Best Zombie Apocalypse Backpack

Christina Perez
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Zombie Survival Packs in a Zombie Apocalypse can be useful for multitude of scenarios, and great for carrying a very many things. Durability in the Zombie apocalypse is key, you want something rugged but also ergonomic enough that you can hike around with 50-80 lbs comfortably.

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With large zombie survival packs, you can carry almost all the supplies you will need, but increasing the maximum weight and thus the strain on your body. A way to do this is to walk a mile with the survival pack on to judge how it would affect you for an extended journey.

Depending on your survival skills or the size of your group, you may want to run light and go with a small pack designed only to carry the essentials for those who make the most of what they’ve got, or are simply journeying to a close location to bug out to. Below I will pick out some prime examples of zombie survival packs and point out their perks and flaws for a Zombie apocalypse scenario based on price, ergonomics, and load capacity.

The BestZombie Survival Pack Choices: TAR Tactical: Assault Backpack Cons: Price: 324.95 Pros: Available in Multi-cam 40-50% Weight Reduction Durable Nylon Material Lumbar Support Lots of Cargo Pouches / Compartments Molly Available Compression Straps Medium-Large This medium to large size survival pack is well constructed, and large enough to fit just about anything you need in the wilderness if it’s packed correctly. The multi-cam camo that’s included performs well in most environments that have foliage, this is important for staying unnoticed by both the walking dead, and other survivors who may be looking to take your supplies.

EXPEDITION Falcon II Backpack Cons: Small Size Thin Imported Only Available in Black Pros: Five Compartments Heavy Duty Molly Compatible Water/Abrasion Resistant Side Compression Straps Waist Strap Hydration Compartment Price: 139.99 The Falcon II backpack is a tall survival pack designed for carrying larger objects, including tents, firearms, and even edged weapons. As a downside, it’s a fairly thin backpack, and it’s imported, but it is still built rugged enough to handle the outdoors.

It comes built in with a hydration compartment and waist strap for the comfort of the wearer, it can hold a moderate amount of gear while distributing the weight evenly. Camelback: Urban Assault Backpack Cons: Only Available in Black Not Molly Compatible Medium-Small Price: 179.99 Pros: Compact 2L Water Capacity Insulated Water Reservoir Built in Hydration Tube Padded Interior Velcro for Easy Access Waist Strap This backpack offers a reasonable amount of room for essentials as well as food and water with comfort in mind.

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It offers the utmost in comfort as well as function with its bright interior, allowing you to spot objects in low light conditions. Stash Pack Cons: Mesh Shoulder Straps Limited Capacity Lightweight Nylon Available in Black Only Pros: Compact Folds Into Small Pouch Tall Price: 27.68 Designed as a quick grab and go bag, this compact lightweight backpack will allow you to fit in just the bare essentials, it’s ideal as a secondary backpack that you can store in a larger backpack for quick supply runs, or quick trips.

5.11 Rush 24 Backpack Cons:Pros: Available in Many Colors Camo to fit Environment Medium-Large Plethora of Pockets Durable Nylon Water Repellant Drainage Holes Compression Straps Molly Compatible Price: $100-$169.99 Designed with disasters in mind, this 5.11 Tactical 24 backpack is built tough for 24 hour or more emergencies. When compressed it forms itself into a compact package capable of carrying plenty of supplies, and with proper rationing it’s possible to survive for more than a week on what you can pack.

Condor Ambidextrous Sling Bag Cons: Medium-Small Pros: Molly Compatible Compact Available in Multiple Colors Price: $59.95 Although it is light weight and compact, it is still large enough to fit a good amount of gear because it is expandable.

Sling Backpack Cons: Tiny Low Carrying Capacity Price: $99 Pros: Extra Lightweight Extra Compact Easy to Carry Rugged Construction Molly Compatible Quick Release Buckle Available in Coyote Water Bottle Compartment This backpack is ideal for the lone wolf type of Zombie Outbreak survivor, or those who know how to live in the bare essentials. Our man-in-the-field, Drop Dead Ted, tests lifesaving gear and equipment with ingenuity and elbow grease.

You can trust his results to provide the truth that every backpacker needs to know in a survival situation. Even a survival expert carries his cell phone (next to the blood clotting agent, that is).

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An accident in some military experiment causes the release of a toxin that causes people to become zombies. Given the actual political moment and the crazy events the world is living, it’s maybe better to play on the safe side.

In the face of an apocalyptic scenario food and water should obviously be your number one and two concerns, right after the zombies. The groceries in your local shops won’t last for more than a week, and they will probably be pillaged in the first couple of days.

It is most unlikely you will find a way to grow food before you can build a safe base. Expect major services to be shut down, and this will include power generation, like electricity.

Plan ahead, make sure you have the essentials to cover you both in winter and summer situations. Find someone whom you can trust and make shifts to cover each other back and allow both of you to get some rest now and then.

Now, we can’t really provide you with advice on equipment to best handle people unless you have to treat them as enemies. But we can offer you some kick-ass suggestions on some neat gadgets that will certainly help increase your odds of survival while making you feel like Rick Grimes.

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Check out some options for cool survival equipment available nowadays. A zombie apocalypse scenario will likely demand you to wander the lands scavenging for resources.

It’s important that you travel light, so you can move swiftly, but it’s also vital that you make sure you carry everything that’s essential to defend you and protect you. Whether it’s to get your dinner cooking or to keep your feet from freezing, you will need to have a source to create fire on a daily basis.

One thing you for sure don’t want is for your flashlight to fail on you in the middle of the night or when you are reading through a map to figure the best escape from the zombies. Tactical flashlights are reliable and can serve for combat purposes too.

Don’t just settle for any backpack, as a good one may make all the difference in both saving you time and stamina. Quick access to your emergency supplies can make a world of a difference.

A helmet helps not only in combat but also against odds and circumstances of things around come crumbling down. Maybe you will even own a motorcycle as your primary traveling vehicle because it’s fast and requires little fuel.

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All the other survival equipment on the list are essential only to help you get ways of collecting both water and food. Stock up as much as you can and keep your stash safe and protected, as your life depends on it.

And get down to start buying the survival equipment items on this list, as for what we know the zombie apocalypse can be happening tomorrow! GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article.

Will this all-in-one let you elude and escape those creepy guys with their arms outstretched? One model weighs 15 pounds just with its tent and survival equipment alone.

Even weirder than the name is the backpack /tent hybrid, made by Central, which includes a hidden two-person tent that withdraws from the pack body to set up quickly in a time of need. Instead, we recommend you wield one of the four blades, including a Gerber machete, that come with the kit.

High Peak USA backpack is base of ‘ zombie kit The units start at $508 and go up depending on the pack size and zombie -killing implements inside.

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You’d better just hope your skills are a match for this set as there’s no question that with this bad boy arsenal by your side, those marauding zombies don’t stand a chance in hell of taking you down! There’s bound to be bloodshed, limbs lost, cuts, bruises, large gashes and untold horrors that will take some serious cleaning up and more than a band-aid, some antiseptic cream and a headache tablet.

This complete, multi-purpose set from Coleman features over 205 pieces of essential first aid kit including Nitrite exam gloves, just in case you need to get up close and personal with a rabid, frothing at the mouth Zombie ! You might not have been afraid of the dark before that to survive those Zombies you are going to have to operate with stealth, in the deep and darkest dead of night so make sure that you have plenty of matches and ammunition so that you can navigate to the safe spots.

Not that you will be doing any home DIY when the Apocalypse hits, but you may well need a quality utility hammer to get yourself out of some pretty tricky situations. You might need to break into places to retrieve food and water supplies or hack your way into facilities to top up on essential medical equipment, so you are going to need a sturdy and robust demolition style rip-ax by your side at all times.

You, on the other hand, are going to need filtered water to keep you going, especially if you’ve had to leave base camp on an emergency rescue mission. So invest in a quality water filter bottle like the one from Lifestyle so that you can keep hydrated while pitching your wits against an evil Zombie uprising.

We love this Para cord style one with its Micro Cord and fully adjustable sizing from The Friendly Swede. It’s stylish and practical, but it also performs a really critical function and should you find yourself in the unfortunate clutches of a Zombie and then later require expert medical attention, your rescuers will immediately know who you are and how best to treat you.

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Post a Zombie attack, timing is always going to be of the utmost essence so having access to vital information quickly will be essential to successful survival. It’s going to be vitally important that you keep your wits about you and that you thoroughly assess all the potentially dangerous situations ahead of you before you go steaming in on the attack.

Make sure that you have invested in a seriously superior set of binoculars so that you safely view the situation from afar and work out your best plan of attack. After all, forearmed is forewarned so adding a pair of binoculars in with your essential survival kit gear sounds like a sensible option to us.

Those Zombies are easily spooked, so you might want to apply some stealth when approaching them and then blast them right between their shifty eyes with your strongest strobe beam. Something like the Stunt Core Outdoors Watch should very much do the trick with a whole host of critical functions incorporated that will be useful, scrap that, essential when pitting your wits against the ravaging Zombies.

With this GPS watch, you can access barometric altitude measurements, storm warnings, details of temperature, depth and a series of alarms. Make sure that you have a Zombie survival plan firmly in place and a sophisticated timepiece and GPS tracker on your wrist.

Last but certainly by no means least you so need to have a strong and sturdy fixed blade, tactical style survival knife that you can protect yourself with when the inevitable happens. As you would expect, Gerber does an excellent range of knives, and if you opt for one with a deadly serrated edge, those Zombies won’t stand a chance.

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The days and nights ahead are going to be long and arduous, and if you are to stand any chance of making it through to the other side, you had better be prepared with all the essentials. Of course, all of this Zombie Survival gear that we’re recommending you invest in needs to be transported and to really do that effectively you’re going to require a proper tactical style backpack and not just your usual leather tote.

Fighting Zombies, lest you have forgotten already, is a grave and solemn business, and you need something substantial that will safely and efficiently store all that essential kit and caboodle. It needs to be waterproof and have plenty of pockets both internally and externally in which you can get immediate and convenient access to all your Zombie fighting weaponry.

So do yourself a favor and make sure that you add an appropriate Tactical Backpack to your Zombie survival shopping list like the Army Molly Bug Out Bag. We honestly do think that all 12 pieces of Zombie Apocalypse Gear that we’ve run you through today are utterly critical for your timely and ongoing survival.

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