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Based on the Voids VS series, it can only be played on mobile phones with the Japanese i-mode browser. Voids VS. EZ, released in April 2004, is similar to VS. i but designed for the EZ web mobile phone browser.

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Voids Furors diving Laser Claws is a little-known shooting game released on the 13th of January 2005 for the EZ web. Voids Saga Online, another i-mode game, began on the 1st of March 2006, and ran until the 31st of May 2012.

Released in 2012, Bonds of Steel is a Japanese-only FREE game for use on smartphones. The storyline of Super Robot Wars K is a crossover of several series, such as Gun X Sword, Gun dam SEED, Gaining and several others, as well as a number of “Ban presto Original” characters- a portion of the cast who exist only in the Super Robot Wars franchise.

The sections relevant to Voids, while being altered to accommodate for the other series, are largely kept close to the anime, and follows Fuji as he fights against the Donald Forces. As such, in addition to including many Voids, there are also many Voids Genesis characters and places, from main ones, like the Donald capital, Join and the Bio Tyranny to relatively minor ones, like Time and his Bristle Tiger, or Muteki-Dan's multi-colored Morgan.

In terms of gameplay, Super Robot Wars K is very similar to the Advance Wars or Fire Emblem franchises, using a grid-based system where the player controls units, moves them, selects attacks, etc. In terms of gameplay Voids fit easily into the “Real Robot” mold, most Voids possess excellent mobility and have efficient and easy to use attacks, but generally lack the durability and raw power of “Super Robot” style units like those in Malinger Z or Gaining.

To date no crossover Super Robot Wars media has been released in the West. Certain games and anime series were released, using the Japanese name of Super Robot Taken (possibly to avoid conflict with the TV show Robot Wars), but these have only featured Original Generations characters, or similarly, characters owned by Bandai-Namco Games (such as Kenosha's KOS-MOS), and therefore do not contain any third-party content (such as Voids).

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In terms of gameplay, Taken is not a typical Super Robot Wars game, and follows characters based in a fictional school, who duel their robots in a fashion similar to the Voids Saga series. The player buys robots by winning battles and then spending their coins in a lottery and uses them to assemble a team.

The toy of this guy is highly sought after by collectors of the series. The figure of this Void is very well-known for its construction, light and sound features, and its place as one of the final two designs in the original line before its cancellation.

The actual animal that this Void is based on isn't fully known but that definitely adds to the appeal. This little Void isn't heavily armed and is mostly used as a part of an army when it is used for combat.

This puts it in the same category as Hellcat with the rest of the Void fodder for cooler techs to destroy in big wars. It is lightly armed and armored, making it more well known for its crazy speed instead of its combat ability.

The Olga is a caterpillar-type Void that was created by a multitude of empires in the series. It is a very early Void, a fact that is heavily reflected by its very boring design.

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This unit differs from the Liner Zero Eager in the fact that it was created to allow the Void to excel in close-quarters combat. This Void has laser blades mounted on the Liner Zero's head and sides that can slice straight through armor.

It is small and fast which makes it perfect for recon missions. It is shown to be a nearly invincible Void and even nearly destroyed the Beast Liner until its weakness was abused during battle.

While its model kit version is small it is scaled up heavily in its anime appearance. It was designed to act as an electronic warfare platform instead of being another battle Void.

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A bit of the storyline (from the website): “The Republic of Helix and the Guys Empire engaged in the largest war to be seen in centuries. In 1986, Mar tech released a home computer game, Voids : The Battle Begins, for the C64, EX Spectrum and Amtrak CPC, based on the Original European Voids Release.

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The plot revolved around the rebuilding of Godzilla: players would assume control of a Spheroid and hunt for the lost parts of Godzilla in order to repair him and defeat the Red Void forces. Voids Vs. III looks and plays similarly to its predecessors, offering fast-paced robot action in wide-open battlefields.

The game pits the Helix Republic against the Guys Empire, using the popular Voids toys/anime characters to battle out the conflict. Voids Battle Card Game it's a tactic RPG developed by Nature and Act Japan for the PlayStation system, the gameplay is like a table board game, the player can combine the units with a card deck that includes weapons, situations, equipment, ammo, pilots, etc.

Voids Infinity was released in Japan on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 as a port of the original arcade game. In this expanded version of the game, players could play against each other online through Xbox Live.

There are also earthquakes that occur during gameplay that would alter the terrain, sometimes opening up new routes or revealing previously inaccessible upgrades. Also, a group of ROM hackers took these a complete English translation patch for the game.

The game is set during Century Zero, the main battle/war between two rival nations: the Helix Republic and Aeneas Empire. The Aeneas Voids were mostly red and silver and more armored, the Helix more skeletal and favoring blue and gray, it is your duty to either choose the side of Good(Helix Republic) or Evil(Aeneas Empire) and finally decide the end of the battle/war.

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Once you have chosen, you begin the battle/war against the opposing side and fight until the end of the war, facing tons of enemies and bosses in an attempt to win. Van and Fiona are attacked by a wild Hell runner in the grass outside his village, and discover that it was being driven mad by Rare Hertz.

Not only was it affecting the Hell runner, places all over the Western Continent are suddenly awash in it, and Voids are going berserk. Teaming up with Irvine, Moon bay, and others along the way, Van and Fiona have to find their way through a number of caves and towers to stop the Voids broadcasting the signals.

They finally catch up with the man responsible, Professor Io, a scientist who was experimenting with “Void genetics”. After breaking into his lair with a Mad thunder (the only way to get past his Death Saucer), they confront him and his Gene Breaker.

They soon discover that it wasn't the real threat, however, when Io reveals a Void contained in a giant pod while telling them about his son who was killed in the war. When the Invader is defeated, Io remains behind in his collapsing base, presumably to die.

The player can then go back and finish clearing all the levels of the caves of Rare Hertz, catch Voids, and train them in a vaguely Pokémon style. The end Invader is also there to fight again despite it having been destroyed, but the Gene Breaker does not return.

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During a battle, he and his rival Solid (who pilots a Super Gene Saucer, a variant with four long-range cannons) fall into an underground world. All star teams up with a girl he meets there, Party, to combat the piloted Berserk Führer that has been attacking villages, as his Liner Zero is foretold to be the underground world's savior and thus the only one that can stop it.

They search through old ruins to find the Liner Zero's three armors, which are needed to complete the game, and restore peace to the underground world by stopping the confused AI computer driving the Voids mad and defeating the Berserk Führer. Party appears to grow quite fond of All star and the Liner along the way, happily declaring as much when she follows him back home at the end of the game.

King no Sens hi You, Role playing game set in the Voids series, also available as a special edition package bundled with a Diablo Tiger Beta toy and a special infrared control unit that plugs into the data port of the Game Boy Advance. When controlling the Void, the GBA screen shows a special cockpit with information and read-outs.

A series of Arcade games that can be used in conjunction with special swipe cards to unlock new features. Subscribers were given the chance to purchase a limited edition Shield Liner Commander model, the game was cancelled however, before completion.

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