of humanity, and their native climbing ability is perfect for navigating the rubble of skyscrapers left behind. Driven by instinct to form hunting parties, they’ll be a formidable band of brothers (and sisters) following the collapse of civilization.

If you want a preview of what Earth will look like after nanobots are seeded into the atmosphere, causing uncontrollable storms and foul weather, visit Scotland in January. Cairn Terriers have a wiry outer coat that keeps them dry in the wettest storms, and their dense, fluffy undercoat keeps them warm through the depth of winter.

Cairn terriers are tailor-made for weather that makes Seattle look positively balmy, and they’ll thrive in weatherman-in-hell scenario caused by our new nanobot overlords. When the Sol’s light dims and magic returns to this world, Rough Collies will be undaunted by the caprice of wizards, warlocks, and moon thralls alike.

Bred for intelligence and fearlessness, Dobermans will be the rulers of the Saharan Tundra after the Yellowstone Super volcano erupts and blocks out the Sun with ash. Even though it’s not the biggest dog on the windswept heath, it won’t back down in the face of big, bad, genetic freaks caused by radioactive minerals once trapped deep beneath the Earth’s crust.

Naming a true wolf for this list feels like cheating, because a pack animal capable of taking down a moose is probably going to be alright come The End Times. Outrageously powerful, fiendishly clever, and already in touch with its wolfish instincts, the Alaskan Malamute is ready to rumble.

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Thanks to centuries of responsible breeding, Beagles are remarkably unlikely to suffer from a wide array of canine illnesses and disorders. When the next meal requires a 20-mile scent chase through bramble thickets and industrial bogs, the Beagle’s tenacity will be rewarded with a full belly.

This breed’s hairless body is the product of three thousand years of jungle evolution in Mexico’s most unpleasant tropics, and its survival instincts remain strong. The Film Brasilia was bred to hunt giant scary jungle beasts (think jaguars and boars), and boy, is it ever good at its job.

With the powerful nose of a Bloodhound in its lineage, it will stalk its twisted prey through the wilderness for days and weeks if needed. The virus will suppress any survival instinct, pain or fear from infected people.

Meaning they will chase you until their heart can no longer feed their muscles and brain, no matter how badly they are injured (broken bones, vital organ failure, muscle tears...). So two options to kill them: brain injury and bleed them to death.

You are a survivor, but you have a very hard time dealing with these starved zombies and merciless thugs. It would need to be able to spot enemies Very good hearing and smell.

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Can you give it a mission, like staying close to your injured mate in a secure location while you go outside to look for a first aid kit? $\begingroup$Well, I believe we can establish that you'd need a big dog for the purposes listed.

A small dog may be a good sniffer and so on, but it just doesn't have the mass and bite force to take on a human. As you can see here, they are very intelligent, very trainable, are used as both service and attack dogs and can be trained for complex jobs.

You can also go for the power of a pit bull, bulldog or Cane Torso. They have a very powerful bite, very high pain tolerance, they can be massive, they are intelligent and according to this and this, are almost as trainable as Shepherds.

The only problem would be their prey drive, which means it would be harder to train them to release once they bite, but all in all a Pit might be as good a choice as a Shepherd. They are very intelligent, sleek, powerful, and they are used both as guard and work dogs.

My only hesitation is due to the fact they have a lot of energy and may be less tolerant of holing up and hiding for large amounts of time. And, well, I feel they just don't have the mass, that tank look a dog in the described environment would need.

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They are massive, intelligent, have a powerful bite, are used as guard and police dogs as well as herders and even used to pull carts! I believe all the above are good choices, it just remains to be seen which fits your exact needs better.

$\begingroup$ It would need to be able to spot enemies Very good hearing and smell, bonus points if it can find food, water and drugs. This pug earns the bonus by finding a stash of cocaine.

$\begingroup$For hunting zombies with my shotgun, I'd go with one of the various Pointer breeds, since silently pointing at the prey is what they do. The name pointer comes from the dog's instinct to point, by stopping and aiming its muzzle towards game.

This demonstrates to the hunter the location of his or her quarry and allows them to move into gun range. 1 It was bred as an interior sentinel in the Buddhist monasteries, to alert the monks to any intruders who entered.

They were bred to be guard dogs and have some natural aggressive tendencies. They also have jaws that could easily hamstring a zombie or even crush its head.

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They have a heavy coat that makes them really resistant to cold conditions. You could also use the shed fur to make felt for a yurt if you are getting really primitive.

One of the breed traits is that they tend to be aggressive with strangers, making them good for taking on zombie hordes. I don't know how good of a “sniffer” they are, but they are smart enough to tell a threat (zombie or scumbag) from their body language.

They are also big and have the body mass and height advantage to knock someone over and pin them. Their jaws are pretty strong if that's needed, but I agree with Ron John that I'd rather not have my dog bring zombie cooties back with him.

I remember a time when I was in the yard with Puppy (ironic name) when a stranger tried to open the back gate. Puppy was no longer in a playing mood and spent a while walking the fences.

I will admit that the silly “snowball” cut for their fur would look ridiculous in a TV adaptation. The major problem that I see is that poodles don't shed, so the owner would need to trim their fur.

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Your environment said that your Zombies eats Humans AND HUMANS alone, and Basically, You also pointed out that A dog IS invisible, so is a Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Bulls, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Cougars, Crocodiles, Alligators, WOLVES, etc... So to make your story short, I'll Go to the wilds in a car, get my guns with tranquilizers, Hunt for a pack of Wolves, Return to the City, Unload Wolves, Repeat(I'll be Wearing a full plate armor for my sake).

Wolves are part dogs, and with a pack of them you're protected in a very large radius. You'll be using your guns for enjoyment perhaps, and as long as you have a good bond with the alpha male, You're set to go.

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