Best Zombie Apocalypse 22 Rifle

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
• 9 min read

High-powered rifles, military grade hardware, and other specialized weapons look great in zombie movies, but in an actual doomsday event you may want to think smaller. 22 LR is an ideal apocalypse survival tool in more ways that one.

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PORTABILITY: While .22LR weapons tend to be lighter than their high-powered counterparts, the difference in bulk size and weight of ammunition is the real advantage. CROSSOVER: If all your firearms are chambered in the same caliber, then you need only stock one kind of ammunition.

This simplifies storage, transport and supply, which makes the 22LR series of weapons a compelling choice. EASE OF USE: Even if your survival team is made up of military personnel, sooner or later you’ll probably need weapons that anyone can use.

When it comes to zombie survival, it’s important to pick the right weapon for the job at hand within your range of abilities. Ad helps us bring you premium content and our layout looks better that way.

Jason Cloning er is a conservative writer, U.S. Navy & Army veteran, business owner, husband of 17 years, father, 2A supporter, & patriot. Being presented with having to survive a barren version of our world today, with most of the population dead, food and water supplies scarce, and having to deal with the threat of being killed by zombies, seems pretty far fetched to most Americans.

However, if you remove the zombies from the equation, the rest of it is definitely a possibility in a land that was impacted by severe disasters. If you throw in a nuclear winter, a massive volcanic eruption in Yellow Stone Park, an outbreak of a world ending virus, or a biological attack from terrorists, you could potentially find yourself in a situation where there are massive casualties of Americans, our infrastructure is impacted at a devastating level, and our ability to access food and water could be severely limited or destroyed altogether.

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In these situations, while there may or may not be zombies, you can guarantee that hostile persons may be looking to steal your family's food, water, or even lives. You are also more likely to run out of food and water for your family, and having to face the possibility of starvation or dehydration.

Disaster preparedness is something that Americans have truly become complacent with, being at their lowest levels since the end of the Cold War. Do your research, work together with friends and family to ensure that your list is accurate and that your estimate amounts of supplies are sufficient.

It is almost guaranteed that at some point of the disaster, you and your family will be presented with a situation where other people will try to steal from you. Criminals will still exist during these emergencies, and they will do anything to get what they want, but even your average and unprepared persons will do desperate things when faced with death by starvation or dehydration.

I can carry a lot of 5.56 ammunition, which has excellent ballistics regarding effective range, velocity, and penetration. The 5.56 mm round is perfect for hunting small and medium game and can be used to engage persons trying to attack you and your family.

Throw in the .300 Blackout round configuration as a bonus, and you have a highly superior hunting and enemy engagement weapons platform. One of the most innovative shotgun designs to date, the DP-12 allows you to rapidly fire 16 rounds down range towards your target(s).

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With top, side, and bottom Pica tinny rail system options, it allows you to customize the tactical configuration to your liking. With the ability for each KSG-25 in your arsenal to be custom configured with various projectiles, it becomes a very valuable hunting and tactical weapon platform.

The KG platform also includes a patented downward ejection system, which allows for ambidextrous use and doesn't shoot expended shells towards the person to your left or right. Whether you are hunting deer, or fending off a multitude of zombies, you will find that this weapon system is a gift that just keeps on giving.

When a family is protecting its home, property, or itself when mobile from one place to another, you need a versatility in weapons platforms. If you've ever seen or shot the Thompson sub-machine gun, you know just how difficult it was to control a fully automatic weapon system firing .45 ACP.

This platform, due to its patented Super-V Recoil Mitigation System, the force of the bolt's action and the explosion from the firing of the round no long drives the barrel up. The motion of the bolt instead is pushed downward towards the grip, allowing someone with a strong firing stance to fire the entire magazine, fully automatic, and place all the rounds in the tightest pattern they've ever placed on any other fully automatic platform at that speed.

With such tight shot placement of that many .45 caliber rounds, in such a short amount of time, the Kris's Vector delivers enough highly lethal energy and mass to knock multiple large male zombies (even if they're wearing body armor) into next week. Even if you have the semi-automatic model of the Kris's Vector in your arsenal, you're truly looking at a highly capable defensive weapon to keep zombies at bay while rounds are being reloaded for those carrying the above mentioned shotguns.

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The GP100's weight and six-inch barrel, makes it one of the best firing revolvers of the .357 round in existence, and greatly minimizes recoil for any size of shooter. Another good sidearm secondary to draw from a thigh holster, the sound of it firing alone is enough to make any zombies to think twice before trying to harm anyone, or further engage anyone, in your family.

Many of us military service members have trained on, shot, and spent a multitude of hours cleaning this weapon system. They can all verify for you the effectiveness of this platform to pin down enemy aggressors down range and to provide your team with adequate cover while they shoot, move, and communicate.

The civilian version of this weapon system is only semi-automatic, requiring a trigger squeeze for each round to be fired. However, proper training with this platform enables you to accurately place rapid fire of 5.56 ammunition down range, engaging multiple targets, and allowing your family proper covering fire while they seek cover, engage, or relocate to better positioning.

I suggest carrying multiple belt drums, along with several backup 30 round magazines, if you're mobile. It utilizes the .338 Lap Mag cartridge, which has amazing stopping power and superior ballistics to other high caliber rifles.

The patented carbon fiber wrapped match grade barrel, custom carbon fiber stock, recoil lug, 20 MOA rails, Time trigger, Pathway recoil pad, and their 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee, you are getting one of the most accurate shooting systems on the plant, weighing a fraction of other platforms, which has a proven durability. Whether you are using it to hunt large game, or using it to fend off zombies that are wandering into your safety perimeter around your secured location, you won't find a better tool to engage targets from a safe distance.

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With the weapon weighing around 5 lbs less than most other .338 platforms, a muzzle break is an absolute must in order to keep from shooting the rifle being extremely painful. It has made appearances in numerous movies, and has become a proven weapon system to members of the United States Military.

The weapons are pricey, but come with M1913 steel optics rail, 10 round magazines, dual barrel springs, a lightweight quick detachable iPod, 20" or 29" fluted barrel, fully chromed chamber and bore, high efficiency muzzle break, upper conversion kit for the .416 Barrel round, and a custom fit Pelican hard case. However, you can buy their Red Ball 20 round magazines to increase your effective capacity.

Cooper also said, “…when we speak of a general purpose rifle, we refer to an instrument that will do a great many jobs equally well…” Granted, cataclysmic conditions of ruin can run the gambit from a camping trip gone bad to total anarchy. Again, according to Cooper, “The greatest single asset of the personal rifle, to my mind, is that it be ‘friendly.’” That’s precise, but also ambiguous advice.

Given the parameters we’re dealing with, could we not narrow our choices to a couple of good options? The Shootout To find out, I selected four potentially doomsday-appropriate carbines, and explored their strengths and weaknesses in order to determine which was friendliest to me, with regard to fulfilling the role of a rifle ready for ruin.

Engagement distance varied from 60 to 160 yards, and time stopped when both targets had been hit. Power All four carbines are sufficient for dealing with human adversaries, but depending on your location, you might be fighting something else.

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One night, in the aftermath of Katrina, I found a team of unarmed Wackest security guards on top of their vehicles staying clear of a hungry Rottweiler. Similarly, during a recent earthquake on Kodiak Island there was no looting, but like everyday on that rock, grizzly bears were a constant threat.

In the southern United States deer and small game are plentiful and the .223 Rem. (left) is lighter and has less recoil, power increases with cartridge cap- city, with the .308 Win.

Ammunition You’ll have to feed your rifle and this prompts many to select popular cartridges like those tested. For snap-shooting it was fast, but hindered the ability to deliver precision shots with speed.

The red dot is also battery powered, which may not be wise for a rifle kept in storage until the world happens to fall apart. Red-dot sights offer faster target acquisition, but at the expense of clarity in cluttered environments like the wooded areas where testing took place.

Regardless of the action type, you must overcome recoil, get back on target and establish a good sight picture. Given the parameters of this exercise, for all practical purposes the AR-15 was no faster than the lever action.

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The main drawback with the lever gun was magazine capacity and slow loading. This was a 10-shot course, and the lever gun was the only carbine requiring any serious ammo consideration during the exercise.

However, the lever-action is the only carbine offering load-as-you-go operation; it’s easy to shoot one or two shots and shove one or two rounds in the tube. If anarchy falls on you in a big city, portability and conceal ability are matters of concern.

For rural dwellers across most of America, a rifle that offers a balance of capacity and power might work best. They’re capable of handling the indigenous critters, shot distances here tend to be short to medium, and people aren’t easily spooked or numerous.

All hits were recorded on a “hostage”-style target for precision and snapshots. The American-built, $799, Century Arms RAS47 was included for those prefer the creation of Mikhail Kalashnikov.

This was the heaviest carbine considered, and though somewhat clunky and cumbersome, it performed well when snap shooting, arguably as good as any evaluated. The trigger was slightly better than horrid, but it was manageable for survival situations, even with gloves.

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Stage two of testing involved a makeshift rest and a kneeling shooting position, requiring fast transition speed and target acquisition. To make transport simple, choose a Takedown variant of the Model 336.

Archetypal of the iconic lever-action rifle Americans have relied on for more than a century, the Marlin 336 has been around for 70 years. Given its limited capacity, the rifle must be loaded as you go, but it was the lightest carbine tested.

Reliability was flawless, but a lever gun is not the easiest to cycle from the prone position, depending on how low to the ground you might be. Bolt-action rifles have robust operation that allow proper function in adverse conditions.

I outfitted it with a Weaver 4X scout scope, a 10-round Magnum magazine, and a Gallo Rifleman sling. The 4X optic made precision shots easy and worked reasonably well for snap shooting.

With the forward-mounted scout scope, the rifle was easy to carry at the balance point. It functioned flawlessly, and the new Savage Acquit stock allowed for a perfect shooter interface.

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Adding accessories to the AR is easy, but can quickly run up the cost. Smith & Wesson M&P 15, 5.56 NATO Variations of the AR-15 are as diverse as craft beers.

At the heart of what is known as the MSR is a carbine, fitted with a collapsible stock, threaded muzzle, backup sights and full-length optics rail. New, it retails for $1,189, but mine has a Time trigger, a Leopold 4X HAIR sight, Crimson Trace Line laser/light combination and a Gallo Bungee sling.

It made the field course easy, and the magnification helped a great deal on the precision shots. The green laser was visible on every target, but the heavy reticle was more than sufficient, even in heavily shadowed woods.

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