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• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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Vietnam war (ZH) 1 vs 1 Multiplayer Maps 9y 12.4k Description Description the first time, a real battle royale mode in generals.

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You have 1 infantryman and many neutral buildings at your disposal, entering which you will receive combat units. Save up your army and remain alone on the entire map, but be careful as the water level rises over time, and you need to approach the center of the map so as not to lose your army.Presets start a short introduction, the host must select the army of the GLA.it is recommended to play with at least 4 players (for balance).UPDATES interface:At the bottom left, you will see a timer, after which the water level will rise and flood everything to the next high platform. After that, another timer will appear showing the number of waves at a given time. Equipment drops:after each rise in the water level, drops with equipment in which you can sit will be dropped on the map.

Drops of vehicles will not fall immediately to the center of the map, they will fall gradually near the water with a certain chance. Air strikes:After the first wave, inclusive, airstrikes begin to be launched closer to the center of the map. Also, the place where the artillery hits will be highlighted with a white beacon (as in multiplayer, only in white) After the disappearance of the lighthouse, artillery will immediately strike. Also added sounds:After the timer expires, there are 3 alarms after which the water level will rise. Sounds of rising water. Sounds of falling vehicles on the map.

Tag Map Description Updated version of the 8 players 4 vs 4 Tournament Archipelago map I've uploaded before. The biggest change is a middle: the lake in the center have been removed, so the players are separated by one big connector instead of thinner two. A lot of minor changes such as ruins and fixed bridges. Cars in the middle have been disabled to avoid early game dozen hunting (you still can put terrorist inside car, but it no longer controllable.

I know I could've used the civilian enemies just for the construction and a Skirmish CPU for the rest, but I wanted the map to support 8 players and doing it would break too much stuff because the world builder is a very buggy and missing a lot of features and some things couldn't be done like in a single player map.4) The CPU will rebuild everything unlimited amount of times, unless they run out of funds.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of all the features: (1) The Super Dozen, (2) The Overlord Boss, (3) The Magical Buggy, (4) The POW Truck, (5) Save the Worker, (6) The Money Troll and (7) The Soccer Thingy.

Dec 11 2019 Single player Map This is new add-on for World of Infinite project (unofficial campaign packs for Berthoud game). Dec 3 2019 Single player Map This is a new mini-campaign for game Generals Berthoud, again about my universe.

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Nov 16 2019 Single player Map This is additional mission pack for Berthoud game about the sci-fi universe of Alexander Proximal. Nov 9 2019 Single player Map This is the part of my own sci-fi universe pack.

Oct 3 2019 Single player Map Another mission pack for ZH about the sci-fi universe, created by A. Krokhmal, Russian writer. Jul 12 2019 Single player Map Mission pack for ZH about the sci-fi universe, created by A. Krokhmal, Russian writer.

In order to make the Map work you have to put an Easy/Hard/Insane Assault General AI at... Feb 11 2019 Multiplayer Map This is my first coop mission, and I decided to go big.

Feb 10 2019 Single player Map Challenge the regular us army. Jan 28 2019 Multiplayer Map 3 vs 3 MP Map Personally the best set is 3 Aleksander Generals goes on the left side and on the right side any GLA Generals + only hard army difficulty...

Jan 13 2019 Multiplayer Map Fixed Wave 3 and balanced some other Bosses/Waves. WARNING: READ THROUGH THIS: So first at all you have to put the AI “GLA Assault” General in the top...

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Jan 11 2019 Multiplayer Map WARNING: READ THROUGH THIS: So first at all you have to put the AI “GLA Assault” General in the top left corner. Nov 17 2018 Multiplayer Map Hello everyone, it's me again, this time I've redeemed the Bombardment Beach.

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Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. Command and Conquer: Generals Berthoud is a Strategy game for PC.

Command and Conquer: Generals Berthoud is a pretty popular game for the PC and new maps are always good for it. You can even upload your Command and Conquer: Generals ZeroHourmaps on LoneBullet and become a part of the community.

IMPROVED ONLINE STATS Made improvements to the code that tracks statistics for multiplayer ranks and battle honors in Generals Online. DISAPPEARING SUPPLY DOCKS Fixed an issue that caused supply docks to disappear during certain skirmish and LAN games.

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CHINA HACKER FIX Addressed an issue that caused Hackers located inside an Internet Center to stop hacking indefinitely after the structure is attacked by a Microwave Tank. Hackers now resume hacking after the Microwave Tank has stopped.

The audio cue will no longer sound for any non-chat related messages. CRASH BUGS Addressed bugs that caused the game to crash if you drop a bunker buster on garrisoned Tunnel Networks; and if you attempt to garrison the castle in mission GLA05 with any more than 14 units.

It follows a chronological order which is USA, Global Liberation Army, and China. All the campaigns that are in progress will have a live-action video feed of a news reporter.

It is important to listen to this as you will receive information and instruction from this report. The difference between this mod and the pack is that Korean War 2 adds two nations into the plot and makes them the focal point of the story.

The Republic of Korea takes the United States and Japan in their campaign. While there are massive changes in the story, the weapons that have been added are less than substantial.

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