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Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Today is 20 years since the show first started airing in Japan. New Century is a much beloved show, and for many was their first foray into Voids on TV.

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It's a personal favorite of mine, and is amazingly high quality for a show that's now 20 years old. Thirteen years have passed since this wiki was founded.

Over the past year we experienced another season of Voids in Japan, namely Voids : Wild ZERO, while the handling of the English dub of Voids : Wild was rather unsatisfactory, as it was just streamed on Netflix, rather than airing on television, like the recent iterations of Bey blade and Bakunin do. However, the pages belonging to Voids Wild were updated and now also contain something about the English dub, such as the dub titles, air dates and title cards.

If you still find something to improve, feel free to go ahead and do so. At the moment Voids : Wild Sent is all what's left in terms of anime.

Finish the story fast just before making it to the sequel. No more copy or stolen images from other wikis Be more careful to mind my own work.

The Voids Wild: Infinity Blast article is the 1000th page on this wiki. While that number may change as new articles get created, and others may be removed for cleanups, it's good to see healthy growth in the Wiki.

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After being stable for a long time, there's been a huge surge in the number of pages on this wiki in the last few years, naturally this is due to the release of Voids : Wild and the subsequent models, games, anime, etc. I normally don't pay attention to the number of articles on the wiki, but I just happened to catch it when making this new page.

Finish the story fast just before making it to the sequel. No more copy or stolen images from other wikis Be more careful to mind my own work.

Earlier this year Zane T 69, Sylvan elite and I have adopted this wiki and since then worked hard to keep… As well this guide just lists the English dub of Voids Wild to be 26 22-minute episodes.

I may as well shout out to all the Voids fans who have edited this wiki in the past/present. It’s good to see after 20 years, people still love Voids.

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