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I’m almost 21 now and this who has always stuck with me, so I was looking for some merch to feel even more in the Zoey101 spirit. As an early day gift to myself I wanted to buy a cute PCA hoodie or something, but all I’m coming across are kinda lame designs that are too simple.

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This has been asked several times on this Subreddit and earlier posts have some resources, it also appears some episodes are on Dailymotion as well. Not saying Alexa is fully lying, but I think some stories she talked about is exaggerated.

And I know maybe they’re still scared because they think it’ll effect their career but half of the cast aren’t even active in the industry anymore. (I don’t count the reunion episode as that’s just for fun).

Like background actors, assistants, camera operators and basically everyone behind the scenes? And if Jamie really had the power to get someone fired on set, then she’d be able to get Kristin to stay on as a cast member.

Look at Glee, Samantha came out and accuses Lea of being a horrible person. But I think it’s more towards the line of Alexa getting into the argument with the cast which spiraled out of control.

Maybe the cast must’ve felt uncomfortable with Alexa in general for no one to be on her side. It’s just what I think, as almost everyone is jumping on board that Alexa must be telling the truth and that the Zoey101 cast are horrible bullies.

Here's 20 great things from the show to bring you back to your childhood days. More commonly known as PCA and the beautiful campus that was home to our beloved boarding school students.

When the boys and girls competed to win their own Jet-X's by making some awesome commercials, you knew you also wanted to have your own to ride around campus on. First off, those dorms were HUGE, seriously bigger than an average size bedroom, so colorful and fun.

Personal soda machine, big television, pool table and also had two stories to it. Whether it be to stop at the coffee carts on every corner or head down to the beach that surrounded the campus.

No worries, just walk right up the hill and there is your own personal sushi bar right on campus. Well, Zoey, we can't quite ever forgive you for getting the show canceled, your daughter is pretty adorable.

He really only looked out for himself, but deep down we still enjoyed him because the Chase, Michael and Logan romance couldn't have been possible without him. Michael, the man who never failed to make us laugh, the stud basketball player who could also play the flute.

Whether it was his crazy doodles, stupid jokes, or made up slang, PCA would never have been so fun without him. Lola was obsessed with yoga and when she dated Vince, you know we all secretly loved it.

Quirky, weird, science obsessed Quinn who tested a new experiment in every episode. But our hearts felt so much joy when Quinn was happily dating Logan (because who saw that one coming).

Zoey's younger, adorable brother who always seemed to be finding himself in some kind of trouble. Honestly, I wasn't very sad to see her character leave at the end of season two after being diagnosed with MGD (Obsessive Male Gender Disorder) if that's even a real thing.

Zoey, Lola, Quinn, Chase, Michael and Logan forever the best group of friends. Thank you for the crazy times and giving us such a great childhood television show.

And you thought they would never make another episode...10 years later and the time capsule is finally opened. Click the link to watch the special extra episode that was aired in 2015 to find out what Zoey said about Chase all those years ago.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search The Nickelodeoncomedy-drama series, Zoey101 originally aired from January 9, 2005, to May 2, 2008.

Archived from the original on October 24, 2012. Wider, less steep designs tend to come later once castles moved away from being fortresses to simply noble family homes with the advent of gunpowder.

I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite little details about defensive fortifications, because the majority handedness of attackers isn’t usually something you think about when studying historical wars. But strategically-placed walls were used basically worldwide as a strategy to secure gates and passages against advancing attackers, because most of the world’s population is right-handed (and has been since the Stone Age).

Notice that, except the last four (which are instead designed to congregate the attackers in a space, so they can be picked off by archers, either in bastions or on the walls themselves) and the screened gate (which, in addition to being baffled, also forces the attackers to defend their flank) all of these gates are designed with central architectural idea that it’s really hard to kill someone with a wall in your way. These tactics worked so well for so long because until quite recently lefties got short shrift and had it trained (if they were lucky) or beaten out of them.

Some from Continental Europe have the handedness of my Chipiona with thumb-rings and asymmetrical baskets, but the native “British Basket hilt” is a variant of the Highland claymore* and like it seems completely symmetrical, without even a thumb-ring, which gives equal protection to whichever hand is using it. More recently, rifles eject their spent shell casings to the right, so if you’re a lefty you get some hot metal in your eye.

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