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• Monday, 23 November, 2020
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I get tea bagged so much while using a Fusion Rifle in the Crucible and I see a lot of scorn for them here as well. But look up the numbers; in PVP for every Fusion Rifle, there're 3 shotguns.

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Are people making a noble sacrifice by avoiding Fusions to use the inferior but more balanced shotgun? Every meta is dominated by weapons that hit a critical benchmark of 1) consistency in performance and 2) ease of use.

If a weapon has high potential but too cumbersome to wield, it's not meta. The weapons that are meta are the best combinations of those traits, being not too difficult while performing well.

But they DO annoy, because most players don't expect them right now, and tend to assume you have a shotgun or sniper so when they die to a special weapon far outside shotgun range that didn't require a headshot, they go REFEREE and teabag and whine online and spread their salty tears everywhere. The people that teabag me for daring to use an Rental always are rocking meta weapons like Gnawing Hunger and a shotgun or Dire Promise and Winters.

I've been running Ablest to deal with shanks, inaugural address, and hammerhead. Ask me how many times I ran ‘ Berthoud before I finally found the perfect loadout combination, with the perfect amount of luck in the jumping puzzle, and the greatest optimism from my teammate.

Between May 8th and May 9th, it took 10 times to finish the Berthoud and finally receive the Outbreak Perfected! My loadout included top tree Nova Bomb, axiom dart grenades (I contemplated switching to scattered, but I didn’t), Skull of the Dire Shankara and strafe jump (the best decision I ever made for the jumping portion.

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I used Go figure (with Armor piercing rounds, hip-fire grip, and high-impact reserves), Arc Ikelos_SMG_v1.0.1, and One Thousand Voices (very helpful at the boss if you are lucky enough to have ammo). Strategy Initially, I used Risk runner because of the Arc Shanks shields and a void Edge transit, and sniper as a primary, but I found myself running out of heavy ammo fast and that’s not good for the boss room.

After I switched it up, I was still able to get rid of the arc shanks using Kilos and I had to rely on my teammates or my grenade to break the void and solar shields. My teammate used Whisper of the Worm to post up and snipe the Walker Tanks that spawn after the servitors.

We did shoot the boss periodically throughout the encounter leaving him at half health by the time the final Walker was almost down. I used my Nova bomb and emptied One Thousand Voices into ton the boss, while the solar Titan used his hammers to clear ads/minions, and then the void Titan used shields to finish off the Walker tank.

The best thing to do is split off going left and right to spread out the room and make Tr3-Vr chose which way to go. If two people try to sit in a chubby, one will die and have to respawn because their ghost will get stuck up in the wall.

Worst case scenario, you need two people in the room to make it out alive. Crown of Sorrow has a lot of mechanics to learn, but they recycle during each encounter in the raid.

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I kept trying the exotic Eon Swift because I have a full set of ordnance mod gear to boost my grenade regeneration and any Eon gear grants specific energy to your teammates. Also, keep in mind Ursa Furious, Phoenix Protocol, and Orpheus Rigs only fill your super energy back to 1/3 to 1/2 of your meter now.

SMG’s are the best at breaking shields fast and machine guns do good damage especially with a major mod on it. First: One member from each group should step in the green puddle at the front of the door.

EVERY PLAYER should join at the Witches Vessel (purple globe) and shoot it together. Repeat the combination blows with WB and NB players from earlier.

Wait for the ‘Witches Vessel Awakes’ message at the bottom left of the screen and then EVERY PLAYER should join at the Witches Vessel purple globe and shoot it together to swap blessing again. You may need to swap WB a few times before you see this message because it will refresh your timers and prevent you from wiping.

Look for the chest to spawn across a gaping hole in the room leading to the stairs for the jumping puzzle. Most of you have probably watched all the different guides, but most just say vary your loadout to cover shields and just show a bit of gameplay.

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As soon as you do a bit of damage to the boss, he will teleport to where you drop in (Front) and spawn the first big Servitor in the back. First big Servitor (Back) spawns with Void Shanks.

Groups of Arc Shanks will spawn a couple of times on the left and right side of the room until enough damage is done to the boss and a Spider tank will spawn on the left and right side of the back of the room. Hide in a corner near the wall or on top of some grating(out of sight of the tank directly in front of you) shoot the tank in the opposite corner of the room.

One teammate can focus on the invisible guys that will rush you if you stay on the floor (only a few of them spawn with the tanks, but they are close to the entrance and will try to rush you) Once the two Tanks are dead you can focus on the boss. I found it easier to focus on the boss and deal with those ads after.

Most guides say that middle set of ads spawn again when the boss dies, but I didn’t get them a few times. Either way once that boss goes down shoot anything that moves until that timer stops, and you see a Skiff pull up.

Whisper also makes quick work of the Big Servitors. Just remember to shoot somewhat slow paced because they will disappear and reappear after 2-3 CRT shots and could screw your White Nail.

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Once you kill the Shanks that spawn with the Servitors you only need to deal with Arc shields. I’ve been watching some solo and speed runs of Berthoud on YouTube, but I’m seeing a lot of Mountain Top and Recluse being used.

So far my main load out has been: Ablest Misfit Roar of the Bear I’m playing on Xbox One, and noticed that the aim assist on the Ablest is causing me to miss a lot of distance shots. 1 Reply 2 Replies 2 Replies I ran show of force(field prep, explosive ends, boss spec), fighting lion, and a crooked fang (opening shot, box breathing, boss spec) Handled everything perfectly, but relies on your ability to clear ads with fighting lion, which is no problem for me, but your mileage may vary.

Play of the online game (solar) Sleeper Simulant (Mars quest, catalyst drops from any encounter in prestige spire of stars) On best of which, Bungee has promised which new Guardians will even receive some remastered sections from Destiny 1, such as the Commodore.

Essentially, it’s a superior jumping off point for those totally new to the series. Even though you don’t have access to the story elements from Year Two, you will still be able to explore the worlds from those expansions as well as the additional content, like strikes, event spaces, as well as raids.

The Void (Solar, as well as Arc) Configuration puzzle has been solved. This is similar to the puzzle from the Whisper mission where we got a ship.

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More cheats, codes, tips and tricks for Modern Combat 4: Berthoud are on this page of our website. Focused primarily on the character of the Drifter (naturally), the second Annual Pass update, Joker’s Wild, introduced a new variant of Gambit, gave more characterization to the enigmatic Drifter, and added further details about the mysterious Nine.

Gambit Prime, the Reckoning, and Berthoud are definitely available to everyone, but I’m not 100% sure about the various quest lines, like the Allegiance quest or the Invitations of the Nine. It also gives you the Weak Synthesizer that you’ll use to craft Gambit Prime armor sets.

Enter the Reckoning activity and wager this mote to craft a piece of Illicit armor. Gambit Prime is a variant of the original game mode, with a faster pace and more back-and-forth gameplay opportunities.

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Invasion portals will still open with every 25 Motes banked, so you’ll have three opportunities to invade before summoning your Primeval instead of two. Stand in the Well to gain a damage bonus to the Primeval, which increases with every Well created, up to a maximum of five stacks.

As part of the update, two new maps were added to the game: New Arcadia on Mars and Deep Six on Titan. The Drifter has a plethora of new bounties available once you’ve completed the initial Gambit Prime quest line.

Synths are used to craft Gambit Prime armor, and can also be consumed for a temporary boost in role points (more on that below). These are also themed around the four roles, but instead of Gambit Prime, they send you to other aspects of the game, like strikes or the Crucible.

Like the other categories, these are also themed around the four roles, requiring some level of participation in Gambit Prime to complete. You’ll also need to complete four runs of the Reckoning while wagering the highest tier of motes you have access to.

This requires you to earn twenty points by playing and winning matches in Gambit Prime during the week. This will give a large Infamy boost as well as a random Gambit Prime weapon.

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As mentioned above, you can also take on a more specialized role by wearing armor sets acquired through the Reckoning. The higher the tier, the more perks you’ll have to enable you to shine at the role you’ve chosen to take on.

You can also consume a Synth for that role to give you three additional points for thirty minutes. High-Value Tracker (Reaper +3): Damaging a high-value target or non-Primeval boss marks it and weakens it for allies.

Piñata of Death (Reaper +6): Rapidly defeating multiple combatants drops Special ammo for allies. Major Rewards (Reaper +15): Defeating powerful energies grants a temporary surge in grenade recharge rate.

Umbra Armor (Collector +6): Rapidly picking up 5 Motes grants an Over shield. Safe and Sound (Sentry +6): Standing near the bank triggers health regeneration.

Their perks enable them to become a better Guardian killer, making the opposing team’s jobs much harder. Spare Rations (Overflow/Explosive Payload): Earning the Fast Fill, Half-Banked, or Go Big or Go Home medals.

Last Man Standing (Auto-Loading Holster/Full Auto Trigger System): Earning the Locksmith, Blockbuster, or Not on My Watch medals. Sole Survivor (Outlaw/Snapshot Sights): Earning the Army of One, Denied!, or Bank Heist medals.

The Reckoning is a four-player EVE activity accessible through the Gambit menu, taking you inside the massive Haul that the Drifter has been carting around. The activity has matchmaking, and you can participate in numerous runs without needing to go back to orbit over and over.

The only functional difference between Tiers 2 and 3 is a slightly easier Bridge of Folly encounter. Negative modifiers were removed from the Reckoning just before Shadow keep launched to make the activity easier to grind.

Hop through the portal in front of you to enter the Haul, where you’ll find a Gambit bank to the left and a spot to place a rally flag to the right. The bank is where you’ll deposit Motes from your Synthesizer to create Gambit Prime armor.

The first encounter has you fighting off large groups of Taken enemies as you seek to assert your Dominance. Rapidly defeat enemies to increase your Dominance percentage; this meter will tick down steadily, so you’ll need to keep killing to fill it up all the way.

Some bosses will also spawn and give a large amount of Dominance when killed, but it’s generally faster to focus on the smaller adds. If you’re playing Tier 1, you’ll then face off against the final boss of the encounter, one of several massive Taken enemies.

This encounter requires you to hold six capture points that will build a bridge to the far side of the area, all while under assault from endless Shadow Thrall, Taken snipers on far platforms, and a variety of boss-level Taken that will seek to throw you off. Swords: You’ll teleport through a portal to a dark cross-shaped arena and be given four and a half minutes to deal with the bosses.

If you want to defeat them, you’ll need to track down the Hermit, a glowing Taken enemy that will spawn on one of the four points of the cross. It’s generally easier to focus on killing one first, so you don’t have two aggressive Knights chasing you.

Likeness of Onyx: You’ll launch over to the platform ahead of you and be given four minutes to deal with the boss. The Likeness will alternate between directly attacking you and teleporting to either one of the side platforms or the middle.

In addition, he’ll summon two boss-level Taken Ogres nearby, and major Taken Goblins will spawn under him and shield him. He’ll then teleport and move around the area until he decides to use Counterfeit Gaze again, the process repeating until he dies.

Win or lose, you’ll be teleported back to the initial area where you can collect your loot. This device is the same kind of receptacle found on a Gambit bank, but it works in reverse, creating Motes that you’ll wager in the Reckoning for an armor drop.

These motes will cost one Synth apiece, and will craft Illicit armor when wagered in any successful Reckoning completion. Note that if you ever mistakenly craft a Mote you didn’t mean to, you can use the Synthesizer to convert it back into its component Synths.

Once you’ve completed the initial quest line, Drifter will talk to you about upgrading your Synthesizer. He’ll then offer a set of weekly bounties for Gambit Prime, each one targeted towards a specific role, such as killing enemies for Reaper or banking Motes for Collector.

When you turn in this bounty, you’ll gain an Illicit helmet of that role, and your Synthesizer will be upgraded to Middling quality. Complete another Gambit Prime weekly bounty, and you’ll get an Outlawed helmet for that role, and your Synthesizer will be upgraded to Powerful quality.

This will let you craft Powerful Motes at a cost of three Synths apiece, which will become Notorious armor when wagered in a successful Tier 3 Reckoning completion. Your Powerful Synthesizer will still enable you to craft Weak and Middling Motes for Illicit and Outlawed gear.

You’ll only get armor rewards from a successful Reckoning run if you wagered a Mote before you began. I covered this in a previous post, so if you already read that, you can skip this section and move on to the Allegiance quest.

The weekly activity Invitations of the Nine is a side pursuit added during Season of the Drifter that gives additional insights into how the mysterious Nine view the ongoing conflict in the Solar System, as well as providing more context as to the character of the Drifter. So long as you start this week, you should have enough time to complete all the Invitations before the activity is removed.

You can obtain one Invitation per week, and you must complete it before the next time Our returns in order to get the next one in the series. For the first eight Invitations, you’ll have to defeat combatants of all enemy races that inhabit that destination and obtain nine metaphysical samples of each for the Nine.

Each Invitation will also require you to complete a strike in that destination, which I’d suggest doing first since you’ll get some samples along the way. For the Strength Invitation, Hive aren’t generally found on Mercury, but you can occasionally find them within the Infinite Forest, so you might get enough samples while running A Garden World.

If you don’t have enough by the end, the Bug in the System Adventure is chock-full of Hive to kill. Head to the Gambit page in the Director, and you should see a small node next to the Reckoning icon at the top, labeled Mystery and Potential.

Each Invitation is a little different from the rest, with the Emissary revealing more of the Nine’s views on the system and its inhabitants, especially you yourself. The later Invitations show the Emissary’s past, when she was an Awoken Guardian named Orin.

It also shows a more human side to the Drifter, something that you don’t generally see behind his shady demeanor. The final Invitation ended up being another teaser of the Pyramid ships, both the one under the Moon’s surface and the fleet that has arrived this season (and the one on Europa, for that matter).

Completing each Invitation will also grant pages of a lore book that I’ll cover a bit later in this guide. Added a few weeks into the season, the Allegiance quest marked the first time Bungee let players have a choice in how they proceeded with the story.

AFNOR, a Warlock of the Praxis Order, believes that the Drifter is up to no good with Gambit, and she requests your help in investigating his motives. Once you do, you should get five messages from AFNOR at the Postmaster, detailing some shady dealings that the Drifter has gotten up to and requesting your assistance in investigating him.

If you choose to stand with the Vanguard, Drifter won’t take it too personally; he knows to fear Korea’s shotgun. Upon completing pretty much every step of the quest line from here on out, you’ll receive further communiqués from AFNOR on the progress of her investigation.

Head to the Tower Hangar and find a computer terminal on the right side as you enter, and interact with it to compose a message to her. You’ll then need to take this message to a Hidden courier over in the Dead Orbit area, who will pass it along to AFNOR for you.

I think you were intended to plant them in multiple positions, but you can just interact with the same spot three times to move on to the next step. Head back to the terminal you used previously in the Tower Hangar to monitor the bugs.

This plays out identically to the original, but with additional dialogue from the Drifter mocking you for continuing to work with the Vanguard. She’ll feel better with you acting as a moderating force, so head to the Crucible and defeat 25 Guardians.

Return to the terminal in the Tower Hangar to decrypt more transmissions that your bugs have picked up. Head to the Gambit page in the Director and select the mission Mystery and Potential near the Reckoning node, which will put you on the Derelict.

Take an immediate right and head down the hallway lined with trip mines to find a back room of the ship filled with Drifter’s personal effects, as well as a recorded message intended for one of his crew. Drifter talks about a variety of things, including his distrust of the Light, his feelings on the Shadows of For and Shin Sulfur, and a warning of dark times ahead.

You’ll find one terminal each in the Rostand, Winding Cove, and Sojourner’s Camp zones, as well as one each in the Scavenger’s Den, Flooded Chasm, Excavation Site XII, and Sky dock IV Lost Sectors. You’ll be a little embarrassed to listen in on tapes he intended for someone else, so head back to the Drifter to talk with him one last time.

From this point on, you will no longer receive messages from AFNOR, and thus you will be unable to complete the lore book. Drifter’s first task for you is to pick up a new shipment of supplies from the Spider, instructing you to ask for “the jerky.” Head over to the Tangled Shore and visit the Spider, who will poke fun at the mighty hero of the Red War working for the Drifter.

The Jerky turns out to be coordinates to some Golden Age salvage on Titan, so head there and complete a heroic reprisal of the Thief of Thieves Adventure. When you finish the mission, Drifter will inform you that Shin Sulfur has been spotted in the EDS, breaking a prior arrangement between the two of them.

Regardless of the reason for Shin’s return, Drifter feels like he needs to make a statement. As above, the quest step does say you can do this in regular Gambit, but it was originally bugged to only work in Prime.

Once you’ve got the supplies, Drifter requests that you bring them up to the Derelict, where he may have left a message for you. Select the Mystery and Potential mission from the Gambit page in the Director to land on the Derelict.

Follow the same path as above: take an immediate right, head down the hallway (this time not armed with trip mines), and enter the storage crate in the back to find the tape. After you listen to the tape, Drifter will send a message where he’s embarrassed that he left it for you in the first place.

He’ll tell you that he’s learned to trust you (a little), and the tapes he’s left you are survival tips from the ultimate prepper himself. The tapes are located in the same areas as in the Vanguard side of the quest: one terminal each in the Rostand, Winding Cove, and Sojourner’s Camp zones, as well as one each in the Scavenger’s Den, Flooded Chasm, Excavation Site XII, and Sky dock IV Lost Sectors.

He’ll warn you to exercise caution; he’s made a lot of enemies, and if you continue to be friends with him, they may come after you too. During season 6, you could claim a weekly reward package from either the Drifter or Korea, depending on which side you took.

These packages ceased at the start of season 7, and there are no material rewards for completing the quest line now. Depending on your choice, you’ll get different dialogue from the Drifter in other parts of the game, especially Gambit.

During last year’s Festival of the Lost, for instance, he gave additional candy to anyone who stood with him, but refused to do the same for snitches. If you choose to side with the Vanguard, you’ll be able to complete the entire The Warlock AFNOR lore book, containing a permanent record of all the transmissions sent to and received from her.

This time around, it’s Thorn, another classic hand cannon from Destiny 1 whose fate was intertwined with The Last Word. From there, enter the Salt Mines zone by heading through the archway on the other side of where you land.

Head through this fairly linear zone until you reach a broken elevator that you previously tried to use back in the Red War campaign. Proceed straight until you find a Fallen shield blocking your way to the right.

Instead, go around the cliffs to the left and head along the narrow passageway to find an empty campsite. Sift through the ashes of the campfire to find a melted hunk of metal, beginning the quest.

Even though it’s partially melted, you can tell that this used to be a Thorn, a hand cannon used by the Shadows of For. The quest gives you a variety of options to proceed, with objectives that can be completed in EVE and PVP activities, so you can choose which you’d prefer to do.

First, you’ll need to gather 50 Harmonic Essence, a material used by Warlocks to create their armor. I’m assuming lower-tier encounters give fewer, so if you opt for the Blind Well, make sure you’re doing heroics since every tier takes about the same amount of time.

You’ll need to earn a total of 500 points in the Crucible by getting kills with hand cannons and/or Void damage. Unlike the original Destiny 1 quest, you do not lose progress when you die, so find a decent Void hand cannon and keep at it until you get the points you need.

Since you really don’t want the Vanguard finding out that you’re dabbling with banned weaponry, you’ll need to ask someone outside the Tower for information. Head to the Farm in the EDS and speak with Tyra Earn, who isn’t all that happy that you want information on Thorn.

Still, she gives you the information you seek, sending you on the “hated path” to infuse your Thorn with death. The final step requires you to complete a tougher version of the Marathon’s Song strike called Chasm of Screams.

You’ll also have additional enemies to face during the strike, including a pair of boss-level Knights that will spawn when Marathon’s Song is at about one-third health. The modifiers make this a tough strike to solo, so I’d advise getting a couple friends to help out.

Berthoud sees you heading back into the ruins of the old Tower to stop a Fallen heist, aided by an unlikely ally. If you’ve been following what we know about Beyond Light’s story, some of the names that come up in this mission will be very familiar.

Though it was thought lost in the Tower’s destruction, it was instead secured within a Crypt arch vault deep in one of the sublevels. Working off of information supplied to you by Mithra, a Captain who wishes to serve the Light, it’s up to you to thwart their plans and secure the SIVA sample again.

This kinetic pulse rifle creates SIVA nanite swarms through rapid hits and precision kills thanks to its exotic intrinsic perk The Corruption Spreads. It works even better in a group, letting you stack nanites faster and deal more damage in a shorter amount of time.

It doesn’t matter which ending you get to the last mission; Berthoud (and the game in general) assumes the canonical result of Mithra surviving your encounter on Titan. Continue through the area (it’s basically linear) until you reach a door that you can interact with to open.

Inside this room, you should be able to find a Fallen Transponder; this item will go into your quest log. If you inspect the transponder, you’ll find that it contains six nodes that require field verification to unlock.

To do this, you’ll have to track down a few Fallen devices in the game world to recover the data, each located within a different Lost Sector. When you reach the large open area in the back of the Lost Sector, drop and find the node on a platform to your left.

As soon as you drop when you enter the Lost Sector, take an immediate right, where you’ll find the node in a small cave. Head to the end of the Lost Sector, just past the chest, then jump around and behind a wall to your right.

When you get to the Farm, head to the basement of the large barn to your right, and in the back corner you’ll find Mithra waiting for you. Much like The Whisper, you’ll have twenty minutes to complete the mission, and you can take up to two other players to help you.

Failing will require you to start over from the beginning, but you won’t have to go through the trouble of reactivating the Fallen Transponder again. You’ll begin in the wreckage of the old Tower, and as you move forward, Mithra will kill a Drug in front of you before disappearing again.

At certain points along the way, you can activate switches that will extend additional platforms that are easier to cross, making the traversal simpler for anyone lagging behind. Instead, jump towards the sides lit by red lights, then maneuver to the middle of the next fan, so you don’t die.

In the next area, you’ll have to navigate a few narrow hallways while being pursued by a rogue maintenance/guard bot called TR3-VR (Trevor for short). In four side hallways, you’ll find switches that you’ll need to activate to open the doorway to the next area on the far side of the room, but your progress will occasionally be halted by electrical fields that will prevent you from passing through.

You can avoid TR3-VR by ducking into cubbyholes along each of the walls, and although his movement follows several patterns, it can feel random in the heat of the moment. Wait for TR3-VR to pass by the air duct that you drop to enter the area, then head to your left and activate the first switch.

Continue down the side pathway until you’re back in the open, then head to the second switch on the left. Any time you come face-to-face with an electrical field, simply wait for it to go away, then continue following the path.

Note: this path is only guaranteed to work if you drop immediately after TR3-VR passes by the first time when you enter the area. The murder bot spawns in shortly after you change zones, and if you take too long to get into the maze, he’ll end up in a different position and potentially throw off your timing.

Hop on one and activate it to rise up the shaft, then shoot out the vent and slide down the ramp, taking care not to slam into the ground and die. Approach the Crypt arch symbol on one of the walls to open the hatch that leads into the vault; head to the opposite end through the obvious hole cut in the floor and follow this hallway to the final boss.

Here, you’ll face off against a large amount of Fallen enemies led by Sirius, Loyal to Dramas, a boss-level Captain with a Scorch Cannon. Unlike The Whisper’s final boss fight, you will need to defeat all enemies before the timer runs out to complete the mission.

He’ll start out with a group of Dregs and Vandals, as well as two Fallen turrets that will fire at you if you get close. After he’s been damaged a bit, two Servitors will spawn in with groups of Shanks with different elemental shields.

Once a third of his health is gone, two Spider Tanks will drop in at the far corners of the room, so take them out quickly, so they don’t blow you up. After these are dead, he’ll only occasionally summon a few smaller adds, so you can mostly deal with Sirius and then mop up any stragglers when you’re done.

Once all Fallen in the area are dead, Mithra will show up briefly, presumably to thank you, before departing again, and you’ll gain Outbreak Perfected! After completing the mission once, you’ll permanently unlock access to Berthoud (Heroic), a slightly harder version with additional rewards.

You can access the mission at any time from a node on the right side of the EDS map in the Director. The opening section is identical, with same enemies and environments all the way until you drop the elevator shaft and come back outside.

This will take you down a different path where you’ll eventually drop to an area with four switches in either corner. Move into the next area (you can either die and respawn farther up, or head through a passageway by one of the switches), and you’ll find yourself in a room with four round doors in the floor.

Activating switches will make these doors lift, but you don’t want to hop down any of them, or you’ll fall to your death. Instead, hop onto the door marked “03” and use it as a platform to jump up to the narrow ledges above you, climbing through another couple air ducts.

Time your jumps right and work your way up to another doorway leading back inside. Through this room is another long slide down; time your jump right to make sure you don’t slam into the back wall and die.

You can pull a switch immediately to your left when you enter the vault to disable the security system. The boss fight is identical to normal mode, and it completes as soon as you defeat all enemies.

For your first completion of Berthoud (Heroic), you’ll obtain the Outbreak Perfected exotic catalyst. To complete the masterwork, you’ll need to get 500 precision kills with the weapon, as well as obtain 500 SIVA Particulate.

In the Crypt arch vaults, you might have noticed a few terminals as you were speeding past to get to the boss, but didn’t pay them much heed at the time. This keypad can be found in the first area with enemies at the very start of the mission, in the corner where Eva used to set up shop.

The blue key card can be found just after the last room of enemies before the platforming section. Instead of going outside, head all the way to the right, jump over the railing, and turn around to spot another crawlspace below the platform.

Each of the side chambers has seven SIVA clusters locked up in stasis fields, with each group being a different color (red, yellow, white, green, cyan, blue, and purple). If you pick the wrong terminal to lock in, it will turn gray, and you’ll need to interact with it again to unlock it, so you can try another.

While this might seem like a daunting task, luckily for you, the Destiny community has already worked out the solution to the puzzle (especially the Math Class clan, who played a big part in organizing all the data). The runner will consult the table to see if they need further information; if they do, they’ll call out to the player at terminal 2 to give their reading.

Still, you should aim to reach the vaults with as much time as possible since any amount of leeway helps! If you successfully complete the entire puzzle, you’ll gain 67 SIVA Particulate for your troubles.

Complete the normal version of Zero Hour by talking to Mithra in the basement of the barn at the Farm. Week 3 Enter Zero Hour (Heroic) again and complete the final configuration puzzle.

If you have time, defeat the boss and get the final 100 Particulate you need for the Outbreak Perfected masterwork. There’s a fair amount of new items to add to your collection from Season of the Drifter, mostly revolving around Gambit Prime and the Reckoning.

This badge tracks your acquisition of items related to season 6 content, specifically Gambit Prime and the Reckoning. Due to the increased drop rate of weapons, you’ll likely get all ten by the time you finish working on all your other goals.

Assuming no duplicates, four complete Notorious sets will require fifteen of each Synth, plus a minimum of two weeks to upgrade your Synthesizer to Powerful quality. Curated drops for Bug-Out Bag, Spare Rations, Last Man Standing, and Sole Survivor can come from completing their associated bonus Synth objectives during Gambit Prime matches.

You’ll likely get a few of the Gambit Prime curated weapons while working on other objectives, so wait for one to drop and dismantle it for the shader. There are a couple of other cosmetic items from season 6 you may wish to hunt down, both of which come from the Berthoud mission.

As mentioned above, the SCRAP CF-717-91 exotic ship can be acquired by completing the configuration puzzle for all three elemental singes, taking a minimum of three weeks to earn. This emblem comes from the Expedited Ex filtration Triumph, which requires you to complete Berthoud on either normal or heroic difficulty with at least five minutes remaining on the clock.

Season 6 added an assortment of new Triumphs, mostly revolving around Gambit Prime and the Reckoning (seeing a pattern here?). This Triumph may still be available after Beyond Light, but it’s hard to say for sure without knowing how the future Gambit mode will play out.

In Mastery Gambit Prime, Spotter requires you to mark a total of 50 invaders while playing as a Sentry. Reaper is generally considered the longest grind of the four, mostly due to the high-value targets and Massacre medals.

Note that you don’t have to get the final blow on the HIT; as long as you damage it before it’s killed, you should get credit. There are a variety of strategies to help with this; one of the big ones is to leave a wave early to get a head start on the next one.

Having a good loadout is also key; you’ll want weaponry and a subclass that can get you plenty of kills quickly. Trinity Ghoul with the catalyst is a pretty great option for clearing large waves of adds.

Some players will suggest focusing on other roles first, but swapping to Reaper armor as soon as the high-value target spawns, so you can get credit for the kill. This can lower the total number of games you have to play by a significant amount, but I’d only recommend doing this on PC due to console loading times.

You’ll also have to remember to swap back to the previous armor when that’s done, so you can continue working on your other objectives. The remaining objectives will come naturally before you finish the rest, so focus on high-value targets and Massacres while playing as a Reaper to get this done.

Any method you can use to boost your speed, such as exotics like Dune marchers for a Titan or Transverse Steps for a Warlock, or Lightweight weapons like The Recluse or even MID Multi-Tool, will help you beat your teammates to the punch and collect Motes quicker. For Collector, you’ll need to have the full fifteen points to be able to summon Giant Blockers.

Summoning Giant Blockers will also put you nicely towards getting a Half-Banked medal, which requires you to deposit at least 50 Motes during the match. You’ll be a major detriment to your team, but hey, not your fault Bungee made such a bizarre requirement.

Locksmith medals will probably pose the greatest challenge, requiring you to get the final blow on the last Blocker at your bank three times in one life. If your teammates start taking your job and killing Blockers for you, that’ll just make it tougher.

Johann will do exceptional damage against any Blocker, and its homing abilities allow you to hit your targets without much difficulty. For the most part, this one’s just “keep invading and killing.” You’ll need to use a variety of weapon types for this, as well as get a fair number of Super kills.

Sniper rifles are generally easier to use, but if you’re having trouble getting headshots, consider Izanagi’s Burden. Celeste and Johann are great fusion rifles to get kills with, and if you’ve got the heavy ammo for it, One Thousand Voices can easily wipe multiple players with one shot.

For the other weapons, there are a lot of options for easy kills, like machine guns or Truth. Finally, draining Motes will require you to have fifteen points in the Invader role.

Titans can probably do this the easiest with a Ward of Dawn, especially if paired with a Helm of Saint-14 to blind anyone who might attempt to get in your bubble. Make sure you take out any enemies that might be in your way; if they have to wait out a respawn timer, that’s less harassment for you as you suck their Motes away.

This is for smaller destinations such as the Drifter’s Haul, where you’ll find Triumphs for the Reckoning and Invitations of the Nine. One Skip Ahead: This Triumph requires you to complete two runs of the Reckoning on Tier 3 without dying, once for each boss (Swords and Likeness of Onyx).

Let your allies take the risks while you hang back and deal damage. It’s not quite so hard now that Reckoning doesn’t have negative modifiers, but you’ll still want to play it safe until you get it done.

The other minor destination from season 6, The Last City has Triumphs associated with the Allegiance quest and the Berthoud mission. Honor Among Thieves: This Triumph requires you to complete the Allegiance quest after siding with the Drifter.

The Investigation: This Triumph requires you to complete the Allegiance quest after siding with the Vanguard. As mentioned above, doing both sides on different characters will let you get this Triumph and Honor Among Thieves.

Expedited Ex filtration: This Triumph requires you to complete the Zero-Hour mission on either normal or heroic with at least five minutes remaining on the timer. Normal difficulty is obviously easier due to shorter jumping puzzles and weaker enemies.

It might take some practice, but as long as you’re quick about clearing adds and know the pathway through the mission, you should get it after a couple runs. There are two Triumphs associated with the hand cannon Thorn, both of which can be found in the EDS page in the Destinations section.

Starting in the Light section, Dust is the story of Lamina, a Crypt arch that becomes obsessed with finding out the truth about the Nine, to the point of making some questionable decisions. After stealing an Shankara bone (possibly unknowingly) and refusing to give up her search, she is banished from the City.

Lamina gets a bit of a break when she is allowed to observe the Leviathan for signs of the Nine, but she’s sent back to prison and unable to divulge her findings. She manages a prison break with the assistance of an Awoken Corsair, traveling to the Cactus Gates, a Golden Age construct that Croat took control of, then later the Nine.

In the end, she is pulled away from the Nine, captured by what would appear to be an agent of Marathon, or perhaps the Witch Queen herself. Pages of this lore book are acquired by finding nine golden urns within the Reckoning.

This isn’t really a book, more a collection of Vanguard reports on a variety of topics, setting up threads for future lore and referencing existing stories. Such topics include descriptions of different Fallen characters that are attempting to unify their race, a longer description of the phenomena at the Cactus Gates, a discussion of the true identity behind the Truth to Power letters, a foreshadowing of the Pyramid on the Moon, and a couple reports on the Drifter after he moved to the Tower Annex.

This is a permanent record of all messages received from and sent to AFNOR, the Warlock of the Praxis Order that conducted the investigation into the Drifter during the Allegiance quest. The final three pages are additional stories surrounding AFNOR, including a confrontation between her and Shin Sulfur, an explosive fight with the Shadows of For, and a conversation with the Drifter.

Pages for this book are unlocked by dismantling the message items from the Postmaster or your inventory. She decides to leave for Earth and help the survivors directly, but she’s quickly killed, only to be resurrected by a Ghost as Orin.

She joins up with the Pilgrim Guard, protecting the Lightless from roving Warlords, but she finds herself being pulled away from that duty by ceaseless questions. Orin eventually learns about the Nine after an encounter with Our, and this knowledge infects her with a desire to find them.

Naturally, this book is all about the Drifter, specifically tales from his early years during the Dark Age. The book starts with a couple brief stories from just after his resurrection, as the Risen who would become known as the Drifter defied his Ghost (and common sense) and struck out on a lonesome existence.

The next story, Home, tells of his life in a small village named Eaton, hiding his Light and calling himself Jermaine. The final story, Loose Ends, picks up later on when the Drifter called himself Wu Ming, operating a bar near Winter Peak.

After an encounter with Lady Evident, he ascends the mountain to converse with Lord Winter himself, detailing Dryden’s crimes to him. After Drifter leaves, Winter gathers his weaponry to deal with Dryden permanently.

This book reveals more of Shin’s character, and it also provides more context to the showdown between him and Dredged For. The book ends with a revelation: Shin Sulfur led a double life as Eyre RSA, also known as Dredged Vale.

He created and used the Shadows of For as a means of drawing out those who would fall to Darkness so that he could deal with them as Shin Sulfur, setting an example for others to learn from. However, he knows that you will have to continue to walk the fine line between Light and Darkness, and he trusts that you will be able to do so.

The drop rate is pretty low, about a hundred kills or more per page, so it may take some time to complete the book. Either make a habit of using Thorn while playing the game, or head to an area with an endless supply of weak enemies to kill and grind away.

The Annual Pass: Jokers Wild Collections Badge All four Call Me… Triumphs (win a Gambit Prime match while wearing a full set of Notorious armor for each role) All four Triumphant Triumphs (complete a variety of tasks in Gambit Prime related to each role with the role’s aura active) Swift Reckoning (complete a time trial run of Tier 3 Reckoning) One Skip Ahead (complete a flawless run of both Reckoning bosses, the Swords and the Likeness of Onyx) Get Wrecked (defeat 1000 Taken Thrall, get 250 precision kills, and defeat 150 powerful enemies in the Reckoning) The Hated Path (complete the Thorn quest) You’ll first have to spend two weeks getting your Synthesizer to Powerful quality so that you can craft Notorious armor, then you’ll need to do many Tier 3 Reckoning runs to get four full sets of Notorious armor, one for each role.

Just make sure you get a flawless run on each boss while you’re working on your Notorious sets, complete the Thorn quest, and dismantle at least one curated weapon to get the Prime Palette shader. With Beyond Light and the CV fast approaching, much of the content from Forsaken’s Annual Pass will be removed from the game, and season 6 is no exception.

Gambit Prime, the Gambit Prime intro quest, and its associated bounties and Triumphs Gambit Prime armor perks The Reckoning, its associated Triumphs, and the means to acquire Gambit Prime armor sets through the Synthesizer Invitations of the Nine and its associated Triumphs The Allegiance quest and its associated Triumphs The exotic quest for Thorn (the weapon will have a new acquisition method introduced later on) Zero Hour mission and its rewards (Outbreak Perfected will have a new acquisition method introduced later on) All season 6 lore books (lore will still be readable but not collectible) The Reckoned seal and title While we don’t have the full details, we do know that it will be a single-round activity with modified Blockers, faster Mote drain, and tweaks to the Primeval fight.

There’s still time to earn the Reckoned title, but be prepared for a lot of Gambit primes. Unfortunately, I’ve got a few complex activities to talk about in season 7, so I’ll need to get cracking on that right away if I want the info to still be relevant.

In case you missed it, I’ve already posted a guide to the second half of the Exodus quest line from this season, including a quick review of the Traveler’s Chosen exotic sidearm. We’ve got nine weeks left to go until Beyond Light drops, and I’d also like to give my thoughts on the Stasis subclasses that Bungee’s done reveals on lately, but I’ll get to that eventually.

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