Best Zero Hour General

Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
• 7 min read

I end up choosing the Nuke general for china because I like building 20 nuclear missile silos and blowing everybody up. But I'm wondering if there is a better general out there. Stealth > To in some people (i.e. mine)'s opinion, but really, there the top 3.

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I reckon GLA is the worst no matter what. My preferences are 1. Laser General (Has the best defenses)2. Nuke General 3. Tank or Air Force General (I love those emperors and laser point defenses for those planes)But in the end I reckon its just personal opinion. Two players of equal level, one playing USAF and one playing vanilla China, the USAF will win 19/20. I tink it is personal preference, because in my opinion the best general is what ever the hell I feel like at the time.

If I want a rag tag army with multiple types of artillery working together I'm for toxin and regular GLA. Air Force is simply the best army in the game, holding a 1v1 advantage on all but Infantry on small maps, and outmatched by no one on large maps or in team games.

Stealth and Toxin (Stealth is better against USA's, Toxin vs. China's, but t's very close) are just below Air Force in terms of dominance, although they are a bit easier to use. Infantry falls just behind the three behemoths, but has favorable matchups against everyone else, and also is terrific against Air Force on small maps.

! Just deploy like 3 avengers and that's it -_-Still I like to use the Air Force general because I like king raptors. All the USA armies rely on Humvee's as the backbone of their attack force.

Rockets (tow or MD), pathfinders, flash rangers all slaughter infantry, but inf is a very good counter to air force, and a tough fight to win, AF should win, but it's a pain. The problem is that if you go for the early Raptor then he can use his minigunners, if not, then it's LOL helix.

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The rest except for China, Nuke, and Super Weapon are all average. Nuke isn't THAT bad ya know.... those battle masters are actually useful and can catch a careless player off guard, good for a little novelty start, but not much else.

All the USA armies rely on Humvee's as the backbone of their attack force. I'm just a complete newbie, and have trouble understanding why things are better in certain situations without it being basically spelled out for me.

I love air units, but I suck at using them, except Black Eagle rushes in RA2, but those are pretty easy to pull off. So yeah, I don't understand things very well, and I don't get used to new tactics that easily. For instance, I've always hated deployable artillery because its such a pain to use.

Rockets (tow or MD), pathfinders, flash rangers all slaughter infantry, but inf is a very good counter to air force, and a tough fight to win, AF should win, but it's a pain. My old style of playing Inf vs USAF was get Minis/TH down middle (be it mass TH + ATC, Outposts with a few minis from a forward ran, w/e), with the occasional flanking minigunner, leading into grabbing 4 supplies / derricks, and get ECM's / Gas on the flank / IN Miss.

CIRC, best start a USAF can do is fast raptor and with mass Towhees, but haven't played it for ages. The title of this game Is Command and Conquer Generals Berthoud.

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For this, the players will need to scout the location correctly and attempt to remove all enemies out of the foundation. To start with, the players must put effort into collecting information regarding the strength of their enemy.

This manner, they will need to assess their own capacity and ascertain the most powerful variable to strike. CPU: Pentium III or Avalon CPU SPEED: 800 MHz RAM: 128 MB OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP (Windows 95 & NT not supported) VIDEO CARD: 32 MB AGP video card with Hardware T&L and DirectX 8.1 compatible driver (GeForce2+ / Radon 7500+) DirectX VERSION: 8.1 (included) SOUND CARD: Yes FREE DISK SPACE: 1.8 GB of free hard disk space PLUS space for save games and Windows swap file.

If you're looking for a way to revisit Command camp; Conquer: Generals Berthoud in a modern and refreshing state, this might help. This mod revitalizes the visuals of the game in stunning detail.

Water looks gorgeous and crystalline, buildings look more detailed and better textured, and units look more fierce and animated than ever. If you want a Generals experience that can stand up to the looks of more recent games, this just might be the perfect fit.

The changes are many, but to give you a taste: Complete graphical overhaul, including HDR effects; texture changes; new units and factions; new AI; new maps and much more. It's not necessarily the most balanced as much as it aims to give you a slew of ridiculously good tools in order to kill, maim, and flame your enemies in new and exciting ways.

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New units and rebalanced old ones make this an interesting build on top of the original Shock wave mod to say the least. Be aware, it requires the original Camp;C Shock wave mod in order to work properly.

Hey, you miss the Russians in Command camp; Conquer. This mod does just that, making the Russians selectable as a faction with its own unique units, structures, strengths, and weaknesses as well as balancing out all the factions to play in a fair, but fun four-way royale between these mighty foes.

Version 009 improves the graphics and AI, as well as gameplay tweaks to the units and buildings the mod adds. Virtually everything have been tweaked and modified and around 80 new units and 20+ new structures have been added.

In this mod, China, USA, and the GLA all get their fair share of new units, upgraded tech, and further goods. Harness the sun for USA's Solar-Tech Weaponry, gear up with the best ballistics in China's Heavy Assault, or release new and horrific chemical warfare with the GLA Venom Cell chemical weapons capabilities, just to name a few alongside a trove of cool new units and weapons.

To maximize your ability to keep pace and dominate the battlefield, here are some strategies and techniques to use in online and practice matches. Generals: Berthoud strategies tend to discourage simplicity when launching attacks, but even in this more sophisticated game there are times when a good mass of tanks is the best solution to your problems.

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The Paladins and Crusaders of the USA are too expensive to waste, and the Scorpions and Marauders of the GLA need serious upgrading before they can hold their own. China has both the Battle master, which receives a bonus in hordes, and the Overlord, which while slow can mount a Gatling gun, or bunker for 5 soldiers, or a propaganda tower that can heal other tanks.

Expanding is not necessary once you’ve enough Hackers, Supply Pads, or Generals Points in bounties on destroyed vehicles. One particularly effective tactic for China or the GLA is to invest in siege weaponry of your own, and time force-fired nuclear artillery or scud missiles to impact every couple seconds within the choke point.

Many Berthoud matches end in a giant contest to determine which player can build the most super-weapons the fastest. They’ve also got to be defended while building, and both power and defense require resources that could otherwise fund offensive forces.

Command and Conquer Generals: Berthoud strategies that emphasize expansion, raiding, and focused strikes can be incredibly effective counters. Missions in this case mean going up against an optimized pre-constructed base run by an AI general that will mock you at every turn and strike your most vulnerable structures and units.

These target infantry and armor equally effectively, and the Patriot Defenses smash aircraft and incoming missiles. Attacking vehicles are disabled by the Patriots and aircraft are instantly destroyed, so this is one of the tougher Command and Conquer Generals : Berthoud missions.

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Use helicopters screened by other aircraft to draw fire or the GLA rebel ambush get some infantry next to a particle cannon and have them try to capture it. But get close, apply constant pressure, and you’ll beat one of the easiest of the Command and Conquer Generals: Berthoud missions.

This General can be a tough nut to crack, because his three nuclear missile silos are more than enough to wipe many bases out in short order. Approaches to his base are sealed by overlord tanks firing radioactive shells and nuclear artillery cannons.

He blathers quite a bit about making the ground run red with blood, crushing under tanks, etc. He is equipped with cheaper and highly upgraded Overlord tanks, but he never sends them at you in large numbers.

Defend yourself by scattering defenses that detect stealthed units liberally through your base, then counterattack with super-weapons.

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