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• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
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The Voids franchise is one that came hot off the wheels of Tamara Tom in their A-day. Voids is different from Gun dam in the fact that the series' techs are based on animals and other creatures such as dinosaurs, insects, arachnids, and mythological beasts.

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There are a lot of a techs that fans are going to want to own from the series, but this list will feature a few from the anime you can buy today. So without further ado, these are the 10 bestows from the anime that you can buy a model of today.

The Gil Vader is a wyvern type Void and one of the most iconic of the series. This, predictably, led to it doing big damage to that series heroes.

However, it had its weakness revealed, which was its downfall despite its ginormous size and intimidating firepower. The model kit is scaled down a lot more than its anime counterpart, but is still a worthy buy.

The Liner Zero Schneider made its appearance in New Century, where it was the second Changing Armor System unit to be deployed. Another Changing Armor System Void that made its appearance in New Century is the Liner Zero Eager.

Instead of having armor made specifically for close-quarter combat, the Eager was created to increase the speed of Liner Zero. This was the first Changing Armor System seen in New Century, which has made its model kit version extra iconic and another must-have for Voids fans everywhere.

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The Gunner is extra badass in appeal due to the crazy amount of guns that this guy sports. It shows up in the Voids anime Chaotic Century and Guardian Force.

A T. rex Void with one of the hands-down best designs in the series, it is iconic for being the rival of the Liner Zero in both Chaotic Century and Furors. The charged particle canon it's armed with is the icing on the cake.

As a writer at Comic Book Resources, he hopes to put his skills to the test to bring the best content possible. The toy of this guy is highly sought after by collectors of the series.

The figure of this Void is very well-known for its construction, light and sound features, and its place as one of the final two designs in the original line before its cancellation. The actual animal that this Void is based on isn't fully known but that definitely adds to the appeal.

This little Void isn't heavily armed and is mostly used as a part of an army when it is used for combat. This puts it in the same category as Hellcat with the rest of the Void fodder for cooler techs to destroy in big wars.

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It is lightly armed and armored, making it more well known for its crazy speed instead of its combat ability. The Olga is a caterpillar-type Void that was created by a multitude of empires in the series.

It is a very early Void, a fact that is heavily reflected by its very boring design. This unit differs from the Liner Zero Eager in the fact that it was created to allow the Void to excel in close-quarters combat.

This Void has laser blades mounted on the Liner Zero's head and sides that can slice straight through armor. It is small and fast which makes it perfect for recon missions.

It is shown to be a nearly invincible Void and even nearly destroyed the Beast Liner until its weakness was abused during battle. While its model kit version is small it is scaled up heavily in its anime appearance.

It was designed to act as an electronic warfare platform instead of being another battle Void. It being a Void that isn't used in usual battle already loses its points and the design makes it even lower than that.

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These include unreleased prototypes and models custom-made for use in official media. Growing up in the 1980s, we really did have some awesome toys: Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Micro Machines and Rainbow Write.

Divided into two warring armies of blue and red, Voids were battery or wind-up powered machines driven by android pilots, mostly taking the form of dinosaurs or other reptiles and insects. It also featured artwork from Marvel UK regulars Geoff Senior and Steve Powell, and writing on some earlier issues from Simon Furman.

The comic often made good use of single page frames to emphasize the size and violence of the Voids in combat. If this part of the storyline had been purely about android operated robots beating all holy hell out of each other, it might have become a bit dull.

Godzilla’s operator was a born leader, while Gore made up in brawn what he lacked in brains in keeping with his ape machine. Red horn The Terrible was ruthlessly aggressive while Mammoth was portrayed as a cowardly traitor who defects from the blues to join the red Voids in one of the strip’s earliest issues.

The use of Void personalities led to some of the comic’s occasional off-beat tales, which would fill a couple of issues when the main story took a break. In a story reminiscent of an episode of The Twilight Zone, two elderly Cosmologies, Zed and ZEE, have grown weary of the Void wars.

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This short story pulled a dark twist to its finish, in keeping with shows like Tales Of The Unexpected. The ship was on a mission to establish a new penitentiary on the supposedly deserted Roadster when its crash-landed, killing almost all aboard.

The survivors were led by the Celeste’s captain Drew Heller, who thought it’d be a good idea to bring his 14-year-old son Grief along for the ride too. In another example of how good the writing on Voids was, the main crew of the Celeste were all established within a couple of pages, from Heller and Grief to first mate Role, the mysterious prison officer Silverman and Carrying, the wrongly accused convict.

Even in the early days, the strip strongly indicated that their story would not have a happy ending, and delivered some particularly bleak and crushing moments for the crew of the Celeste. A near standalone story, which could have been a direct influence on the Into Pitch Black special feature which supported that 2000 movie, saw a female salvage operative despatched to Roadster to ascertain what happened to the Celeste.

Their dialogue was written in the voice of an archetypal English gentleman, and put the reader in mind of Hamlet’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. The Kr ark storyline lent another dimension to the strip, and furthered the idea of the androids that drive the Voids having their own personalities.

After raiding the Voids factory for parts to patch up the Celeste, Silverman led Role, Carrying and convict Al Boston back to the ship, only for his true nature to be uncovered in a dramatic encounter with a Manta-Zoid. Taking two direct rounds of the Void’s firepower and getting immediately back up again, Silverman is revealed to be an MX-30 Superior, a specially-engineered robot made by the Earth government and an organization called Cybersex, whose goal is to kill the remaining crew and return home alone.

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The introduction of a possibly even deadlier threat to the crew of the Celeste was a hugely pivotal plot point, and one which would go on to form the basis of the strip’s greatest moment later on. There weren’t many other comics based on toy lines which had homicidal robots gunning people down violently.

In a further twist, Silverman was to reveal to Captain Heller during a showdown at an abandoned Void factory that the real nature of the Celeste’s mission to Roadster was to gather intelligence on the Voids, using the crew and prisoners as bait, after which Silverman would report back to Cybersex. He leads the alien to a blue Void factory with the intention of showing him what he had seen, only for Godzilla to mercilessly destroy the newcomer.

The story began with the revelation in a fevered dream to Heller that his wife was killed after working with the Cybersex corporation. This caused the Captain to question his identity in a way similar to Harrison Ford’s Declared at the conclusion of Blade Runner, another sci-fi movie influence on the story.

Rocked by his loss of identity and purpose, Heller engages Silverman with little fear of reprisal, defeating him by smashing his head to smithereens after it sprouts legs in a final transformation, possibly inspired by the alien in John Carpenter’s movie, The Thing. Grant Morrison’s writing on the issues was superb, and the battle had the epic feeling it deserved, which was no small feat in a strip only given a few pages each week.

The Voids were originally scheduled to continue their story in their own monthly title, to be written by Grant Morrison, but the book was never to see print. In an issue that was reminiscent of the scene in which Ripley is questioned by the Wetland Mutant board in the film, the salvage worker who investigated The Celeste on Roadster is interrogated by Cybersex suits.

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In a show of just how evil the company was, the worker was thrown out of a high rise window in order to keep her silent. Cybersex, it seems, knew about the Voids after a previous spacecraft beamed transmissions of them back to Earth, and the company had been intent on capturing one to use as a military weapon.

Given the assumption that Silverman has failed to accomplish this, the strip introduced a mercenary called Slater, who was to lead a team of colonial marines-style troopers to Roadster to finish the job, as well as kill any survivors of the Celeste they may happen upon. The final couple of issues dealt with the return of Red horn, having rebuilt himself from the remnants of the destruction left by The Black Void.

Red horn confronted and destroyed Mammoth in the last issue to take his revenge and place as the leader of the red Voids. The Voids comic wasn’t as popular as Marvel UK’s other titles like Transformers, but it is remembered with great affection by those who read it at the time.

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