Best Zero Turn Commercial Mower

Ava Flores
• Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
• 13 min read

Zero turn mowers are a great investment for commercial landscapers and most professionals have begun incorporating them into their must-have equipment list. There’s a good reason landscaping crews across the country have begun to rely on their zero turn mowers.

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These agile and popular machines offer many benefits that their conventional ride-on cousins simply can’t match. Like their name implies, zero turn mowers don’t need to perform bulky multiple-point turns in order to move around.

They typically possess a transaxle in each of their back wheels, allowing the operator to move each one of them independently of the other with a simple push or pull of a lever. So while one wheel goes backwards the other can go forward, and the mower can perform a smooth spin, cutting all the grass in its radius of operation perfectly.

Not only does this allow it to get into tighter spaces than what other ride-on mowers can, it’ll also cut down mowing time in half. Once you get the hang of driving a zero turn, you can easily glide across the grass and quickly mow around trees, sheds, houses and garden beds.

Quicker mowing also translates into less fuel used overall and less wear and tear on your equipment, saving you money on gas, repairs and replacement parts in the long run. A zeroturn’s higher blade speed and advanced maneuverability also means a cleaner, more precise cut each and every time.

Since a zero turn can cut in a 360 degree radius, you’ll also spend less time having to go back and trim leftover patches of grass and weed wack corners and edges. If you have to cut more than an acre of yard space with any regularity, you will definitely enjoy the convenience and time saved when using a zeroturnmower.

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If you have many garden obstacles to mow around, such as bushes, islands, trees and flower beds you’ll definitely appreciate the ease-of-use and convenience of a zero turn. A zeroturnmower can effortlessly and accurately cut closely around these delicate areas, leaving an even and beautiful-looking yard with only half the effort.

There are so many variables that go into making an informed decision, like deck height, blade speed and engine power. Below we’ve put together an easy-to-read guide that will assist you in understanding some differences between seven of the top zero turns available on the market right now.

If you are in need of a website for your lawn care or landscaping company click the link below to see if we’re a good fit. Note: some mowers offer a 52 or 54 model while others don’t… this will cause the price to appear lower if you are comparing same deck size.

Its exterior is made from 7-gauge stainless steel for maximum strength and is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. The Pro Turn 400 is also the first mower in the industry to use an air-ride suspension system that keeps the ride level and comfortable.

Ex mark’s unique seating design offers unparalleled comfort and a handy 12-volt adapter to keep your devices charged. This mower also allows for tool-less installation of the deck and hydro belts, making maintenance a snap.

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The inclusion of patented RED technology ensures seamless communication between key system features, keeping your mower running smoothly for longer. The Too 6000 is another great zeroturnmower with a 31 horsepower Kawasaki engine that trails close behind to that of the Ferris IS 3200.

The Too 6000 series focuses on reducing operator fatigue and includes a deluxe suspension seat with 3D isolator mounts to better absorb bumps and vibrations. A patented adjustment baffle allows the user to fine-tune the deck to seasonal and environmental changes for greater efficiency.

This zeroturnmower has been specifically designed with the dependability and toughness commercial landscapers need in mind. Its strong, stainless steel cutting deck and large 26” drive tires offer increased productivity in all mowing conditions and give it greater traction, allowing it to cover more ground faster, even in uneven terrain.

Its powerful Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Powertrain® Transaxles and adjustable rear coil-over-shock suspension ensure this zero turn will be getting the job done for many years to come. The new mower of the year has some great features including engines, drive train, and comfort.

This newcomer to the zero turn field has combined the best out of all the previous Bad Boy models to provide unparalleled strength, comfort and cut quality. Its front deck chamber moves grass into the perfect position for a smooth, beautiful cut.

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The mower deck’s 10-gauge all-welded steel body, front edge, and reinforced top all add the ruggedness needed for great cuts. It also integrates a cyclonic air management system that protects the engine from debris and dust on harsh terrains.

It is very large and does not fit on lift gate for delivery It has to be unloaded with a loading dock or a forklift This Zero turn mower comes with Hydro-gear AT 3100 hydrostatic transmission which helps to achieve smoother and more energetic performance to carry accessories such as aerators, carts and many others It is endowed with the 61-inch extra wide cutting deck which enables it to get work done as quickly as possible.

There is no directional control on downhill paths The Briggs engine is not totally smooth on lawns The mower comes with washout connectors for hose Husqvarna is one of the most respected names in the zeroturnmower manufacturing industry with a wide range of mowers suited to specific needs.

With that in mind, I’ve put together this short guide to help you make a decision. Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a ride-on lawnmower of any kind, is how large you need the cutting deck to be.

The larger the lawn or yard, the more inches of deck you’re going to need to get the job done in double-quick time. Below, I’ve added a simple explanation to help you pick the correct deck size for your land.

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It will also depend on other factors, such as the machine’s horsepower, and any obstacles you might encounter during the job. You’ll notice I’ve included a little background info on all the brands in this review.

The hydrostatic transmission does away with pulley and belt systems, instead opting to use variable displacement pumps which use fluid flow to power a motor. The pump uses pressurized oil to move pistons in the drive system.

There’s an operator-controlled, mow-in-reverse capability, all from the comfort of a high-backed seat with suspension springs and extra room in the foot well. Featuring an extra-wide side discharge, durable wheels for tough terrain, and lap-bar steering, the Troy-Bilt Mustang is perfect for taking your mowing game to the next level.

Now under the umbrella of Stanley Black & Decker, Craftsman has been in the game since 1927 manufacturing tools, lawn and garden equipment, and workwear. This machine offers a 24 horsepower, Briggs & Stratton engine, which utilizes Restart technology for a fast efficient start.

Durable 11-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels are built to last and provide greater clearance for your mow while being able to handle tougher terrain, and the dual hydro-gear drive system offers the power and control you need to get the job done. Reward: For the deck size, this is the best value commercial grade zeroturnmower on the market.

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Conclusion With an excellently-sized cutting deck, this is a wonderful tool for larger yards and probably best commercial -grade zeroturnmower for the money available. Founded way back in 1890, Snapper built the first self-propelled rotary lawn mower in 1951.

It’s powered by 25 horsepower Briggs & Stratton Inter twin-cylinder engine with an added oil filter and a dual hydro-static transmission for ultimate performance and control. The wide-deck has four castor wheels and a rear roller added for extra efficiency and smooth performance over your terrain.

There’s a hinged/removable floor pan, allowing easy access to the deck and engine for quick and ease of maintenance, while the tubular steel frame provides increased strength and durability. The optimized bagging design is guaranteed to prevent blockages, and the added inclusion of dual, LED headlights allows you to keep mowing through dusk.

It’s got a lot under the hood, offers excellent, adjustable comfort and looks like it’s loads of fun to play with. American made, commercial -grade outdoor power equipment manufacturers, Swisher have roots back to 1945.

It offers a reliable start and excellent ground speed, cutting the lawn with a 61-inch deck that features an ergonomically designed deck-lifting system, so you can raise and lower the cutting height from your driving position. This version is slightly adapted from the previous Husqvarna model, notable for a few key differences.

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This time it’s a Kawasaki motor on board, offering 24 horsepower which provides excellent speed in both forward and reverse. It also incorporates the Roll Over Protection System (CROPS) which is a very advisable safety feature if you’re mowing hills or tough terrain, and you need extra peace of mind.

The integrated cargo bed can dump to the rear for easy cleaning while offering a host of transport options. Under the hood, the hydro-gear ZT-3200 hydrostatic transaxles deliver a smooth grass cutting experience while you are changing directions and speeds, while the roll bar provides an extra level of safety should you need it if you ever attempt to pull donuts on sloped terrain.

You’ll notice that they don’t have steering wheels, instead, they utilize two levers to control direction, speed, forward and reverse. It’s important you do get a feel for the mower before you begin cutting your grass, however, as you can damage your yard if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If your land is big enough, you have the space for storage, and you can afford one, then it makes a sound investment that will save you time and money in the long run. They’re easy to handle, highly maneuverable, and can shave hours off the time it would usually take you to do a big lawn care job.

I think it’s one of the most versatile mowers around, powerful enough, still at an affordable price, and with plenty of options to accessorize.

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