Best Zombie Apocalypse Bases

Ellen Grant
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
• 8 min read

DOWNSIDE: Looks like a decent amount of work will have to be done to weatherize the place. Also, those lattices could prove problematic if it turns out that zombies can negotiate ladders.

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DOWNSIDE: It's going to be hot as balls in South Carolina. UPSIDE: There's a cement bunker beneath the hotel that was, until the mid-'90s, one of the United States government's Continuity of Command locations.

Basically, this is where Congress was to be assembled in the case of a nuclear attack, and, before it was decommissioned, it had everything you'd need to support 200-plus people for an indefinite amount of time. It's built on a Ford chassis with a Caterpillar engine, so parts can be scavenged almost anywhere.

It's got a 75-mile range and room for four in a yacht-like interior with a massive freezer, washer-dryer combo, water-purification system and Wi-Fi. Then again, with so much of the population desiring brains and not petrol, filling up shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Zombies have always been a big thing, it’s no surprise they are featured in many video games. Grab your guns, because we're about to looking into the top 5 zombie based building games.

Explore and keep on your toes as you live each day trying to stay alive. The behaviors of the zombies will certainly take you by surprise, making this game unpredictable and fresh.

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Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead: #01 The Sorry Tale of Jeremy Lancaster In Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, work from a more simple view like from that of a GBA.

In this steampunk theme zombie game, build your fort to ready yourself for battle. Explore the map to get resources to up your defenses for the oncoming horde.

Explore the map and kill off any wandering zombies before they become a problem Knox County has be quarantined, and you are stuck there with a bunch of zombies.

Manage your wounds and hunger as you gather supplies to build weapons and other means of defenses. This is in part due to the runaway success of The Walking Dead and World War Z.

If you’d like specific books about zombies to be added, feel free to drop me an email. However, Patient Zero as a book had me glued from start to finish, thanks to a strong cast of characters and well-written action scenes.

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I think fans of military-themed zombie apocalypse books will fully enjoy author Jonathan Mayberry’s release. The plot centers on the legendary Joe Ledger, a hardened Baltimore detective, who joins a secret response team to stop terrorists.

Overall, I find Patient Zero to be one of best zombie books in recent years, told in a fast-moving military style. As an anthropologist, I really appreciate author Sophie Little field’s attention to underlying cultural themes, explored amid the bleak setting of a zombie apocalypse.

Class then embarks on a dangerous search for her daughter, seeking help in a world filled with flesh-hungry Beaters (i.e. zombies). Interestingly, I first met author Rhiannon Crater online many years ago on an obscure forum for horror fans.

The Newsflash series offers plenty of character and emotional depth, wrapped up by a largely satisfying ending. From Extinction Horizon and beyond, author Nicholas Smith feeds you an exquisite serving of frenzied zombie action.

This military story follows Master Sergeant Reed Beckham who, as leader of his Delta Force Team, has lived through his fair share of nightmarish missions. However, his worst hell begins when his team is sent in to investigate a super-secret research facility that’s gone dark.

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An epic catastrophe soon unfolds when they discover that infected zombies have started to spread across cities, threatening human extinction. While coming across as a back-to-basics thriller, you’ll be surprised to find a host of intriguing characters woven into an addictive narrative fabric.

This opens her eyes to the outside world for the first time; an existence plagued by a zombie apocalypse within which, unbeknownst to her, she has a role to play. A zombie book less about in-your-face action and more focused on fostering a genuinely creepy atmosphere.

Older than most books on this list, The Rising treks a father’s journey through a zombie apocalypse in an effort to rescue his son. The Rising is credited for partially helping to jump-start the new wave of zombie survival fiction.

The plot centers on a group of students who find themselves trapped in school, with a zombie horde pounding to get in. In Cell, a zombie -like virus known as The Pulse is able to spread via cellphone reception, turning people into hungry, angry freaks.

However, as far as zombie novels go, The Briefing seems to be a hugely overlooked gem for the genre (based on the many five-star reviews I’ve read). Fans have praised the book for its rich characters and unique speculative take on possible events and people that could realistically lead to an apocalypse.

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