Best Zombie Apocalypse Anime

Brent Mccoy
• Monday, 18 January, 2021
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There still aren’t as many zombie anime shows and movies as there are live-action ones, but it’s only a matter of time until Japanese anime catches up. In the meantime, there are about 20 or so zombie anime fans can watch while they wait for the next episode or season of their favorite zombie show.

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And, since finding good anime to watch can be tedious, here are the 10 bestzombieanime titles you can binge-watch on the internet right now. Updated by Madison Lennon on March 28, 2021: Zombies are a big part of pop culture.

There are countless movies, TV shows, and anime revolving around the idea of zombies existing. If you're someone who loves the zombie apocalypse genre, you should definitely check out the following list of recommendations to see if any of them interest you enough to watch.

The anime is based on the popular manga of the same name and follows teams at the Death Weapon Master Academy. To create a death scythe and please the Shinigami master of the academy, they have to collect 99 evil souls and one witch, in that order.

It focuses on the secret Hell sing Operation that tries to control the number of supernatural monsters plaguing England. Sankara is a romantic comedy and supernatural horror anime that deals with protagonist Chirico Fury who winds up falling in love with a zombie.

At one point, he makes a resurrection potion and a girl named REA Sanka accidentally drinks it. Sunday Without God is a fantasy, mystery, supernatural anime about a world where humans can no longer procreate or die.

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The idea is that God abandoned his creations and then left behind grave keepers -- beings with the ability to help the living dead find rest. Although not necessarily the highest ranked anime on this list based on MAL (Minimalist) scores, High school of the Dead is arguably the bestzombieanime to date.

This has much to do with its serious plot, exciting turn of events, and its similarity to Western zombie TV shows and movies that are popular today. The show’s fan service can be excessive at times, but the gore and violence more than make up for it.

Set in the Industrial Revolution, Habanero of the Iron Fortress is often dubbed as the steampunk Attack on Titan, except the enemies are hard-to-kill undead monsters called Kane instead of unknown giant creatures. The comparison between the two shows stems from the fact that the people on Habanero of the Iron Fortress are kept safe from the Kane by fortress-like stations and massive walls.

Refusing to give in to this ill fate, a young engineer named Iowa successfully creates a weapon that can kill the Kane, beginning his journey as a hero. It follows the adventure of a young woman who tries to survive after downtown Seoul gets overrun by zombies.

Based on a popular third-person shooting game, Gun grave is a serious anime show that focuses on the main character’s path to revenge. Called Beyond The Grave, or Grave for short, the main character is previously a human named Brandon Heat who, after being betrayed and murdered by his best friend and mafia syndicate partner, is brought back to life as an almost invincible zombie -like creature.

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He now lives to get back at the best friend who betrayed him and the syndicate he used to be part of while killing fellow undead on the side. Joining the ranks of humans who were turned into zombies is Making Hoshimura, the titular character of Corpse Princess.

A cool female character with formidable physical skills, Making uses dual MAC-11 machine guns to destroy her enemies. John Watson, a medical student, is later tasked by the British government to obtain Frankenstein’s notes on reanimating a corpse with a soul.

China and Shinto use Michael’s special ability to track the undead, so they can pay off their debt to Zombie -Loan, the company that brought them back to life. These undead creatures are even more mysteriously captivating in anime, where limitations on makeup and visual effects cannot restrict their grotesqueness.

The Managua did not hold back on some jokes regardless of home inappropriate some of them may be (so much so that the government itself has already deleted some scenes). But perhaps the reason it’s not that popular is that it was created around the late 90s to the early 2000s, so its animation style isn’t quite up to par with today’s standards.

Plus, the plot is what it is: a group of cute guys and girls running around town and slaying rotting zombies and cursing as they go along. Gray Man is another popular series that talks a lot about the undead and how they’re being used to make mechanical weapons called Aka.

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And of course, our protagonist Allen Walker is sent to destroy the one guy responsible for making such horrible contraptions. Adding to the list of dead protagonists are China Katsuki and Shinto Taliban, who is doing the unspeakable by hunting down other zombies just to survive.

As you can tell, the anime is based on the Resident Evil game, and it clearly did not disappoint by giving a pretty realistic story about how biohazards, in this case, the T-virus, can affect humans (citizens of the Raccoon City). He was called upon to investigate the news of eerie resurrections in London, so he and Sebastian Michael is rode a cruise liner to solve this new mystery.

Some Black Butler fans feel like it’s simply a filler episode that doesn’t have its own merits, but I disagree. On its own, the Book of the Atlantic is a great movie even for those who have not watched a single episode of the popular anime franchise.

Still on the subject of Victorian London, Shiva no Shikoku rips off the classic tale of Victor Frankenstein and makes it a new, whole, bloody experience. The unique way that they were able to make a new plot point out of Frankenstein’s discovery of human corpse reanimation is amazing.

Specifically, it follows the story of Alum, a 16-year-old high schooler who was investigating a mysterious house when he was tragically killed. It all works out perfectly for him, though, after a rich, troubled young girl found the potion he was developing to resurrect his cat after it was run over.

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Two close friends, Harry and Brandon, were living their best life until they were reminded that the world could be cruel and oh-so merciless. The seemingly lighthearted premise turns into an epic legend of friendship, betrayal, and the fleeting nature of life and death that gets deeply philosophical as the story progresses.

Now, they are called in to dispose of a problematic vampire that’s been turning villagers into ghouls that just spread chaos all over the land. However, this blissful illusion is a fragile lie to hide the fact that outside the walls of the school, a nasty zombie apocalypse is going on.

Senior members of the School Living Club are in on the impossible task of shutting themselves out from the zombies that roam outside, waiting to devour them, all while keeping Yuri’s perfect fantasy unbridled by the truth. Somehow, the industrial revolution setting is perfect for all kinds of paranormal mysteries, such as the emergence of horrific creatures ripping through human beings to feed their never-ending appetite.

Finally, topping this list of the bestzombieanime of all time is Tokyo Ghoul, a modern rendition of the classic zombie apocalypse story, which follows the life of Kane, a kindhearted human who toils with his internal conflict upon being turned into a half-ghoul. He starts experiencing these odd, bloodthirsty cravings, which he must actively resist if he wants to hold on to the last shred of humanity still flowing through his veins.

Amar is the Chief Nerd at Near Bear and can be mostly found binge-watching Netflix, researching tech, shooting things on PS4, and arguing over who is the strongest Avenger. So let’s take a look over anime history to rank the absolute best zombie -themed titles of all time.

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Whip out your notepads, leave all questions for the end, and dear god don’t let them bite you. It’s definitely not the best from this list, but it can certainly serve as a guilty pleasure that you hide from your other take friends.

This show both stays true to the zombie formula and goes completely against it at the same time. Suddenly there’s a zombie that really likes paper money, say no to brain and say yes to bread I guess.

After this very jolly China treatment, our protagonist gets involved with Takeout: a secret police-type organization that has to deal with the monsters appearing all over the place. The end goal is to defeat 108 of these monster/demon/ zombie looking things in order to seal the portal from which they are all coming from.

It catches you initially with concepts like Shinigami eyes and a badass zombie guy duo. The action scenes aren’t too frequent, as the show ends just when it starts to get good, but you can still get a few kicks out of it.

So my recommendation is to watch this 11-episode long show and if it tickles any of your fancies, transition to the manga like the law-abiding citizen that you are. Our protagonist, law of attraction Chirico, definitely has an odd waif preference.

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So if you want some zombie /each/how to traumatize a child type of show, give it a watch. It’s set in a world where God undeniably exists, however, he decides to beat Nietzsche to the punch and just abandons humans.

Well there’s no longer a Heaven nor a Hell, so people just kind of hang around, cursed to endless damnation. There are only a few beings that can give their souls rest: the grave diggers, who are the focal point of the story.

The series is quite short, however, and unfortunately the world is not explored as much as most would have liked it to be. Secondly, the story is actually split into three distinct arcs where most of the supernatural elements come into play in the final one.

Being produced by big daddy Madhouse you already know the level of quality you can expect here. Probably due to some budget constraints the animation is a bit jerky, which can be a turn off for some.

It really doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to gore or even social commentary. Firstly, anime characters really need to learn how to look both ways when crossing the street.

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He appears when someone is grieving for their loved one, and then he makes a pact with that unfortunate bastard. Then he brings back the soul of the deceased person, makes them kill the grieving party, and then becomes a weapon for mister Satan over here.

It’s 70 minutes of utter chaos as fish zombies with robotic limbs flood the town and give people the most extreme version of explosive diarrhea… because they actually explode. Its more drama focused than the manga, and the ratings show how well that was received by the readers.

But if you have never read the manga version (or don’t want to) then you can give the movie a shot. It even has some Resident Evil 2 bosses popping up so if you are in the mood for some Leon fanboying give it a shot.

I personally don’t see this series as zombie themed”, but since everyone and their mother seem to categorize it like this on the Internet, I will oblige. It’s gory, there’s cigarette smoke and blood flying everywhere, hundreds of bad guys, the literal power of God and anime on one’s side and so on.

His laid back demeanor coupled with his overpowered nature and ruthless combat just makes for some quality entertainment. It’s so well polished, the story is incredibly detailed, and the world makes sense as a whole.

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It’s not a zombie apocalypse type deal, but rest assured there are plenty of zombies, resurrection, black and white magic, all this stuff plays important roles in the story. We get more time to droll over Sebastien, and in an unexpected twist they even made Grill an excellent character.

And if you’re not a fan of the original show it would still not be a waste of time to check this out. It is far from a thriller or an action packed, “don’t tell anyone you got bit” type of zombie show.

It’s zany as hell and has actually made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. You see, in this world there are Shinbone Him: living corpses brought back from the dead because they held onto regret during their life.

Following Frankenstein’s invention, living corpses start to be mass-produced. The protagonist of the movie brings back his friend and tries to figure out whether he could ever truly be alive again.

But then it kind of pulled a Tokyo Ghoul and made the canvas a bit too big for the picture. So if you have 2 hours to kill and want to be visually amazed, and not so much intellectually “wow’d”, definitely give The Empire of Corpses a watch.

I think there’s one prerequisite for enjoying High school of the Dead to the fullest: to turn your brain off. Although most zombie -type shows don’t do much in terms of plot, HOLD really nails it home.

As far as action goes, it’s one of my favorites as the animation is crisp and the brutality rating just up my aisle. The cast is interesting enough, with a gun nut, a bloodthirsty babe, a thunder and so on.

When talking about Habanero the usual description you’ll hear is “Can we get Attack on Titan? And sure, there are quite a few similarities, with the whole enclosed city, short fused protagonist and badass female lead scenario… but Habanero still has its own merits to stand on.

We did it Reddit, we managed to combine MOE, zombies, and an actual plot! Initially it’s like a thriller tease fest before we actually get into the morbid meat and potatoes of the series.

It does a great job of mixing pure beach-episode, pet chasing, adorable shenanigans and “are these people okay/what is life” tropes, making for a very refreshing experience.

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