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Danielle Fletcher
• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
• 10 min read

If your beard has grown to Santa Claus-, Gandalf- or even Dumbledore-esque lengths recently, it’s high time for a trim. But finding the perfect beard trimmer can be a Goldilocks-like adventure, as they all offer different functions and abilities.

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The Wall Lithium-ion+ Stainless Steel Grooming Kit also stood out due to its precise, efficient trim that can handle any job from shearing down a Jeremiah Johnson–caliber beard to detailing precise lines on your neck and cheeks. Remington’s smart trimmer scored exceptionally well in all of our tests, especially in crucial areas that affect your daily prune.

The Remington trimmer provided a quick and easy clip, taking about seven passes to trim beard hair down to the guide’s length. It has 175 lengths to choose from, thanks to a motorized comb that’s controlled by a digital touch screen on the trimmer’s face.

This, paired with the incredible specificity of the tiny adjustments, makes it adaptable and easy to tailor exactly to your desires. Though with all these lengths, the trimmer didn’t come with any attachments such as a detailer, which could help clean up any lines.

You can tap the profile button, select between the presets, and the guide will automatically go to that length setting. Most notably, the Remington ranked as our most durable trimmer, a bit surprising considering all its smart functions and heavy weight.

In terms of battery, it lasted more than one hour and 20 minutes, which was below the one-hour-and-58-minute average runtime for the field. The charge time was also second slowest, at one hour and 50 minutes, which can be somewhat expected from a trimmer with this many smart features.

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You won’t have to fumble around with dozens of attachments, run over your beard for what seems like hours to trim it down, or spend longer cleaning up than you did shaving. The lines it gave us weren’t the sharpest, but it comes with a detailer attachment that helps trim up any troublesome spots.

Overall, the Braun provided an above-average trim, while other features like its versatility and battery pushed it beyond the rest of the pack. The guides themselves are comfortable and allow the blades to carve through beards quickly, while protecting against any slip-ups or uneven spots.

The cleanup was fast and easy with the Braun, since both the blades and the body can be rinsed underwater once they’re disconnected. The trimmer was easy to hold, winning points for its ergonomic shape and small grip, and if you do accidentally drop it, the BT7240 can take the hit.

One thing that truly stuck out with the Braun trimmer was its battery life and Quick Charge feature. Our device lasted two hours 16 minutes running on full blast with a fully charged battery.

It comes with a mini foil and detailer attachment, so for someone who doesn’t need all the fancy features of our number one pick and is willing to give up some shave quality for accessories and a better battery life, this trimmer from Braun is the one for you. For those who need the cleanest of lines and will sacrifice versatility and extra features for the best pure shave, the Wall Lithium-ion+ is definitely the trimmer to go for.

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The Andes Slimline Pro Lithium-ion T-blade Trimmer scored the highest for trimming ability, but we ultimately decided to highlight the Wall because the Andes broke after our drop test and wouldn’t charge. The Slimline Pro was one of two major casualties in our drops, the other being a chipped blade from another Andes trimmer.

The Wall Lithium-ion+ offers a powerful, smooth trim that cuts precisely through beard hair. While the guides are a little flimsy, especially the larger ones, the Wall gave us one of the best all-around trims with an outstanding ability to shape lines.

With the standard blade, the lines we cut along our neckline were phenomenally clean and sharp. The standard blade is a bit wide, so we had to be a little careful that we didn’t get overzealous and carve out a crooked line, but the trimmer comes with a small detailing attachment that helped out with more precise cuts.

While we would recommend the Wall given its trimming abilities alone, it also scored really well overall, coming in third place in total points. And if the trimmer unexpectedly dies right before you run out the door, it has a killer Quick Charge function.

The body can’t be rinsed, so you have to clean the inside with a brush, and it needs to be oiled on a regular basis, though the directions suggest once per month should suffice. It comes with 15 attachments, including 12 guide combs, so you’ll definitely have a bag overflowing with accessories.

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The Wall’s combs range between 1.5 and 25 millimeters in length, but the gaps are much bigger than the Braun or the Remington. The Wall Lithium-ion+ has a couple of shortfalls, but if you’re willing to sacrifice a little convenience, it’s a solid all-around pick with great battery life and is the best option for someone whose top priority is a precise, high-level trim that keeps your beard looking sharp.

Irritability: When trimming and shaving, we noted if the blades started to get hot or felt especially rough on our skin. If we could simply rinse it under the sink, we deemed it easy to clean, whereas if we had to oil the blades or if brushing the trimmer was difficult or awkward, we docked points.

We took note of any broken pieces (including guides) or if the blades popped off, and checked to see if the trimmers continued to work afterward. Adjustability: We counted how many trimming lengths each device had and included any additional attachments.

Performance had a maximum of 40 points: Trimming ability (10), precision (5), hair catching (5), clean shave (5), battery life (10) and irritability (5). Durability had a maximum of 30 points: Cleaning (5), oil (5), waterproof (5), drop test (10) and warranty (5).

This trimmer from Philips was the cheapest we tested and had some nice qualities, but ultimately it wasn’t up to par when it came to trimming. It had a guide that didn’t completely protect your hair from the blade, so you can’t buzz around willy-nilly if you want to avoid spots that turn out shorter than others.

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And once the hair is sucked up, the body can’t be rinsed, so we had to bang out the trimmings into the trash and brush out any that didn’t fall out. Similar to its smaller brother in the Slimline Pro, this Andes clipper was fantastic at trimming hair, but fell flat in other areas.

It has a bulky guide that we didn’t love but still trimmed down to the desired length quickly. Our biggest issues with the Hatter were its battery life (it turned in the worst performance with a run time of just over one hour) and its durability.

If you are wondering the same thing, this post might help us both get answers to these burning questions. However, I realized that only a few can pass as professional beard trimmer for barbers.

The Andes Outlined is probably the best corded barber trimmer on this list because of its numerous performance and design perks. Check price on Amazon Best corded trimmer in terms of performance.

It also makes fading, blending, and hairline design an effortless endeavor; plus, the contours provide for a firmer grip and comfortable usage. You’ll have to consider buying guide combs separately; it doesn’t come with them.

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Check price on Amazon Best cordless trimmer in terms of design, performance, and usability. For starters, this trimmer looks awesome; it’s small, lightweight, and designed in a way that allows for maximum comfort during long-term usage.

Flexibility and comfort aside, you also get to enjoy motor power and impressive T-blade precision for up to 2 hours per charge. All these features make the Slimline Pro a must-have barber trimmer.

Doesn’t offer the same level of performance as the much cheaper Andes Outlined. If you want to step out of the norm and embrace one of the most underrated trimming clippers, then I suggest you get yourself a BaBylissPRO Bacteriology ROSE Gold Trimmer.

Check price on Amazon Best cordless trimmers for barbers in terms of runtime (3 hours) Compared to Andes, Wall, and Outer, BaBylissPRO isn’t that common.

Well, for starters, this professional barber trimmer is a great outlined; its T-shape blades are not only precise but also make it so easy to trim crisp and straight lines. The fact that it’s lightweight and textures means that you get to enjoy a better grip and can work with this trimmer for longer hours without getting tired.

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It comes with several accessories including 4 guide combs for fading and blending; plus, its all-metal housing means more durability and impact resistance. Check price on Amazon Best barber trimmer for fast and easy finishes.

Despite its compact size, this trimmer is powerful, silent, and most importantly, comfortable to use. If you combine its compactness and lightweight qualities, you get better handling and usability over extended periods.

Check price on Amazon Best professional barber clippers 2021 for very close and precise trims. You’ve probably heard about the perks and praises of the Wall Professional 5-Star Detailer Hair Trimmer.

If not, it’s compact, lightweight, powerful, and very efficient when it comes to cutting and trimming hair. Unlike other products on the market, this commercial-grade trimmer is well-known to be a 5-star performer when it comes to crafting artistic haircuts and crisp, straight lines.

Check price on Amazon Best corded barber trimmer for Kids Its small size makes it easy to move around allowing for sharp, distinctive, and perfects finishes and hairlines.

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Despite being tiny, the Peanut packs quite a lot of power under its casing; plus, you can comfortably use it for long hours without getting fatigued. Well, this is one of the best professional hair clippers 2021 because it provides decently-close cuts, highly-defined lines, and allows for unrestricted maneuverability and flexibility.

That allows the user to cut crisp and even shapes and lines with ease and as desired by the client. And that’s thanks to its four trimming and grooming blades/tools, numerous uses, an abundance of accessories, and an impressively long runtime.

Check price on Amazon One of the best cordless trimmers for barbers in terms of runtime (3 hours) If you are on a budget, but looking for a real performer, the Philips Novel Multi groom Trimmer might just be what you need.

It’s a multi-use trimmer that you can use to trim facial, head, and body hair with ease and convenience. And although a lot of people use it a home, it can also be used in a professional setting owing to its 3-hour cordless runtime, easy handling, toughness, and durability.

Offers up to 3-hours of uninterrupted runtime; ideal for busy barbershops. With the Attacker Men’s Hair Trimmer Grooming kit, you get to “kill many birds with one stone” thanks to its multi-groom quality and abundance of valuable accessories.

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Check price on Amazon Best cordless hair trimmers for barbers because they allow you to monitor battery capacity as you work to avoid unnecessary cut-outs. Things get a little more exciting with the Attacker Men’s Hair Trimmer Grooming kit.

It’s well-designed, aesthetically appealing, a star-performer, and ideal for high-end barbers that go beyond head hair trimming services. It features an LCD with a battery level indicator.

Let’s look at a few critical shopping tips you can use to get the best hair trimmer for barbering today… I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of trimmers come with T-shaped blades.

Plus, it makes it easy for the blades to cut proper lines around the ears and neckline that are often hard to achieve using a normal hair clipper. You want a hair trimmer that offers you sufficient flexibility; allowing you to make the best trims and lines even in hard-to-reach parts of your client’s head.

Basically, more flexibility equals better usability and perfect finishes. Obviously, you know that the finishing part requires precision to bring out the sharp hairline designs and blends.

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You need professional barber clippers set that can make high-precision finishing cuts with ease. Take it from me, the best edgers for barbers are usually very easy to use, handle, and can run for longer than a standard clipper.

That’s because, when it comes to making high-quality haircuts, a lot of time and effort is spent on the finishing and actual styling. Therefore, if you are using a cordless trimmer, it should have a longer runtime; to enable you to cater to all your clients during peak hours.

Lastly, a good hair trimmer should be built using strong materials that don’t break easily. This list of the best trimmers for barbers and the shopping tips above should be enough to help you make an informed decision.

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