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Be it a solar flare, pandemic, or nuclear bomb, it would take very little for this order to give way to mass entropy. This complex features a full gym, an infirmary, and two generators, as well as a high-grade air filtration systems to filter nuclear, biological, and chemical particulates.

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There’s also a stockpile of guns and ammunition and even a pet kennel and faux dog park so even of’ Rover can join the family come Armageddon. One of the feature dinner spreads includes a tomato and zucchini salad grown on site in the facility’s hydroponic garden, followed by a main course of spaghetti topped with skillet fried steak “chunks.” Guests will then have an offering of turtle brownies for dessert.

After the ash settles, the nuclear winter subsides, The Hoosier State very well may become the next cradle of civilization. Vivas Europa One is a massive 76-acre complex built inside a limestone mountain in Ravenstein, Germany.

According to Vivas, the complex is able to withstand a direct airplane crash, biological/chemical agents, shock waves, earthquakes, and electromagnetic pulses. Europa One is still under construction; when completed, the site will feature plenty of luxuries and panaceas to take your mind off of the fact that everyone you’ve ever loved is dead.

Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, the Silo Home in Saran ac, New York is one of the more remote underground bunkers on earth. On the surface, this looks like any other home, however, the beneath this innocuous walkout ranch lies a nuclear missile silo and subterranean command center.

Built in Las Vegas, this bunker foresees life during the apocalypse as only Sin City could. This home was constructed in 1978 to withstand a nuclear blast by wealthy entrepreneur Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson.

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With all the Cold War tension, Mr. Henderson looked to tap into a budding market: nuclear holocaust-proof housing for the aesthetically disinclined. Henderson’s prototype “Underground World Home” features an AstroTurf four-hole putting green, a swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a dance floor, a bar, a “garden” with fake trees as well as a BBQ seamlessly disguised as a rock.

The lighting can be adjusted to mimic moonlight or daylight, enabling you to at least pretend to feel the fading warmth of our sun even if of our star has been blackened from the sky by ash and pulverized human particulates. Brent Runs believes the apocalypse will be triggered by a strong electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that will take out the entire power grid and plunge mankind back into the Dark Ages.

To prepare for the inevitable, he and his family have built a fortified castle atop a large foothill deep in the woods of South Carolina, complete with a drawbridge, portcullis and an underground bunker. Convinced that the predicted Y2K computer glitch would unleash chaos and bring about the end of civilization as we know it, he wanted to ensure his family's safety if everything went dark.

Brent and his family are now stars of National Geographic Channel's Doomsday Castle, a non-scripted reality show that premiered on August 13, 2013. Worried about the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, a man in China spent his life savings on the construction of his very own version of Noah's Ark.

Sold by Al's Army Navy Store in Altamonte Springs, FL, the 32'×10' Doomsday Bunker is made from corrugated pipe and is designed to be buried 20 feet underground. The original cooperative between the Norwegian government, the Nordic Genetic Resource Center and Global Crop Diversity Trust (CDT) gained the initial push needed to build the vault.

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An additional $9 million in funding was received from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and countries including Brazil, Australia, Norway, United Kingdom, Sweden, India, Columbia and even Ethiopia for construction. The entrance hall to the property is actually a separate traditional wood shed which is connected to the villa by an underground tunnel.

Thanks to two entrepreneurial cousins, Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons, one of these silos located in beautiful Adirondack State Park near Lake Placid, NY is finding new life as a luxury home, safe haven and getaway complex accessible by plane or car. Below ground in what was once the launch control center is now two levels and features 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, and an open living area and kitchen adjoined by a spiral staircase.

Past the former LCC, nine additional levels protrude further underground, making up the 12,000 square feet that was actual missile storage space. Built under The Greenbrier luxury resort, the facility was designed to serve as an emergency shelter for the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate in case of nuclear attack.

Once referred to as code name “Project Greek Island,” it remains a sobering reminder of how America lived with and prepared for the possibility of a Soviet nuclear attack. The “garden” includes a four-hole putting green, a swimming pool, two hot tubs, a sauna, a dance floor, a bar, a BBQ grill (disguised in a rock) and adjustable light settings for different times of day.

Al Corgi's residence in the Hollywood Hills has the requisite white walls covered in artwork and picture windows offering breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles, but it has more in common with NSA headquarters than with the other contemporary homes on the block. Al Corgi is the founder of security mega-firm SAFE (Strategically Armored Fortified Environments) and his Los Angeles residence serves as a show house for prospective clients.

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During the Cold War, numerous bunkers were built throughout the United States to house and secure VIPs, government officials, and military hardware and personnel. They were built with strong metal and concrete walls and sometimes impenetrable doors to keep out radiation from fallout and any other kind of chemical or biological hazard that may be in the air.

Depending on the scale and type of bunker you are in, there may be dormitories, kitchens, cafeterias, medical facilities, and even armories. In addition, if someone is already occupying the bunker it could be virtually impossible to gain entrance without the permission of the inhabitants.

Holding off at a bunker gives a high short term survivability to your group, but may not be a permanent solution. Also, assuming you have enough supplies, you can wait a decade or two and all infected (besides survivors who survived for a period of time before turned) will have all decomposed.

VIPs and doomsday fanatics alike may have made simple to extravagant bunkers on their property “in case of emergency”. These Cold War bunkers were built mostly in the 1960s and designed to limit their civilian inhabitants' exposure to the gamma radiation and shock wave of a nuclear weapon.

Zombie flicks have taught us that shopping malls would provide great shelter and supplies... but it could also go to shit in a minute. According to them (AKA science), the Northern Rocky Mountains in Montana or in Canada would be ideal for numerous reasons.

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But thanks to the coronavirus it's easy to understand exactly why such a saying sounds like condemnation. It's also easy to see why there might be a market for a Cold War-era Atlas Missile silo that's been converted into a luxury complex like the Survival Condo.

The Survival Condo complex offers an opportunity for anyone rich and powerful enough to establish a getaway to wait things out in an apocalypse -proof bunker that's not just some utilitarian hole in the ground. As it was designed to survive predictable disasters like the massive twisters that rake its rural Kansas location every spring in addition to nuclear warheads, the Survival Condo has the construction specs of a military-use fallout shelter: It extends 200 feet underground and its reinforced concrete walls are nine feet thick.

From the Details page for the Survival Condo, here are the specs on what you get if you ride out the end of civilization as we know it under the Kansas plain. Over 20,000 square foot of floor space in the monolithic dome.

Redundant water supply with minimum of 75,000 gallon reserve tanks. Full-Floor layout is approximately 1,820 square feet of living space.

Half-Floor layout is approximately 900 square feet of living space. Maximum occupancy for full & half floor layouts are 10 and 5 respectively.

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50-inch LED TV and home automation system with remote off-site access. The WW2-ear sub-basement bunker provides a fair bit of protection against the residual radiation that blankets the Earth.

What do our astronaut friends think about the bizarre world of warring post-apocalyptic middle-schoolers in which they now find themselves? As many of you may know, our beloved sister hostess SHARON DONOVAN, tragically passed away on 11th April 2012.

We who knew her, loved her, and were inspired by her courage and determination to face head on whatever life threw at her. When she could no longer see to paint she turned to writing and showed her amazing talent in the Inspirational Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and her story 'Charade Of Hearts' was awarded the coveted Predators and Editors Award in January 2011. This Blog was a source of great delight to her, she was one of the founder hostesses, and she contributed to the fun and silliness in her own original way, and was kind enough to let her unique creation, the hunky butler 'Oliver' join us for our Friday romp and prepare 'virtual breakfast' for the guests on the following morning.

Sharon, dear friend, we will never forget you. The Author Roast and Toast is part of the legacy you left us. “Why did you say we are visiting a place?” Foster, Libby, Happy, and Cuddles, are all leaning on the windows with excitement.“Because that’s where the party is.” Lynn says.

“And I promise it will be fun.” She checks her huge shoes. The four hostesses drive slowly up the narrow dirt road and in the distance they see a small ranch style house with a huge yard. The sun sinks in the distance and darkness falls swiftly.

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By the time they arrive at the front door it’s dark and lights on the house pop on so that they can see a few people heading to the back of the house.“Why are they heading to the backyard?” Mac wonders as she stops the car. Out the open window the critters jump and disappear into the large, lush, yard to explore.

You mean an underground place, like for the end of the world kinda thing?” Patsy smiles, flexes her Popeye arms, and opens her car door. Our author this week, Eva Gordon, has a new release called, Apocalyptic Moon.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine, come on girls we’re late.” Lynn slams the car door and rushes her buddies to the back of the house. Lush bushes line the side of the house, the scent of jasmine cloying to their senses.

The girls are greeted and shown the stairs that head down to the bunker. “To keep the zombies out, when the world as we know it ends, and we are fighting to keep the infected masses out of here.” Eva walks up to the girls and hugs each of them.

Oliver, looking forever handsome, stands behind a table stacked with ready to eat meals in boxes. Beef stroganoff, Chicken and dumplings, Fish stew, spaghetti and meat sauce, and the ever popular in Hawaii, spam.

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Several people are eating the food, and they appear to be enjoying the many other types of meals Oliver has provided.“Gourmet dried beef in cream sauce. “Shingle,” Mary utters, stands, brushes herself off, and sticks her tongue out at Lynn.

Patsy is laughing so hard she doesn’t notice the person who walks up behind her. And for libation we offer Zombie cocktails, Flesh in a glass, Bite me, Bloody Mary's, and Wolfs’bane tonic, to mention a few.

Patsy turns around and screams at the top of her lungs, then passes out. The stranger is dressed in rags, with fake blood and yuk all over it.“Wow, I wasn’t going to bite her.

Where’s her sense of humor?” He utters as he leaves to find someone who appreciates his costume. “To Eva and her terrific story, Apocalyptic Moon.” She looks down at the three fainted hostesses.

Dora Adler’s life has been in disarray since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, but when she gets bitten by one of the undead her whole world is turned upside down. Held captive in a secret underground lab, the tall, muscular hunk in the next cell is her only hope for salvation.

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Dirk Gunderson San alpha Arbor pack werewolf. Captured and collared, he’s sold to the zombie lab in hopes his blood serum can create a vaccine.

In the midst of enemy werewolves and the hordes of undead, Dirk and Dora’s sexual tension ignites a blaze hotter than the desert highway. He used his werewolf power and speed to clear the last one hundred or so yards of the bridge.

A swarm appeared out of nowhere and stepped on the bridge from the San Francisco side. Zombies bunched up like runners at the start of a marathon race, but fortunately at a snail’s pace.

They scuffled, slowly, many with their heads tilted to the side with out-stretched arms, sniffing and moaning. A few had missing arms, with bloody stumps that hung like butchered headless chickens.

She’d sensed Victor had left the earthly plane, but now a quick vision moved across her mind like a movie clip. Victor had been bitten and had seen to a group of people safely board a ferry.

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I write fantasy and paranormal novels with a strong romantic element. I love to create stories that combine my passion for mythology, romance and werewolf lore.

I also write steampunk and Victorian era historical and alternative novels. Coming soon will be Lyman Gladiator in my paranormal wolfish romance historical series, The Wolf Maiden Saga.

When not in my den writing, I enjoy world travel, steampunk conventions, hiking, raptor rehabilitation and wolf sanctuaries.

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