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People from the base will contact you, tell a story, warn about the danger, and send voice messages. While you are listening to a fascinating story, the application records jogging information: kilometers, time, speed, etc.

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After jogging, you will be able to distribute the collected products and items to your city, which needs help. Back to menu Game Zombie Frontier 3 is a fascinating sequel to the previously sensational version.

From the first minute, you completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a virus-infected megalopolis, infested with zombies. You need to shoot back from monsters, using a variety of weapons, from pistols to assault rifles.

In total, the game has 40 unique achievements, as well as the ability to defeat four insidious bosses. The game is distributed on a free basis and is characterized by simple control, specially adapted to mobile devices.

The player’s path starts with a normal hungry zombie, hunting for people on the streets. Just remember: the more people are bitten by you, the longer Zombie Tsunami will rule on the planet.

Thanks to the community, the player will be aware of all the events happening by tuning in to the radio wave. In order to start the battle, you will need weapons, necessary equipment, and ways to restore health.

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Only players who decided to download UNSKILLED can free the streets from madness and return hope to the surviving people. UNSKILLED is a first-person action game, divided into various episodes with changing tasks and complicated rules.

Zombie Catchers is a new top-action strategy, in which your main task is to save the world from a zombie apocalypse. They decided to open their business on Earth, but for their own safety, they need to catch all the zombies.

It is more important to quickly catch zombies and to squeeze out as much profit as possible in the depths of a secret laboratory. Addictive gameplay, dynamic graphics, a huge selection of different devices for capturing enemies.

Back to menu Zombie Gunship Survival is a wonderful action game. Of course, it is urgent to take some action, but even with the help of a missile attack, it is impossible to sink the ship.

The user is provided with a special base, which is the last chance for the entire human race. This free game will please with many the most diverse weapons so that the destruction of zombies will be an enjoyable affair.

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The main task of this action is the mass destruction of zombies, moving through the streets of the city, and hunting for the brains of living people. To solve this problem, the main character uses all available methods from a knife to a grenade launcher.

On the street, you will meet a wide variety of monsters, each of which will have its own characteristics, speed, and strength. Good animation and special effects make the gameplay more dynamic and exciting.

Back to menu Zombie Drift is an excellent game, made in the genre of action. The first levels are very simple, but gradually the number of dead increases, which greatly complicates the process of passage.

Diamonds allow the user to buy various items that help to quickly kill dead people. Back to menu The action Zombies tan VR, in fact, is a usual shooting range, which differs little from similar applications.

Due to the presence of blood and cruelty, children under 12 years of age are not recommended to play. Install a free shooter Zombies tan VR and get the maximum number of points in all four locations.

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Back to menu Zombie Town Defense is an excellent strategy game. Gradually, bloodthirsty zombies fill the city streets, infect more and more residents.

You should prepare for serious tests, do not allow zombie creatures to get to the airport, otherwise, they will fly away on an airplane somewhere, and they will infect the whole world! Do not forget to improve the existing weapons to fight zombie creatures more effectively.

The actions of this game take place in 2027, just after a wave of a previously unknown disease passed through the world, turning all deceased people into walking dead. However, the protagonist was lucky, and now your job is to help him stay alive as long as possible.

If you believe that there is absolutely nothing complicated, then you should know: there are tens of thousands of bloodthirsty zombies around you who want to devour you, and hundreds of real players who are ready to break your skull. Well, then go on, visit other locations, collect things, create what you need (clothes, weapons, equipment), and make friends.

For each of them, he will receive prize points, newly improved Pogo, and a huge number of bonuses that simplify the journey. To make it easier for the player to cope and understand the task, there is the possibility of training.

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Zombie’s Got a Pogo is a cool game, which helps to have fun and interesting time. Back to menu Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a strategy with some features of the Tower Defense genre.

If you completely fill the rage scale (100), you will get a bonus that will destroy all the zombies on the battlefield, thereby giving you access to the barricade. To unlock new sections on a level, you have to spend gasoline (an imitation ride is created).

Back to menu Stupid Zombies is an excellent game that will plunge you into a zombie apocalypse. You need to shoot so that the bullet hit straight into the walking dead man.

Be careful, shoot more accurately, clean our planet of zombies, and let luck accompany you! Build your next zombie farm and at the same time look for a lost place, which is called a Zombie.

As it is supposed by the laws of the genre, the game is full of classic zombie characters. In addition, the environment is filled with bright colors, a large abundance of greenery and flowers, and other vegetation.

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Firstly, you are to find the pirate treasure, which means that you have an additional opportunity to earn money. Secondly, these treasures will make the realization of your dream closer, which is to find the coveted Zombie, to become a human being and return to the city inhabited by ordinary people.

Back to menu After you download SAS: Zombie Assault 4 to your mobile device, you will be able to transfer to the virtual world and get to the distant 3014 years. And here an unpleasant surprise awaits you: a special infection spreads across the planet, which can wipe all people out of existence.

The infected by viruses people have already begun to turn into zombies, and every day there are more and more of them. Collecting gaming points, and earning bonuses you can replenish the supply of equipment and arsenal.

You need not only to kill the walking dead but also to stay alive to continue your mission and completely clean the planet of evil. Back to menu Once upon a time, there was a wizard who once made so that those who have died long ago raised.

The battle with the zombies takes place in the backdrop of the Wild West and the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, as well as other historical landscapes. Solve puzzles, mysteries, enjoy interesting bonuses, and exciting battles.

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Excellent graphics and sound effects create a unique atmosphere, and fascinating options make the process of passage even more exciting. Collect your terrible army of plants, give them extra power, and defeat zombies around the world.

Back to menu This game is a classic zombie shooter where you left to survive in a world full of monsters, and you have to fight at the edge of your capabilities to stay alive. Survive against zombies using rifles, grenades, shotguns, and anything in your arsenal to secure safe havens and save survivors.

The zones of zombie concentration are marked on the map, so you could always be ready to fight against the clans of monsters. It is remarkable to note that the graphics are very decent and all the locations are made in detail, so you can plunge into the atmosphere of the zombie world.

Luckily, this world has the fearless heroes who untied their powers in order to protect humankind from bloody zombies. You have to create a reliable plan in order to protect the city from the zombies who want to ruin the fortress.

Don’t forget that you are constantly under attack, so you need to act fast and wisely at the same time. Become clan mates with like-minded friends, challenge multiplayer stages and protect empire castle together.

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