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Because you’re ruled by the planet Mercury, you’re always open to new experiences and love to have variability in your life. Your motto is “out with the old, in with the new.” You don’t hold onto disappointments or people who’ve done you wrong.

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Even though you can be secretive and inconsistent at times, this doesn’t stop you from inspiring and motivating the surrounding people to remain optimistic and live the same stress-free life that you try to live every day. You don’t let anything negative take over your life, and you only surround yourself with genuine people.

You have your moments when you can be bossy and controlling, but your generous and faithful personality is what makes others drawn to you. Still, people close to you know that they can count on you to be a good friend and that you’ll always put honesty first.

It takes a whole heck of a lot to make you furious, so you prefer to use a calmer and more practical approach when dealing with conflict. People know that you’re reliable and always ready to take on new challenges and leadership roles.

When your close friends need encouragement and support, they know that they can always count on you to be optimistic for them. You can be very emotional at times, which makes you sympathetic and able to easily understand the feelings of others.

As a Cancer, you’ve learned that being cautious and aware of your surroundings is what keeps you safe. No matter where you’re at in life, you never fail to take proper care of yourself.

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In a relationship, you’re loyal, committed, and always looking for ways to show love to your partner. You don’t care all that much about being liked, all you want to do is achieve your goals and live a comfortable lifestyle.

However, your highly optimistic attitude makes you prone to disappointment. People might say you’re irresponsible, and this is because you don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals.

You use your freedom and independence to stay in touch with the world, but sometimes you forget that boundaries do exist and need to be applied in certain situations. You’re compassionate, kind, selfless, and always ready to help a friend in need.

When something doesn’t go according to plan, you have a habit of distancing yourself from reality to avoid dealing with your emotions. Even though you can be overly sensitive at times, your faithful and loving nature makes you suitable for a committed relationship.

A true Virgo is practical, analytical, and has a sharp mind. You have very high standards when it comes to whom you hang out with, which is why sometimes you find it difficult to make friends.

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Some people may mistake you as someone who’s too conservative, but you just like to have structure and organization in your daily life. In a relationship, you’re sensual and have a strong desire for physical interaction.

You’re always looking for ways to get what you want, and often times you forget to appreciate the people that care about you. In situations where you feel angry, sometimes you say things you regret or make decisions impulsively.

You have big hopes and dreams, but staying motivated has never been easy for you. The key to success for you will be learning how to break your lazy behavior and start making sh*t happen.

You have excellent leadership skills and known for being honest and a good friend. You always expect the worst from others, making you jealous, critical, and suspicious.

Sometimes you’ll even turn down an exceptional opportunity simply because you don’t trust the outcome. You struggle to stay optimistic, which keeps you from achieving a lot of your goals.

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Although that sounds like a small number when compared to how many people live in the world, it's still quite a bit. Astrology has been known to predict certain outcomes of your life whether it’s love, friendship, careers, or family.

In fact, Ronald Reagan consulted astrologers before making major decisions. The relationship between the alignment of planets and human personalities is astonishing.

The purpose of astrology is to gain some meaningful insight and knowledge about the surrounding people. By studying the personality of each zodiac sign, you can connect astrology to real people in your life and open your mind to new truths that you may not already know.

But even after asserting yourself at work, booking an exotic trip overseas or taking a weekend for some much-needed “me” time, have you noticed your life is still pretty much exactly the same? For as great (and probably really excellent-looking) as you are, you can’t tell one measly little white lie that could save the entire realm because of “honor.” Come on, man.

Strangers always stop you on the street to ask for directions, and you happily oblige. Even if your water just broke, you’d stop and sign a recycling petition as long as the person asked you nicely.

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You don’t need to get involved with 10B’s scuffle with the flight attendant over luggage space. Unless you’re a personal injury attorney (well, you probably are), try being less impulsive and invasive and more patient, like a Taurus.

It took you three years to order your wedding album, but it’s because you wanted to get everything just right (and can you believe how much it cost?!). You’ll probably regret it, but just tell your inner Taurus to be quiet.

You’re the lady at the party who refuses to take off her coat. So take off your jacket, get comfy and dare to make some small talk with Ingrid from sales.

Close your eyes and just pretend you’re your extroverted Gemini pal with two heads. You know, the one who goes to the elephant graveyard his dad explicitly tells him not to go to and then has to live with a warthog for five years.

Let’s guess: You keep all those extra button kits that come on the tags of new clothes. You’re also the only person on this planet who can fold a fitted sheet.

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But your loved ones live in dire fear that they’re not loading the dishwasher with the geometric perfection you strive for. Instead of going it alone, rally the troops to your cause (aka a clean house), like an Aquarius would.

And don’t get us started on whether to order a quarter or half a pound. And yeah, that’s because you never trusted the bastard, so you followed him around to find out if he was cheating.

Try caring less and channel the ID GAF attitude of your Sagittarius buds. You’re only 5,000 followers away from being able to make money from your epic Instagram account.

Yep, you’re that person whose feed is filled with so much travel eye-candy and inspirational quotes, everyone asks, “What does she do for a living?” You’re not quite sure actually. Reach down deep and squeeze out the Capricorn within to nail down that job you want.

Here’s the thing: Knowing every river that runs through the Greek mythology underworld won’t tuck you into bed at night. Try living at the moment a bit more, like your fishy friend, Pisces.

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The Best Compliment for Every Zodiac Sign | Reader's Digest Skip to main content Cookie Studio/Shutterstock “I look up to you.” Caleb Back, Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistic says, “Aries are strong-willed, brave and competitive. They possess heroic qualities.” This is why being the role model figure for others is so important to Aries.

That is why if you really want to compliment the nature of a Taurus, let them know how much you appreciate that they have your back. If you are looking to dish out a more superficial compliment, say something along the lines of, “You’re always so well put together.” People of this zodiac sign love and take pride in material comforts.

These people always want life to be exciting and filled with wonder, so knowing they embody those characteristics themselves will make them feel accomplished. Elena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock “I’m at my most comfortable around you.” Cancers take pride in home and family life.

Lifted Studios/Shutterstock “You’re so good at reading people.” There are many ways to compliment a Virgo because they want to be great at everything. (Tip: They love hearing the word “perfect.”) But while Virgos may be skilled at a great many things, it is their keen sense of observation and analysis that is at the center of it all.

He also notes that “Virgos are generally good with languages.” Combine a detail-oriented nature with a way with words and the result is someone who is very adept at knowing what other people are thinking and feeling. They stand for balance and justice and tend to have the best answer to virtually any problem.

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Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock “Your personality is magnetic.” Scorpios are described by Back as curious and mysterious.” There is no zodiac sign as enticing as this one. They love to find new ways to entertain themselves and their friends, and they don’t mind being the center of attention, either.

Fizkes/Shutterstock “I can always count on you for a job well done.” “Capricorns are ambitious and determined,” Back says. People of this sign work as hard as they can to be recognized as top dog.

“They think out of the box and love their freedom.” Every Aquarius has their own way of looking at and interacting with the world. This leads them to sometimes feel misunderstood, which is why having someone tell them their individuality is admirable is a great comfort.

“They make good therapists, artists, psychologists, and nurses,” he adds. They are emotionally doting simply because that is their nature, but they still like to know that their kind heart is well-received.

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